Totally Non-Boring Ways to Teach History to Kids

History comes alive through fun and fascinating media picks. By Angela Zimmerman
Totally Non-Boring Ways to Teach History to Kids

History is getting some major street cred. Video games, graphic novels, and TV shows provide immersive, entertaining lessons that make a lasting impression. Would your kids like to step into the life of Marie Antoinette, mine the ruins of ancient Rome, or sling guns in the Old West? Travel back in time with these picks for kids and teens:


History on TV
These shows are so entertaining kids won't even realize they're educational, too.


Graphic Novels That Teach History
Splashy stories and vivid imagery make the past come to life in colorful new ways.


Games That Teach History
Kids can explore an ancient civilization or uncover mysteries of the Wild West.


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Are your kids interested in history? Which era most fascinates them?

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