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Cell Phone Parenting

Sierra Filucci
Executive Editor, Parenting Content | Mom of two
How to Stop Your Babysitter from Sexting, Texting, and Tweeting on the Job
It used to be that the worst thing a babysitter could do was raid the refrigerator. But this was before Facebook, texting, social media, and emojis. Today's sitters sneak -- or outright flaunt --... read more
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Sierra Filucci
Executive Editor, Parenting Content | Mom of two
I Use My iPhone to Be a Better Parent
I'm a full-time working mom and one of growing number of female primary breadwinners in the United States. One of the perks of my work is that I occasionally get to travel to different parts of the... read more
Taryn Degnan
Interactive Marketing Manager | Mom of one
6 Everyday Apps for Busy Moms
This post was contributed by family tech writer Jeana Lee Tahnk as part of our Mother's Day series. We're celebrating awesome moms this week by highlighting the media and tech that helps them be the... read more
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Betsy Bozdech
Executive Editor, Ratings & Reviews | Mom of two
7 Apps to Help Your Kid Be More Responsible
Gnashing my teeth the other day after yet another frustrating morning of badgering/begging my 3-year-old to get dressed/go potty/put on her shoes so we could get out the door even close to on time, I... read more
Regan McMahon
Senior Editor, Books | Mom of two
Are You Spying on Your Kid?
Technology has been a great boon to parenting -- we can now keep in touch with our kids via cell phone when they're out of reach, send a handy text when we we're running late to pick them up, even... read more
Ingrid Simone
Senior Editor, Apps | Mom of two
8 Ways to Save (and Spend) on "Free" Apps
Question: Can a free app actually cost you $100 -- or more? Answer: Yes, if your kids make in-app purchases without realizing that they're spending money. Free apps with in-app purchases (also called... read more
Caroline Knorr
Senior Parenting Editor | Mom of one
Cheating Goes Hi-Tech
Personal technologies have been real game-changers for schoolwork. Information has never been easier to access, and computers provide powerful tools for presentation, collaboration, and creativity.... read more


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