Sweet Stories and Not-Too-Mushy Movies for Love Bugs of All Ages

Kid-friendly Valentine's Day picks for the whole family to enjoy. By Angela Zimmerman
Sweet Stories and Not-Too-Mushy Movies for Love Bugs of All Ages

Looking for some ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with the whole family? After the cards and decorations are done, keep the love alive with sweet read-alouds and kid-friendly romantic flicks.



11 Love Books for Little Ones
These picture books mix vibrant illustrations with emotional storytelling to create engaging love-themed stories -- perfect for reading aloud at bedtime or anytime.

34 Romantic Comedies
You love classics, but your kids love romcoms? This list has enough love and laughter for the whole family.


23 Classic Romance Reads
From classics to contemporaries, these unforgettable reads are all aimed at the heart.


43 Romance Movies
These beautiful love stories will leave all ages swooning -- and maybe shedding a tear or two.


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