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Sex in the Media

Boys Don't Cry
My 5-year-old is one of those stereotypical boys. He loves cars, sports, bugs, burping, and anything else gross, fast, or motorized. But this spring, when he noticed the flowers blooming in our front... read more
Betsy Bozdech
Executive Editor, Ratings & Reviews | Mom of two
Watch Out! Family Movies with Surprisingly Sexy Scenes
During a recent evening of channel-surfing, I was pleasantly surprised to come across Splash. Ron Howard's 1984 comedy about an everyguy (Tom Hanks) who falls for a mermaid (Daryl Hannah) is a movie... read more
Sierra Filucci
Executive Editor, Parenting Content | Mom of two
Tips for Talking About Virginity and Sex in Teen Dramas
Brenda and Dylan, Joey and Pacey, Kurt and Blaine. Talking to teens about sex can be challenging enough, and when they see their favorite characters experience this intimacy for the first time, it... read more
Sex and Media Tips
We all know there’s no way to completely shield children from sexual images or messages. They seem to be in every commercial, magazine, song, game – everything. But what we can do is talk to kids... read more


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