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Media and Body Image

Amanda Nojadera
Editorial Associate | Aunt of two
Media to Support Your Kid's Gender Identity
Kids pick up a lot of cues about how they're "supposed" to look and act from the media. So it can be really tough for kids who don't fit into neat and tidy gender boxes. But, thanks partly to... read more
Gender-Fluid Apps and Games
The days of puppy dog tails and sugar and spice may be fading, but being born a girl or boy still carries certain expectations. And while what's expected from both genders has become more flexible... read more
How Has Social Media Changed Teen Girls' Lives?
You may think you know what teen girls' digital lives are like -- they're glued to their cell phones, they're hooked on YouTube and Twitter, they post a lot on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine... read more
Sierra Filucci
Executive Editor, Parenting Content | Mom of two
5 Ways Parents of Preschoolers Can Raise a Body-Positive Kid
How's this for a scary statistic: Studies show that kids as young as 5 say they don’t like their bodies. Common Sense Media's survey of body-image research shows that parents play a huge role in... read more
Common Sense Media
Common Sense Editors and Staff
Boys, Girls, and Media Messages
In today's 24/7 media world, girls and boys are flooded with messages about how they should look and act. Whether in toy stores, advertisements, TV shows, movies, or games, the images and stories... read more
Angela Zimmerman
Manager, Editorial Partnerships | Mom of one
The 5 Best (and 5 Worst) Pop Culture-Inspired Halloween Costumes of 2015
From gratuitously gory to super sexy, mass-marketed Halloween costumes offer some questionable choices for kids. Sure, a big part of Halloween is trying on new identities. But media-inspired costumes... read more
Maria O Alvarez
Dir. Latino Content & Outreach | Mom of two
Movies, Apps, Tips, and More to Celebrate Hispanic and Latino Culture
Hispanic Heritage Month is an annual event that celebrates and spreads awareness of Hispanic and Latino culture. Common Sense Media is joining the celebration by highlighting advice and great media... read more
Angela Zimmerman
Manager, Editorial Partnerships | Mom of one
100+ Ways to Help Kids Learn Grit, Determination, and Resilience
All parents want to raise kids with character. Qualities such as kindness, courage, and willpower can help set a foundation that serves kids their whole lives through. But did you know that media can... read more


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