Friday Night Movie Night: 12.20.2013

What's new on DVD, on demand, and streaming for your family movie night. By Sierra Filucci
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Friday Night Movie Night: 12.20.2013

With school winter breaks upon us, kids are going to have lots of time on their hands. And while parents might be looking forward to spending more crafting, cooking, reading, drawing, and ball-playing with their kids -- at a certain point everyone just wants to chill out with a movie. Without a bunch of great new movies on DVD this week, here's a medley of new and old picks streaming, on demand, or for rent for your Friday Night Movie Night (or afternoon...or morning).

The Nightmare Before Christmas, 5 stars, ages 7 and up

This wonderful stop-motion movie is an incredible medley of song and story with fascinating characters and images. And even though Christmas is in the title, this is really a story that crosses between several holidays -- Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Parents with a penchant for darker stories will appreciate director Tim Burton's approach. Available streaming on Netflix. 

One Direction: This Is Us, 3 stars, ages 8 and up 

Admittedly it takes a very special kind of parent to sit and watch this concert movie featuring the hottest boy band of the moment. But parents who like to stay current on their tweens' pop culture obsessions might actually enjoy the upbeat music and the undeniably adorable guys who make up this band. And Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame directs! Available for rent at Redbox and other retailers.

Nacho Libre, 3 stars, ages 10 and up

Jack Black is a favorite of tween and teen boys everywhere, and parents with a preference for goofy movies over the more serious stuff will get into the over-the-top action sequences, too. On top of all the fun stuff, the message about caring for others is a worthwhile one. Available streaming on Netflix. 

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