Top 10 Box-Office Hits of 2013

We compare the big theatrical moneymakers to our ratings. By Sierra Filucci
Top 10 Box-Office Hits of 2013

Sometimes the money follows greatness (Gravity) and sometimes it doesn't (World War Z), but this list shows how Common Sense Media's reviews and ratings stack up against the biggest box-office hits of 2013.



Iron Man 3, 3 stars, on 13+


Despicable Me 2, 4 stars, on 6+ 


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, 4 stars, pause 13+ 


Man of Steel, 3 stars, on 12+


Monsters University, 4 stars, on 5+ 


Gravity, 5 stars, on 14+


Fast and Furious 6, 2 stars, pause 14+ 


Oz the Great and Powerful, 3 stars, on 10+ 


Star Trek Into Darkness, 3 stars, on 12+ 


World War Z, 2 stars, pause 14+


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