Movies, Apps, Tips, and More to Celebrate Hispanic and Latino Culture

Hispanic Heritage Month is the perfect opportunity to enrich your family's life with Latino culture, whether you want to learn Spanish, find great Latino role models, or discover Mayan history. By Maria O Alvarez
Movies, Apps, Tips, and More to Celebrate Hispanic and Latino Culture

Hispanic Heritage Month is an annual event that celebrates and spreads awareness of Hispanic and Latino culture. Common Sense Media is joining the celebration by highlighting advice and great media choices that can help you and your family enjoy and incorporate more of these cultural touches into your daily lives.

Started in 1968 and running from September 15 to October 15, Hispanic Heritage Month is a national celebration begun by the United States government. It was created to acknowledge the many contributions to American culture by Latino citizens of the U.S. or those with ancestors in Spain, México, and Central or South America. 

Whether you're interested in introducing Latino culture to your kids, looking for support in raising bilingual children, or curious about Latino movies, apps, and books, these practical tips and reviews will help you add lots of Latino flavor. You can also read these posts in Spanish

7 Ways to Use Media and Tech to Raise Bilingual Kids
It's not always easy to raise bilingual kids, but once your kids become fluent in two languages, you'll discover it's definitely worth the effort. There are many benefits of bilingualism -- and media can support your efforts in fun and surprising ways.

Games, Apps, Books, and More That Highlight Latino Culture
Media offers a "window" onto other cultures. This list includes games, apps, websites, and books that cover Latino history, culture, folklore, and traditions. 

15 Great TV Shows and Movies by and About Latinos
These shows are a great way to get a sense of the variety of Latino entertainment. Find TV shows that tell stories from a Latino perspective, as well as movies created, written, and produced by Latinos.

10 Influential Latino Media Role Models
Many Latino writers, actors, directors, and artists in other fields are achieving global fame. These Latino role models share their talents while telling the stories of their communities.

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