Popular Comedy YouTubers Kids Go Crazy Over

From silly skits to wacky challenges to entertaining rants, YouTube offers kids quick hits of comedy that they can't find anywhere else. By Caroline Knorr
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Popular Comedy YouTubers Kids Go Crazy Over

Ask kids what they like to watch on YouTube, and the answer is almost always, "Something funny!" (If they're not watching Minecraft videos, beauty vloggers, or other kids, that is.) So it's no wonder kids are often glued to their devices. Humor -- mixed with a random quality kids love -- is something YouTube has in abundance. Also, the stars are more "real" than scripted, polished, and predictable TV and movie stars. But YouTube videos aren't always age-appropriate, which why it's important to know what your kids are watching.

It can be challenging to manage what your kids see on YouTube -- but it's doable. The thing is, even when your kid logs on to watch a specific channel that you've approved, the related channels could be wildly inappropriate. YouTubers also appear in lots of other places on the web. Many actively cultivate audiences on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social media. And many YouTubers are the subjects of fan fiction (stories about them written by fans on platforms such as Wattpad), which extends a YouTube star's influence and reach. The bottom line is: Kids love to laugh -- and they'll bounce around YouTube to find whatever tickles their funny bones. Our advice? Try to watch with them and talk about the videos when you can. Here are some of the most popular comedy YouTubers for kids. Language and content can be an issue on all of these, so note the recommended ages.

While these Brits offer mostly humorous game commentary, their spin-off channels, Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil, also are super funny. Their classic British self-deprecating humor keeps things light.
Best for: Tweens

Rhett and Link, the comedy duo behind this daily talk show, are able to inject some educational material into their humor. Their sketches, music videos, taste tests, and other random offerings are wholesome fun.  
Best for: Tweens

With one of the most highly subscribed-to channels on YouTube, Markiplier is creative and prolific. He offers a wide range of entertainment, including funny gaming videos, animated parodies, and comedy sketches.
Best for: Tweens and teens

Miranda Sings
With her sloppily applied red lipstick, nasal whine, mismatched outfits, and madcap original songs, Miranda Sings gives new life to the phrase "geek chic." There's really no time when Miranda isn't joking, such as when she burps, coughs, or otherwise misspeaks -- so you don't want to follow any of the advice in her book, Selp-Helf.
Best for: Tweens and teens

Thomas Sanders
Reminiscent of a young Jerry Seinfeld, Thomas Sanders is the kind of guy who can make anything funny. He doesn’t rely on gimmicks or costumes; it's usually just him speaking into the camera. He applies his unique point of view to a range of topics, from modern gender roles to why nerds are cool.
Best for: Tweens and teens

Another highly subscribed-to channel, Smosh is actually comedy duo Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla. Their fairly elaborate videos include animation, parodies, and comedy sketches.
Best for: Tweens and teens

Shane Dawson
A longtime YouTuber, Shane Dawson offers everything from films to music videos to song parodies to comedy sketches. More confessional than other comedy YouTubers, Dawson is honest about his rocky upbringing and teaches kids how to find humor in almost any subject.
Best for: Teens

Joey Graceffa
Another longtime YouTuber, this actor, singer, director, and budding author uploads a video every day, to the delight of his young fans. He starts every video with, "Good day, everyone, welcome to today's video," setting an upbeat tone for the lighthearted fun to follow.
Best for: Teens

Liza Koshy
This versatile actress plays dozens of characters with funny accents and silly costumes. There's nothing she won't do for a laugh (including eating expired candy). But sometimes she gets serious, such as when she interviewed Barack Obama.
Best for: Teens

This guy does it all: skits, parodies, challenges, and more. He does so much, in fact, that's he's launched additional YouTube channels. Kids love his silly (and sometimes thought-provoking) sketches for their originality and pro editing.
Best for: Teens

Lele Pons
This internet star became famous by posting outrageous skits on Vine. She now uses her self-deprecating humor in fairly elaborate skits, such as "Catwoman's Untold Story." Kids might also know her from her book, Surviving High School.
Best for: Teens

Kellie Sweet
With her signature phrase, "What's poppin'?," Sweet lets you know she's ready for fun. Though she also offers beauty tutorials, Sweet can't hold back her funny side. She plays pranks on her mom, acts in silly sketches, and more.
Best for: Teens

Jay Versace
Some say Jay Versace is the internet's funniest teenager, but kids just love him for his self-described "carefree" attitude. Known for his hilarious impressions, outrageous characters, spot-on lip-synching, and lovable impressions of his mom, he also spreads positive messages on his Twitter and Instagram feeds.
Best for: Teens

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Comments (13)

Kid, 11 years old

I totally recommend NigaHiga, Thomas Sanders, Shane Dawson, GMM and DanAndPhilGames to any parents who are ok with minor swearing/themes. Shane Dawson and Thomas Sanders are really good, and also contribute LGBTQ+ representation, as Shane Dawson is bi, and Thomas Sanders is I think pan (could be wrong). The both make wildly different content, but are both amazing youtubers. For any parents with tween and teen girls, I'd reccomend dodie and Noodlerella (Connie Glynn) who are amazing, talented role models that give LGBTQ+ representation also, as dodie is bi and Noodlerella is bi and aromantic. They are strong, independent rolemodels who are artsy, funny and musical.
Adult written by sarah s.

I wonder how is there no Iisuperwomanii here.My daughter (age 7) has a friend who told her about this youtuber and when I saw her watching it I thought it looked fine so I let her but I wanted to make sure so I went and saw her videos they were so inappropriate for a 7 year old.All this youtuber talks about is sex,her butt and chest and etc I could not believe how her friend told her about this.Never let your kids watch her channel shes only doing this so she can suck money from kids who are around 9-12.(which I still think is inappropriate for that age group) If you care about your kids never let them watch her.
Parent written by Cheryl M.

I was disappointed that this was the exact list that was for the 13+ newsletter. I signed up for 2 separate newsletters. The 13+ (for my 13 yr old daughter) and one for 7-12 year olds (for my 8 yr old son). I was expecting a few suggestions for the 7-10 year old range on this list; not a copy and paste from the teenage list, since none of these are suggested for anything younger than a tween. If you're going to offer age range appropriate newsletters then the content should be pertinent to that age range. Otherwise go back to one newsletter.
Kid, 11 years old

Actually, a personal warning to parents out there, If your child believes stuff easily, is scared easily, or you don't like constant promotions, I wouldn't recommend her. She clickbaits children and makes them believe there are spooky demons and ghosts or scary things happening in the videos at 3AM (when it isnt even 3AM, for that matter). She does it all for ad sense, and even gets promotions by companies to convince kids to buy there (one example is of Smiggle, where she stays in there at '3AM'.
Adult written by Talia K

I am really not impressed by this list, my boy and I clicked on to Danandphilgames And lots of swearing! Maybe check your content before sharing information. Makes me think the list has been copied and pasted from another website
Parent of a 9 year old written by miggida

This is a great list, thank you. You should DEFINITELY include STUDIO C. Like a clean saturday night live of comedy skits. Hilarious for kids and adults alike, always clean, always funny, also won youtube awards in 2016 for having over 1,000,000 subscribers. they did the infamous soccer ball to the face sketch.
Teen, 14 years old written by Groot

I think some of these descriptions are way off, you may want to do better research on some of these youtubers such as danandphilgames
Kid, 10 years old

WHAT??? No Wengie? No Popularamos? No ihasCupquake? Why not;( I watch these. I never watch these adult thingies. I've heard of Miranda Sings but she is weird. Who's ever heard of 'NigaHiga' anyways?
Kid, 11 years old

NigaHiga is a blatantly an original, wellknown youtuber. Considering you think wengie, ihascupquake and pupularamos (no idea who the last one is oof) are the top brim of the list, I understand why you would not know who he is, but I suggest you check out his content. By the way, a lot of people have heard from him, and I'm pretty sure he was the most subscribed youtuber at some point. I promise you none of the channels listed are 'adult.'
Kid, 11 years old

It's mostly teens who watch them, so that's probably why you haven't heard of them