Exclusive: Samuel L. Jackson's Message for Parents

Samuel L. Jackson and Funny or Die help spread the word to parents about making informed media decisions. By Amy Guggenheim Shenkan

We at Common Sense Media love entertainment. Who could review nearly 20,000 media titles without having a passion for moviesgamesTV showswebsitesappsmusic, and books?

Our goal is to help parents make informed media decisions by consulting our reviews and age ratings. You have the power to decide what's appropriate for your kid based on where he or she is developmentally, what fits your family's values, and what you see as your kid's unique sensitivities.

We're thrilled that esteemed actor Samuel L. Jackson and comedy video website Funny or Die agreed to partner with us to spread the word about Common Sense Media. They've created a hilarious new video called Everything Is Samuel L. Jackson's Fault, directed by Jackson's daughter, Zoe, and viewable only on Funny or Die.

We hope this video helps us reach parents who don't yet know we exist, and who might not realize that there are objective resources to help them make informed media choices.

Please note that the video is meant for parents, not younger kids, due to strong language (it's bleeped out, but still "not appropriate," as my daughter would say). If we reviewed this video, we'd give it an age rating of Pause 14+.

In addition to the Funny or Die video, Jackson also recorded a general audience message that you can enjoy as a family (above).

If you've reached us via Funny or Die, welcome. Check out our recommendations for moviesTV showsvideo games, appswebsitesmusic, and books. We hope you'll keep using Common Sense Media to help you decide what your kids watch, play, sign on to, listen to, and read.

Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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