Three Great Parent Resources for Learning and Attention Issues

Finding support and the right tools for your kid can be frustrating. Here's where to turn. By Ingrid Simone
Three Great Parent Resources for Learning and Attention Issues

Finding and choosing the best apps and learning tools can be a challenge for any family. But if you have a kid with learning and attention issues, you may face even greater difficulty figuring out which tools will be the best fit for your kid's specific needs.

At Common Sense, we're excited to tell you about three free resources that can help. is a new online resource created for parents of the 15 million U.S. kids with learning and attention issues. Common Sense is one of 15 nonprofit organizations that have come together to create the resource. Parents get the support they need to feel more confident and capable and to become better advocates for their children.

Here you'll find:

  • A technology tool, powered by Common Sense Media, that customizes recommendations for apps, websites, and games that match your child's needs.

  • Expert information about your kid's academic, social, and emotional needs.

  • A private online community for like-minded parents facing similar issues.

Power Up! from Common Sense is a guide offering expert reviews of apps, games, and websites that are helpful for kids with special needs. The guide covers not only traditional academic subjects such as math and reading but also crucial skills such as social and emotional skills and communication skills. We worked with experts in the field of special needs and technology to find and review products that can help give kids a boost.

Here you'll find:

You'll also find reviews of great products such as:

  • The Social Express II, an engaging app in which friendly characters navigate a variety of real-life scenarios to help kids who struggle with day-to-day social skills.

  • First Then Visual Schedule, which uses personalized photos and auditory reminders to help kids understand their daily routines.

  • Dexteria Dots, an exceptional math app with hand and finger exercises that, along with fun animation and music, can help kids with a wide range of abilities build math skills and improve fluency.

Special Needs Topic Center from Common Sense gives answers to the most common media and technology questions from parents of kids with special needs, articles and videos on key topics, product recommendations, and more.

Here you'll find answers to questions including:

You'll also find videos and advice articles on topics such as:

If your kid struggles with learning or attention issues -- with or without a diagnosis -- we think these three free resources are a great place to start in your search for support, expert advice, and informative reviews of products that may give your kid a boost in challenge areas.

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