How to Upload a Video to YouTube

In addition to videos, YouTube offers lots of social networking. Learn the dos and don'ts.
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Parenting Editor | Mom of one

If your kids are interested in video, YouTube provides a great outlet to showcase their creativity -- and even lets you show off family videos to relatives and friends. YouTube is a very sophisticated social network with lots of options for sharing videos, comments, and staying in touch with friends. This video shows you how to set up your own YouTube channel, choose your privacy settings, and upload a video.

Tips for uploading video to YouTube

  • Follow the rules. YouTube requires users to be over 13 to use the site. Also, to make sure you’re uploading legally, you should take the time to read through the site's terms of service.
  • Choose your account settings carefully. YouTube offers several tiers of privacy. You can hide your email address, for example, so no one can find you by searching on your name. Kids should limit their network to a fairly tight circle of friends.
  • Speaking of circles... YouTube's social features are heavily entwined with Google+. But you may want to keep the two social networks separate -- for example if you want Google+ to be for school contacts and your YouTube channel to be solely for entertainment.
  • Going public. All videos you upload are public by default. But you can change this setting on each video you upload. Kids need to understand that their video can be viewed by a vast anonymous audience unless they restrict the viewers.
  • Encourage responsible videotaping. Fifteen minutes of online fame can tempt kids to act in ways they may regret later. While it's important that kids have artistic ownership over their videos, help guide them towards responsible videotaping by setting clear guidelines about what subject matter is acceptable (and what's not).
  • Nurture your kids' creativity. Encourage kids to use video as an artistic pursuit. Kids can write scripts, choose actors, videotape themselves playing an instrument and singing, record video greetings for grandparents, create animation, and more.


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Kid, 11 years old

I was tempted to do a speed drawing of the vocaloid 'Hatsune Miku' (with parents permission, of course) although I didn't know that there was an age-restriction. As this particular drawing would not have either me talking, or anything but the paper, pencils and my hands in the picture, therefor I'm not sure if the age-restriction (at least the privacy, anyway) rule would matter that much. What do you think, Caroline Knorr? Thank you (:
Educator and Parent written by TaylorJulius

Thanks for the article about youtube. It helped me out and saved lot of time to upload video in youtube. Thanks,
Teen, 16 years old written by jobeyu

Thank you for sharing this. It helps me a lot especially to the beginners like me when it comes to uploading a video. :)