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10 TV Kids Who Totally Crush It
Ever since the days of Leave It to Beaver and Father Knows Best, TV kids have been a big hit with kid audiences. Young characters are more than relatable. Their age makes them trustworthy, too. And... read more
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Amanda Nojadera
Editorial Associate | Aunt of two
5 Conversations to Have with Your Kids After Pete's Dragon
Pete’s Dragon (2016) is a delightful remake of Disney’s 1977 live-action/animated classic, but there are a few dark and sad moments that might upset younger or more sensitive kids. Which means that... read more
Michael Robb
Director of Research | Dad of two
Why Device-Free Dinners Are a Healthy Choice
It may seem obvious that eating dinner with your family is a good thing. Research provides plenty of support for the importance of family dinner for kids: Learning vocabulary, fewer behavior problems... read more
Christine Elgersma
Senior Editor, Apps| Mom of one
10 Websites All Kids Should Bookmark
Websites come and go -- but the ones that are truly useful stick around for the long term. For students, having a few go-tos in your back pocket whenever you need to exercise some math muscles, build... read more
Angela Zimmerman
Manager, Editorial Partnerships | Mom of one
94 Ways to Bring Comic-Con Home
San Diego will become an epicenter for all things entertainment this week, as the colorful Comic-Con community rallies around the world's largest celebration of pop culture-inspired books, movies, TV... read more
Sierra Filucci
Executive Editor, Parenting Content | Mom of two
How Comics Helped My Kid Love Reading
When I was a kid my dad read to me every night. By age 5, I was traveling nightly through the worlds of The Hobbit or The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Even afternoon naps would start with a bit... read more
Caroline Knorr
Senior Parenting Editor | Mom of one
Everything You Need to Know About Parental Controls
Even if you've talked to your kids about screen-time limits and responsible online behavior it's still really tough to manage what they do when you're not there (and even when you are). Parental... read more
Christine Elgersma
Senior Editor, Apps| Mom of one
School-Readiness Boosters for Kids with Learning and Attention Issues
For kids with special needs, the idea of heading back to school is both fun and fraught. Keeping up with academics, staying on top of tasks, and managing relationships each offer challenges and... read more


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