Top Common Core Games and Apps

Find grade-specific tools, tips, and ideas to boost kids' grasp of Common Core standards outside the classroom. By Amanda Nojadera
Top Common Core Games and Apps

Having trouble finding Common Core-aligned technology to boost your kids' learning? Though the new curriculum's rollout has prompted lots of questions and concerns, many quality apps and games support the new standards. Simply put, the Common Core State Standards are a set of learning guidelines for what kids should know and be able to do in math and English language arts at each grade level. We've rounded up the best Common Core-aligned games and apps to help your kids get the most out of the school year.

Tools for Kids of All Ages
Teacher-approved titles to use at home.

Grade-by-Grade Recommendations
Dive deeper into the specifics of the Common Core requirements.

  • Pre-K/K and first grade
    Help little kids recognize the shapes of letters, read from left to right, learn about whole numbers, identify basic shapes, count up to 100, and more.

  • Second grade
    Focus on boosting reading fluency and increasing the number of sight words, decoding two-syllable words and deciphering prefixes and suffixes, adding and subtracting within 100, doing "mental math," beginning to dissect word problems, and more.

  • Third grade
    Teach kids how to compare and contrast, analyze cause and effect, distinguish between fact and opinion, learn to multiply and divide, explore simple fractions, and more.

  • Fourth grade
    Help fourth-graders incorporate sensory details into writing, analyze and follow the structural elements of poetry, explore multi-digit multiplication and division, study geometric properties, plot lines on graphs, and more.

  • Fifth grade
    Guide kids to compare and contrast characters, settings, and events, understand the subtleties of figurative language (similes vs. metaphors), explore multiplication and division with fractions (including unlike denominators) and decimals, measure the volume of 3D prisms and graph on coordinate planes, and more.

Cool Common Core Picks from Common Sense Education
Digital learning tools to share with your kids' teachers.

More Resources
Guides that offer additional ways to support your kids' learning outside of school.

  • Essential School Tools
    The best teacher-approved apps, games, and websites to support your kid in each grade, plus advice to help you understand current trends in schools and how they affect your kid.
  • Be a Learning Hero
    Product recommendations and advice from a range of trusted educational experts.

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