Don't Miss These 7 Awesome Podcasts for Little Kids

Take a break from screens with these fresh, engaging podcasts for preschoolers and young kids. By Frannie Ucciferri
Don't Miss These 7 Awesome Podcasts for Little Kids

Your kid's new favorite magazine might just be ... a podcast? That's right, Goofus and Gallant from Highlights magazine are going high-tech, and they're not alone. They're joining rebel girls, talking cats and dogs, and even pirate comedians on this list of some of the best podcasts you and your little kids might not be listening to yet. 

From toothbrushing tips to fabulous folktales, these fresh podcasts prove without a doubt that audio shows have come into their own. With creative offerings featuring lively narration, original songs, and occasional big-name guest stars, even the youngest listeners can get in on the action. Now road trips and activities that used to be a chore can be transformed into fun, educational experiences for the whole family. 

If you're a podcast newbie, check out 20 Podcasts for Kids, which offers tips for how to listen plus more recommendations for all ages. Otherwise open up your favorite audio app and dive into these age-appropriate picks for preschoolers and little kids.

Chompers podcast logoChompers
Chompers is a bite-sized, twice-daily podcast meant to encourage kids to brush their teeth for the full dentist-recommended two minutes. Each morning and night, kids can enjoy short quizzes, fun facts, stories, riddles, and jokes, all with gentle reminders to get the front, back, and tops of their teeth. There are even morning cliffhangers to encourage you to come back for your nighttime brush.

Circle Round podcast logoCircle Round
Circle Round is an engaging, gentle storytime podcast aimed at kids. In every episode, narrator Rebecca Sheir tells a lesser-known folktale or story from around the world, helped by a rotating voice cast of talented stage-and-screen actors. The stories are captivating and compelling and nearly always accompanied by a positive message or moral.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls podcast logoGood Night Stories for Rebel Girls
Rebels of all genders will be enthralled by this podcast, based on the best-selling book by the same name, with inspiring biographies of historical women read by inspiring modern women. These true stories are fascinating bits of history told simply enough that kids will be able to follow them. It's hard not to feel empowered after listening to a few episodes.

Highlights Hangout podcast logoHighlights Hangout
The minds behind the kids' podcast Wow in the World have transformed the popular magazine Highlights into a high-energy audio series. Classic favorites from the magazine like "Goofus and Gallant," "Ask Arizona," and "Hidden Pictures" (or, in this case, "The Hidden Sounds Game") are reimagined as variety show segments, cheerfully guided along by hosts Tim and Juanita.

Little Stories for Tiny People podcast logoLittle Stories for Tiny People
The whimsical, soothing stories on this podcast are perfect for preschoolers, but "big people" will appreciate them, too. Host Rhea Pechter's melodic voice and the recurring cast of animal friends will delight young kids. And the clever, well-crafted stories touch on age-appropriate messages and topics.

Story Pirates podcast logoStory Pirates
Nothing can really match a kid's original story in terms of absurd comedy. And that's what's at the heart of this wacky, wild, imaginative podcast. In each episode, the Story Pirates crew -- a group of talented improvisers pretending to be pirates -- read short stories written and submitted by kids, then reenact them with hilarious results. There are even original songs, famous guest stars, and interviews with the young authors about how it feels to have their work adapted.

This Podcast Has Fleas podcast logoThis Podcast Has Fleas
With a hilarious concept and a fantastic voice cast, This Podcast Has Fleas is a delight for all ages. The premise is that two family pets -- an exuberant dog named Waffles and a cool cat named Jones -- have dueling podcasts where they talk about what's going on in the house from their (obviously superior) perspectives. Dog people and cat people will be howling with laughter.

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Comments (4)

Parent written by Elizabeth Wheeler

I can't believe Sparkle Stories are not on this list. They are so gentle, funny and inspiring and - in among the general messages of kindness and respect - there is a Sparkle Story addressing almost any parenting issue imaginable (including the hard stuff).
Adult written by upstateNYmama

We adore Sparkle Stories! There is a free Sparkle podcast with a story each week, and hundreds more you can get access to for a monthly fee. They say they are for ages and up, but my kids only started connecting with them at 4.5 years (and my 10.5 year old still loves their big kid stories). They ones for young kids are reliably gentle, with lots of humor and situations they recognize. There's a series about fairies (wonderful nature type fairies, not Disney fairies), a series of wonderful sleepytime stories, one about a bunch of animals, many popular series about a big brother and little sister who live in the country, one about a little girl who lives in an apartment building in the city. And even more series that are absolutely perfect for older kids, about kids with superpowers, history, and more. I'm always astounded by how good they are -- everyone in our family, kids and adults, has favorite stories we listen to over and over. I think we adults enjoy the stories almost as much as the kids.
Adult written by WinnipegMaggie

Check out Biddy Bedtime Stories too! It’s a delightful cast of characters and the writer does an examplary job of weaving humour and gentleness while modeling positive relationships and addressing issues big and small that young children can relate to. Our kids, now 10 and 7, have been lapping it up for 1.5 years now and it’s still their go-to at night or when they’re under stress.


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