Find the Best Movie for Your Sensitive Kid

From loud noises to lost pets, choosing movies for young kids can be tricky. By Sierra Filucci
Find the Best Movie for Your Sensitive Kid

Every parent knows that one kid's worst fear is another kid's "no big deal." That makes choosing movies for young kids tricky. In most cases, kids younger than 3 likely aren't ready for feature-length movies at all. Better bets for a movie-like experience for them are special episodes of favorite TV shows or shorter-form features like Scholastic's great book adaptations.

But as kids get a little older, their attention span grows, their interests expand, and parents are often looking for an hour and half of uninterrupted time. You can experiment with movies from our Best First Movies List or search for movies in your kid's age range. After a little experimenting, you can usually get a pretty good idea of the kind of things that your kids can handle -- and what they can't. Depending on your kid's particular sensitivity, the movies below can be great choices (or big no-nos!). And in the end, parents know best, so use our suggestions as a guide, and take it from there.

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Winnie the Pooh
, 3+
The Snowman, 3+
Cinderella, 5+
Frogs and Toads: Max's Magical Journey, 5+

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Curious George, 4+
Tinker Bell, 4+
Robin Hood, 5+
Wallace and Gromit in Three Amazing Adventures, 7+

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The Jungle Book, 4+
Lilo and Stitch, 5+
The Rescuers, 6+
The Incredibles, 7+ 

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Puppy Party 2+ 
Angelina Ballerina: Dreams Do Come True 4+
Ruby's Studio: The Friendship Show 4+
Wings of Life, 6+

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VeggieTales: Lord of the Beans, 4+
My Neighbor Totoro, 5+ 
The Wizard of Oz 6+
Oceans, 8+


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Comments (9)

Parent of a 12 year old written by Kenny A.

To tell the truth, for the "no loud noises" section, in Cinderella, if you have a older dvd, there is still a loud noise. Its called THX, and here is how you know it is playing. You see a blue rectangle, then it says "Digitally mastered for video and Audio performance" with a loud tempo, after that it shows a silver logo with THX being the name. You might see "Lucasfilm Ltd." on top, or just "Digitally mastered", with the loud logo slowing down at the end, but still loud until the very end. You will thank me later.
Parent of a 6 year old written by rockymtngirl

I was looking for ideas for some movies to watch with the kids. Then I saw your recommendations. The Wizard of Oz terrified me when I was a kid. And we recently started watching Lilo and Stitch and thought that one was pretty scary and had to turn it off. So even though there was no kissing or pink splosions, they are definitely not appropriate for sensitive kids! Because of that, I can't really trust any of your other recommendations. Sorry.
Teen, 16 years old written by Andro-A

The movies you listed as skip are realy good movies and I think that sensitive kids should watch them cause they're gonna get over it anyway.
Teen, 15 years old written by James V. Taylor

Cars, Finding Nemo, and Tangled are still OK for me. My favorites in the recommendations are Wallace and Gromit in Three Amazing Adventures, The Incredibles, The Jungle Book, and My Neighbor Totoro. I hope these films would still be fine.


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