Easy-to-Make Valentines for Crafty Kids

Digital tools and tricks for making standout Valentines this year. By Angela Zimmerman
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Easy-to-Make Valentines for Crafty Kids

Nothing is sweeter than giving and receiving homemade Valentines. And new digital art and creation tools make it easy and fun for kids to design keepsake-worthy creations. Our favorites are below. See more arty apps and crafty creativity tools, or get out the art supplies and let kids go wild.

This simple app is easy enough for kids as young as 4 to create chalkboard art and e-send with love. Drawings can be saved and shared, and loading a saved picture plays back the drawing process.

Kids can make colorful concoctions with this app that mimics the '60s drawing toy. The swirling, eye-popping designs will make your kid's Valentines dazzle.

Cookie Doodle
Cookie Doodle is scrumptious fun. After baking a virtual cookie in a cute animated oven, kids can decorate their treat with frosting and sprinkles and then email the treat to their Valentine.

How to Draw--Full Version
Kids who love to draw will love this sketching app. The step-by-step instructions will help kids create personalized Valentines with their own signature style.

What are your kids' favorite Valentine's Day crafts?

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