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27 Must-See Summer Movies
Get the scoop on all the sequels, comic book-hero adventures, and big-budget animated movies coming out all summer long.

Summer Learning Guide: Digital Fun for Creative Kids
Kids can explore their creative side this summer with more than 100 digital tools to tinker, build, craft, create, and more.

Essential Books for Kids and Teens
Help kids get hooked on reading for life this summer with 150+ book suggestion for all ages and stages.

Essential Apps for Kids and Teens
If you're wondering what apps to load up your device with this summer, we've got you covered.


Dear Mom, Don't Pack My Phone For Camp
Sending kids to camp with a cell phone is probably more for you than them. Here's how to cut your cord.

Why I Enrolled My Kid in Computer Camp
Tech camp can teach kids things traditional camp can't.

Graduation Reflections: My Kids' Lives Through Media
One dad considers how media has evolved (for better and worse) over the past 18 years.

8 Tips for a (Nearly) Tech-Free Vacation
Facebook and Fiji don't have to be frenemies. Tips to make travel and tech co-exist.

One Smartphone. Two Kids. Tons of Fun.
Get your kids outdoors this summer with geocaching treasure hunts.

Trapped on a Plane with an In-Flight Movie
Summer travel can make the appropriateness of the in-flight movie issue even more pressing for families. Here are some ways to avoid the problem.

5 Tips to Make Family Movie Night a Success
Spend some quality time with your family while making media decisions everyone will love.  

16 Ways for Kids to Preserve Summer Memories
Road trip? Day at the beach? Lemonade stand? Easy-to-use apps help kids keep summer memories alive.

Teaching Kids Media Smarts During Breaking News
Don't believe everything you read -- and other lessons for kids growing up with a 24/7 news cycle.




Family Movies We Love
Pick a flick from our family movie list and settle in for a night or two of snuggling and wrestling with the remote.

Best Sleepover Movies
Embrace summer sleepover season and be prepared when it's your turn to host with a pick from our best sleepover movies list.

Travel Movies
Feeling the urge to take a summer vacation? These flicks will take you and your family from Rome to Tokyo, all from the comfort of your couch.

Camp Movies
Summer camp gets the silver screen treatment with these campy flicks.

Best Epic Movies
Summer means more free time to dedicate to the epic films on your bucket list.

Best Documentaries
Choose from our list of top documentaries for cinematic schooling.  

Baseball Movies
When you can't get to the stadium, choose from our list of great baseball movies.

Adventure Movies
These adventure movies are full of fantastic voyages for kids of all ages.



New Kids' TV
Stay in touch with the latest kids' shows on network and cable.

Travel TV
Take a virtual family vacation with one of our favorite travel TV shows and get ready for some serious globetrotting.

Family TV to Watch Together
TV picks for your family that provide opportunities for shared entertainment or jumping off points for important discussions.

Educational TV
School may be out but the learning can continue. Here are smart television picks for your kid to stay tuned to this summer.

Canceled TV: Gone But Not Forgotten
Thankfully, through the magic of streaming video and DVDs, we don't have to say goodbye to our favorite TV shows forever.



Summer Reading for Kids
Now is the time to jump into this seasonally inspired reading list.

Classic Books for Kids
Get caught up on the reading canon this summer and help your kids tackle our classic books list.

Must-Read Books for Kids
Help your child dive into summer reading with our must-read books for kids list.

Required Reading for Kids
Bring a piece of the classroom home this summer with these high quality reads.


Games, Apps, and Sites

Apps for the Great Outdoors
Take it outside! Who says apps and outdoor adventures don't mix?

Best Road Trip Apps
Heading out of town? These apps will keep kids occupied in the back seat.

Road Trip Apps for Android
These mobile apps for Android are a fun addition to those long car rides.

Preschool Prep
Help your kids build friendships and gain world know-how as they gear up for their first years of school.

Learning Tools: Move It!
Keep your kids active this summer! Choose from our list of games that make you move.

Kids' Hobbies Websites
Great sites will help kids pursue their interests and passions -- and maybe even find new ones.



Road Trip Music
Hit the road this summer with our perfectly surmised soundtrack for a road trip.

YouTube Sensations
These hits first found fame thanks to the wildly popular website.

Dance Tracks
Throw a summer-long dance party with these upbeat tracks.


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