Watch Out! Family Movies with Surprisingly Sexy Scenes

Movies you once thought of as mild may have iffier stuff than you remember. By Betsy Bozdech

During a recent evening of channel-surfing, I was pleasantly surprised to come across Splash. Ron Howard's 1984 comedy about an everyguy (Tom Hanks) who falls for a mermaid (Daryl Hannah) is a movie I loved as a kid, and I hadn't seen it in a long time, so I happily started watching. Apparently it really had been a long time, since I'd forgotten just how racy some of the humor is, from shots of Hannah running around naked, to her heavily implied "afternoon delight" with Hanks' character, to costar John Candy's habit of dropping coins to look up ladies' skirts. Let's just say I don't think it would be a shoo-in for a PG rating these days.

Movies you thought of as innocuous when you were young may have iffier stuff than you remember -- or maybe it's just been ages since you saw anything other than the edited-for-TV version. To help you avoid getting blindsided by something totally age-inappropriate (or even just awkward) when you play your old faves for your kids, here are some examples of "sexy surprises" you might not be expecting:

  • Adventures in Babysitting: A running gag in this beloved '80s comedy involves a female character's resemblance to a Playboy centerfold. Oh, and then there's the fact that a prostitute propositions a teen boy, and a drunk college girl asks a teen if he wants to go to bed.
  • Airplane!: The granddaddy of all spoof movies may be rated PG, but it's from 1980, before the PG-13 rating existed. And it has plenty of innuendo -- not to mention a scene with a brief glimpse of a topless woman.
  • Beauty and the Beast: Sure, it's a Disney princess movie, but the scene in which everyone participates in the rousing number "Gaston" has a surprising amount of jiggly cleavage on display, courtesy of the buxom barmaids.
  • Big: Another '80s Tom Hanks classic, this one includes a fair bit of innuendo ("I get to be on top!") and even a scene in which Hanks -- playing a 12-year-old boy trapped in a man's body -- touches his love interest's breast.
  • Ghostbusters: Bill Murray's dialogue alone has plenty of double entendres, but the real eyebrow-raisers in this 1984 supernatural comedy are the scenes in which it's implied that Dan Aykroyd's character receives oral sex from a ghost and in which Sigourney Weaver's character, while possessed, writhes around and asks Murray to have sex with her.
  • Grease: There's lots of flirting and virginity mocking in this classic 1970s musical, as well as a teen pregnancy subplot that involves discussion of a broken condom and having a "bun in the oven."
  • Parenthood: This 1989 Steve Martin comedy is about a big family and has lots of kid actors, but it's rated PG-13, and there are plenty of references to sex -- including between teens -- as well as a very memorable scene in which the power goes out and someone grabs what they think is a flashlight but is definitely not.
  • Sixteen Candles: Most of us probably think of this as a teen movie, but lest you be tempted to put it on for younger kids due to the PG rating (another relic of the pre-PG-13 era), don't forget about the scenes involving a teen girl's panties going on display to a group of guys, a girl's naked torso in the shower, and the strong implication of drunken sex.
  • Spaceballs: Not too much is shown in Mel Brooks' Star Wars spoof, but there are plenty of groin-related jokes and innuendo, and President Skroob is shown in bed with a pair of twins. Plus, much is made of preserving Princess Vespa's virginity.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit?: There are lots of double entendres in this landmark crime comedy (such as Baby Herman's reference to his inability to pursue his adult nurse being the result of having "50-year-old lust and a 3-year-old dinky"), and Jessica Rabbit has a voluptuous figure and wears very revealing clothes.

Many people are quick to say that Americans are overly uptight about sexual content in the media; whether you agree or not, it never hurts to be prepared before you push play for your kids, especially where older movies are concerned. These tips will help nip unexpectedly awkward moments in the bud:

  • Check out detailed movie reviews (like ours!) to look for potentially problematic scenes.
  • For kids 7 and under, try to stick with movies that have simple romantic relationships and little to no innuendo or "action" (though a bit of kissing is probably fine if your kids have the stomach for it -- but many at this age find it gross!). Avoid anything with hypersexualized roles or sexual stereotypes, since this is an age when kids are really starting to take note of gender differences.
  • For kids between the ages of 8 and 10, skip movies with nudity or simulated sex. It's also important to avoid media that portrays sexual stereotypes; gendered body-part jokes are age-appropriate, but demeaning sexual humor isn't.
  • For older tweens, kissing and boy/girl social dynamics are fine, but all more serious and advanced sexual behavior should be by responsible adults and have consequences.
  • Be ready to talk about anything that you -- and your kids -- might not have seen coming.
  • Don't be afraid to say no to a movie your kid isn't ready for (or that you're not ready for them to see).

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Teen, 14 years old written by TheMarioFan

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is NOT a Kids movie, it was meant for people who grew up seeing Looney Tunes as a kid.
Adult written by Beckstar

There is also a scene in Ratatouille where the man says he has a small issue and his love interest looks down at his crotch. I’m sure the first incredible movie had a butt slap or something sexy by memory. Also Cars has some innuendo
Teen, 14 years old written by Nadia Cloud

How about Mirage in The Incredibles. There was one scene where she was showing her entire cleavage and it was so inappropriate.
Adult written by Greg G.

As an individual who is trying to limit the amount of smut my eyes see on the internet, I found this article's headline very interesting, and happily clicked on the link. Now imagine my horror as I see Jessica Rabbit (the very thing I thought this article would help me AVOID) as soon as the article loads. The content within this article is fantastic and helpful, and I know it was published a few years ago. But would it be possible to change the video thumbnail to show something more inline with the goal of this article? Thank you :)
Kid, 11 years old

Beauty and the Beast? PLEASE! I agree with the others, but this is simply ridiculous. "Jiggly cleavage"? Grow up, people. I've seen worse at a public swimming pool. Quit overreacting.
Teen, 13 years old written by Dinosaurhunter1

You forgot "The Lion King", during "Can You Feel The Love Tonight", when Nala gives Simba "THE EYES". Yes, In a G rated movie
Teen, 14 years old written by ethanct86

I totally agree, Big, though good story, good acting and good lessons, surprised me with its innuendos and so-so. Well not that surprising, considering that it was made before the PG13 rating.
Parent of a 4 year old written by tonyhutchins

Dear Common Sense Media Bloggers, There is nothing inherently immoral or dirty about sexuality. People have sex- you and I are here today because two people decided to get together. By painting sex in a negative light and hiding it from kids, we make it into something provocative and enticing. The trick is to say "Yep, that's sex" and then move right on. A healthy attitude about sexuality neither denigrates it as evil nor puts it on a pedestal. That is all.
Adult written by Sadman

It's not sinful but it is often unnecessary dramatically and it serves to support the notion that everything has to be sexual. People use the toilet every day as well, and there's nothing sinful in that, but we don't have to see it all the time. And there are many occasions where it's clear the only reason a sex scene is put into a show is to sexually arouse the audience. Which is fine if that is the purpose of the production (Fifty Shades of Grey, for example), but less so if the scene is put into what would otherwise be a family-friendly show. I used to be of the same view as you, until I realized how few shows are out there where you don't have to worry about sex scenes showing up - and how the actors are being forced by their careers to be more and more explicit. It's one thing to roll around in a bed, moan a few times, and then get on with some dialogue. But we're seeing actors being required to do hardcore now in some productions. The turning point for me was episode 3 of Season 1 of Rogue where for some reason they saw fit to show an actor's erection. There was no dramatic necessity for that.
Teen, 14 years old written by BunnyCuddles13

I agree. Parents ae way too overpretective to something that isn't really sinful in the first place, but rather an important step for civilization to carry on. Sex is perfectly natural and should not be sugar coated. A good parent would educate their child on the subject than hid it under the rug. Now, I'm not them porn of anything, but when the little sexy bits in a movie comes up, explain that it is sex and that it is a natural and normal thing for life to carry and explain why it is important. When I have a child, instead of lying to their face about it with the whole storch thing, I will tell them and have a serious discussion eith them if they ever ask.
Parent written by Nea P.

As a self-proclaimed prude, I can definitely say that I find a lot of material questionable. There will always be room to debate a rating since a lot of that is relative. This is a "know your kid" situation. I do have to agree with the post that question the inclusion of "Beauty and the Beast".
Adult written by WishfulWanderer

"Many people are quick to say that Americans are overly uptight about sexual content in the media;" And many would say not diligent enough! Have you seen television these days? In what world are words like damn, hell, and crap more offensive than nearly explicit sex? ABC Family and the other major networks confound me. To quote Hermione, "They need to get their priorities straight." I find sexual content to be much more offensive than language or violence. Unfortunately for me, the US does not agree. Anyway, like the other commentators, I also think Beauty and the Beast does not need to be on here. If you find that bad, then what of Ariel's implied nudity post transformation? Or the belly dancers in Aladdin? Or Cinderella's shower? It's more their outfits than their actions that are overly sexualized. Anyway, I'm sure there are plenty more movies out there with debatable ratings.
Teen, 14 years old written by BunnyCuddles13

So you're more offended by a completely natural act that is needed to carry the population? It shouldn't be plastered everywhere like it is, but you shouldn't be "offended"by an act that god gave us simply to carry on the population of human beings (and actually all mammals for that matter). It is just a simple act of life. The media has brainwashed you and many others to think that it's an act of sin, but really it isn't unless you make it. But on the other hand, what relevance does cursing surve to the population and evolution? Reproduction is necessary, cursing is not. Don't allow yourself to get brainwashed by the dumb standards that the media forces upon you.
written by Secret Angel 3

"Many people are quick to say that Americans are overly uptight about sexual content in the media;" And many would say not diligent enough! Have you seen television these days? In what world are words like damn, hell, and crap more offensive than nearly explicit sex? ABC Family and the other major networks confound me. To quote Hermione, "They need to get their priorities straight." I find sexual content to be much more offensive than language or violence. And unfortunately, the US does not agree. Anyway, like the other commentators, I also think Beauty and the Beast does not need to be on here.
Teen, 13 years old written by Disneymovielover77

Beauty and the Beast does NOT deserve to be on here. It's clean and there's nothing wrong with it unless u count the violent scene at the end.
Kid, 12 years old

Victorious and Icarly have sexy stuff in them, including infrequent moderate innuendo. No wonder a Victorious Season in the UK got rated a 12 for discriminatory terms!
Teen, 14 years old written by Iz_all_good

I think that if you have a child and you're worried about this kind of stuff, talk to him/her about it. Unless they are very young (you decide the age). If you talk to them about it, they will realize it's actually not a big deal, depending on how you parent. That is what mine did with me, but you do what you want with your kids. Just a little bit of advice from a 14 year old.
Adult written by juanmartin

Please don't let your kids watch Iron Man, the first movie. It contains sexual innuendo and one underwear sex scene
Teen, 13 years old written by marleyquenten

please stop yelling at them for saying movies such as beauty and the beast and big. they are not saying to never watch these movies, they are saying think about what they said before you do.
Kid, 12 years old

Know your child. Beauty and the beast!?!!!! You see so much worse at my towns spalsh park for kids!!!!!!!! The little mermaid showed Ariel naked from the side! Does anybody care? Nope! The point of this is good but it depend on the child I could handle Tv 14 show since elementary school!
Teen, 13 years old written by marleyquenten

for the record tv-14 shows are not rated that for "you can't handle it" its rated that because you shouldn't see it yet. some parents don't get it. my mom let me see titanic when i was eight! and that movie shows fully naked women more than once or twice.
Kid, 11 years old

Beauty and the Beast? You're kidding, right? That's disney, rated G. And it's cartoon. I'd bet you won't let your kids watch Disney Channel until they're 10
Kid, 11 years old

I am surprised that the movie Top Secret is not on this list. It is a great movie, since it has humor action it all (its basically a parody of James Bond... Oh "Dejavo"... ha ha) but it has inappropriate scenes that my dad/mom had to skip past because they would JUST realize that something inappropriate was happening, since all those parts are placed at random parts so they are hard to remember when they happened.
Kid, 11 years old

I am surprised that the movie Top Secret is not on this list. It is a great movie, since it has humor action it all (its basically a parody of James Bond... Oh "Dejavo"... ha ha) but it has inappropriate scenes that my dad/mom had to skip past because they would JUST realize that something inappropriate was happening, since all those parts are placed at random parts so they are hard to remember when they happened.
Adult written by michelleb2

We've held back on showing our son Ghostbusters for the very reasons noted above...which I saw when I was a kid and was totally confused by until much later.
Adult written by Ikarikid

No movies with nudity? Does Le Planete Sauvage count? (Not that any kids who don't speak French would be that interested, but the movie does have sequences where the human "oms" get naked, although the context does not involve mating as I recall).
Parent written by mom of two amaz...

The movie BIG came to my mind immediately too - that's one to never rent. My friend recently rented 'FOOTLOOSE' to view with her teenaged daughter. She had fond memories of the movie and the music and thought a 'retro' moment would be fun. It wasn't long before sexually charged conversation and scenes filled the screen and the movie was turned off. Interesting that we don't seem to remember the 'bad parts' of movies we saw as teens.
Parent written by Stewthecat

This is hilarious. I understand some of the movies, such as Splash, or Big, but Beauty & the Beast? You're worries about cleavage? If that is the case, I"m assuming you never breastfed your children. Do you cover their eyes if a particularly busty woman in a low cut shirt happens to walk by you at the mall? Uptight doesn't begin to describe... My goodness, if you continue on this kind of path with your children, it would be surprising if they DIDN'T rebel as teens. That's not teaching values, it's teaching frigidity. Don't get me wrong, there's always a place to draw the line, but if you're thinking that cartoon cleavage in a Disney movie is that line, just throw away the TV all together.
Parent written by AuntTerri 70

Well some of these kids on here are very wise! Some parents may need to remember that even if YOU are ok with the innuendo and sex stuff, your kids may be uncomfortable watching that stuff with YOU. For a family to really enjoy a movie together... I feel like the whole family should be comfortable and enjoy it together. I watched Grease with my Mom when I was I kid. I was "getting" a lot of stuff she thought was going over my head, so I was actually the one that was uncomfortable. Just something to think about. Reminds me of my neice who always complains to me about how my brother, her dad, tries to keep "communication open" with her by talking about girl stuff with with her. She HATES it. I told him to leave her alone about that stuff and that she can come talk to ME about it instead. He understand that now.
Parent written by AuntTerri 70

Just to note... since most of us forget most of the sex stuff and bad language in these great old movies, does it occur to anyone else, since those parts are so forgettable, maybe that stuff is not always that funny? Why does Hollywood insist on putting all that stuff in there? Sometimes it's funny but often it's forgettable. New film with Aubrey Plaza called "The To Do List" will intrigue teenagers. At least it's rated "R" some parents might cave if teens beg. But from everything I hear... this should be an NC-17 at least, just for sexual language content alone. It's a plain, gross out, utterly raunchy sex comedy... but this time it's nice, smart girls going for it. You dont want to know what's on the "To Do List" but its more and worse than you can imagine. I could have used a barf bag for the extended preview I saw. Starring the hilarious, deadpan, Aubrey Plaza (love her in Parks and Rec) your teens, especially girls, may want to see it. Even THEY might be surprised. I would not allow my kid to see it until they were OVER age! LOL Even then, I just pray they wouldn't want to.
Parent written by AuntTerri 70

And a Trilogy worth mentioning.... the "Vacation" movies are packed with inappropriate stuff, despite being hilarious. "Christmas Vacation" actually became a family tradition for my famiy over the years. We had an edited version we taped from TV on VHS we watched for years until the older ones were in their teens. Then we finally broke down for the DVD. Our tradtition is we watch it at Nana's the day after Thanksgiving when we eat leftovers and put up her Tree. But with new young ones around, we have to somehow get an edited version. DVR off TBS or something. I really wish they made cleaned up versions on good quality DVD. When Clark has one of his "breakdowns" (as in each film) the language is outrageous. Even when I could "barely" tolerate it with the teenagers watching, I was even more uncomfortable if Nana caught any of that. And of course Cousin Eddie and his group always throws out some hilarious yet sadly inappropriate stuff.
Teen, 15 years old written by Salsander

The 1981 version of "Clash of the Titans" might be worth mentioning. Although the nudity wasnt sexual, they wern't afraid of hiding anything.
Parent of a 7 and 11 year old written by Wrigbe

Eric the Viking -definitely not appropriate for children despite its PG rating. The very first scene involves him avoiding raping a woman, trying to protect her from rape and accidently killing her The is also a sex scene later in the movie.
Adult written by TamaraAZ

Touchstone was specifically started to market Splash, which was considered to mature for the Disney label. It was NEVER a kid's movie...even with a mermaid.
Kid, 10 years old

My Mom Regrets Me Watching Airplane And,It,Definitely Earns It's Spot On The List.But,It Isn't Really A Family Movie.
Parent of a 6, 8, 10, and 12 year old written by Chapo

We watch with my kids "Who framed Roger Rabbit" and let me tell you i regret showing it to my kids.Lots of Oh my! moments.
Parent written by mom of two amaz...

That one is definitely one on my list. So ridiculous that Jessica Rabbit is a sensual character - in a children's movie! This one is junk and framed as 'cartoon' but definitley not for children.
Adult written by Christianmom2

A friend chose to show "Paint Your Wagon" to a group of friends, and we'd both forgotten that the whole story is built around polygamy, not to mention scenes involving introducing a young religious guy to drink and prostitutes. We just remembered the great songs and the novelty of Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin singing.
written by Amalthea

My daughters love the show "7th Heaven", and "Mrs. Bink" (played by Eileen Brennan) is their favorite recurring character. My husband thought that they might want to see her in "Private Benjamin". I said "no". My husband said, "Why not? I don't remember it being that bad." I responded, "At the did Judy [Benjamin] become widowed?" My husband smiled and said, "You win." (For those not "in the know", Judy's husband had a fatal heart attack while having sex with Judy on the bathroom floor!)
Adult written by MrsJeffries

CLUELESS. A movie I love but it's not even necessarily preteen friendly. I agree with most of the add-ons listed here too. I was surprised seeing the "clean" 1980s Brat Pack movies again as an adult - the language alone is shocking. (For me, the "clean" Brat Pack movies included Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, etc. - I don't remember if I'd seen edited for TV versions in the 1980s).
Parent of a 9 year old written by ZoeMc

Can I also suggest City Slickers for this list. (1991 Rated PG) I recently re-watched it with my 9 year old, remembering it as a funny movie with cute animals, a bit of adventure and a heart warming message. Had forgotten the fairly explicit sexual references. Oops!
Parent of a 8 year old written by rrh

For all the older movies that have a lot of older kids in them, I would simply suggest that you review them before you put them in front of your kids. They were generally aimed at an older audience. As far as Bambi, etc., if your kids are really young, just fast forward over the scenes. My kids have not really seen the early scenes of Nemo. Finally where is the Shrek series in this list. That series has as much stuff for adults as it does for kids. Finally, I just try to talk out the scenes with them and add some humor. They may not understand them thoroughly, but they do not seem to find them very scary when it is a bit more clinical and a bit less serious. rrh
Adult written by Chuckyfreak

You saw these movies as a kid and somehow you survived long enough to rip on them as an adult. I think the youngn's will manage.
Teen, 14 years old written by BunnyCuddles13

Yes, agreed. Parents these days are WAY too uptight. Sex is a natural thing, it occurs in nature and is just meant as a way to keep the population alive. Although soccer moms and the media have made sex out to be a sinful horrible thing. Honestly, it shouldn't be plastered everywhere, but it's something the young will have to know in life anyways. As a good parent, they should discuss it rather than sweep it under the carpet.
Teen, 14 years old written by BunnyCuddles13

Yes, agreed. Parents these days are WAY too uptight. Sex is a natural thing, it occurs in nature and is just meant as a way to keep the population alive. Although soccer moms and the media have made sex out to be a sinful horrible thing. Honestly, it shouldn't be plastered everywhere, but it's something the young will have to know in life anyways. As a good parent, they should discuss it rather than sweep it under the carpet.
Parent written by momto3amazingggirls

Alright I understand some of these movies are inappropriate but GHOSTBUSTERS? You've gotta be kidding me. My daughters love this movie. Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II were favorites of theirs. Emma sings the song all the time. We also own the Wii game. The bad language is easily ignored by my daughters and you have the whole possession scene all wrong. Consider watching it again. Ghostbusters is a classic for kids. If it was that bad why would it be such a favorite?
Teen, 13 years old written by sugarshine

Hi, if you think this movie is not inappropriate, WOW! Many jail-birds have said "I thought that the horrible music ( containing swears, sex, and Violence!!!) and movies were just going in one ear and out the other, but it led me to do the things that got me in jail.". This stuff REALLY INFLUENCES US! Ma'am, I am NOT saying your precious daughters will become law-breakers and the like, just that we need to be careful what goes into our children's heads. ANY violent images cannot be unseen, words cannot be unheard, any sexy scenes and songs can tear you to pieces in your emotions, actions, and thoughts. I am writing all this because I AM A CHRISTIAN. I want the youth that I am now growing up with to be sensitive, loving, and guarding.
Parent written by mom of two amaz...

Do you not remember the 'gate keeper' scenes and the heavy sexual innuendo there? My 14 year old turned bright red with embrassement. Maybe your daughters are too young to pick up on that.
Kid, 10 years old

My dad when I was really young he used to play movies like that but now he won't.
Teen, 13 years old written by tvzillia

they call it sexful senes, I call it preperation for what the classmates are going to say when they're in middle school (and i'm in middle school, so I know)
Kid, 9 years old

I am going to see the movie "Grease" so I hope it isn't too bad! my 5 year old brothers are watching it! :/
Kid, 11 years old

VERY TRUE. I have seen Grease MANY times (I <3 it) and I can understand why it'd be rated PG-... maybe 12. I'm 11, so maybe I'd fit into that category. The one person that is the most PG-13-rated is either Danny or Kenickie. In my opinion. I SHIP DANNY+RIZZO, BTW...
Kid, 11 years old

I agree with all of these to, even though I love 16 candles. My mom most of the time tells us to cover our eyes or fast fowards it.
Adult written by CSM Screen name...

Good grief, Beauty and the Beast made this list? Women do possess breasts, that's a fact of life even infants know. Honestly, the biggest concern I see with any of these movies is that Ghostbusters might scare a kid under 7 or 8.
Kid, 9 years old

i saw beauty and the beast and i do not think that is a verry big prolblme .I but i am suprised about big just think, the thought of that is eww grows :() () he is beaing sick
Parent of a 12 and 14 year old written by davyjoe

Our family loves Christmas Vacation. Boy did we have to think quick with European Vacation and the bare breasts scene. Being a mom of a tween and teen boys, it is great to know when a movie is too "sexy". Thanks Common Sense!
Kid, 11 years old

WHAT america don't exaggerate about sex why does america have to be so strict. Let me just tell you guys a story I used to live in Australia and the blue lagoon is rate PG NOT R
Teen, 16 years old written by Southblank

I personally think that Americans are too concerned with this. It's life, and you don't need to hide anything from anyone. You should even take it as an opportunity to start the subject with your kids. It's OK it might be uncomfortable, but it doesn't kill anyone. Anyways you can just talk to them after the movie. That's why these rich American kids are so spoiled.
Kid, 11 years old

that's just what i said i totally agree and this is a reply to southblank
Parent of a 5 and 9 year old written by Dulcie

I'm conflicted by much of this editorial and the comments. Yes, I screen what my kids watch but I'm not overly prudish about some sexual inuendo. As an example - Ghost Busters - they've been watching that since they were pre-schoolers! When the implied oral sex scene came on it wasn't even noticed by the kids, just as most of you don't recall any of this content when you watched it as a child. And as for bad language and 10-12 year old boys, have any of you overheard 10-12 year old boys when no grownups are around. Trust me your ears would burn. As someone else here said, the real world isn't censored and while I think some oversight is prudent, to get to caught up in some passing inuendo when the rest of the movie is a gem is a mistake.
Adult written by kikifoodie

I appreciate the comments on the movies in this article for the most part...but what about the blatant use of the "f-bomb" (only one time but loud and unexpected out of the mouth of "Billy") and the repeated use of "G-D" in the movie "Big" It was upsetting and unexpected. We had remembered the movie having more emphasis on the friendship between Billy & Josh when in reality it is more about the relationships between Josh & the other grown-ups in the movie. There is also a great deal of smoking and some drinking. Think twice before watching as a family. Another movie not mentioned in the article was "The Bad News Bears". Full of profanity and drinking.
Adult written by CSM Screen name...

Yes, I watched Pretty in Pink with my 13 year old niece last summer and was surprise by an F-word that I had totally missed, and I loved that movie in high school. As a side-note I have to recommend the book How To Fight, Lie, and Cry Your Way to Popularity (and a Prom Date): Lousy Life Lessons From 50 Teen Movies by Nikki Roddy. She sums up each movie and then gives the "life lesson." For example for the movie, "Easy A" the life lesson is, " When your reputation needs a boost, pretend to be easy. When that gets old, tell everyone you were lying and score a new boyfriend while your at it." I think it will be a great way to talk about the "message" behind the movie.
Parent of a 13, 16, and 17 year old written by truemidge

I wish that the people of the United States would realize the difference between nudity and sex. We all have naked bodies under our clothes, and there is nothing wrong or dirty about nudity. On television in England there are naked people on commercials, and they edit graphic violence, which I feel is the ideal.
Parent of a 8 year old written by MamaBearNJ

Never having seen the "classic Disney" animated movies when I was a kid, I was flabbergasted to realize how much sex was implied or hinted at in _Lady and the Tramp_. The canine lovers spend the night together on the first date, after which Lady is in a delicate condition and two of the guys in the neighborhood seem to be wondering whether they should marry her to save her reputation. Fortunately, it just sailed right over my son's head (he was 4 at the time, I think), so no awkward questions ensued. Except, of course, the awkward question about whether people really kill stray dogs -- that's a whole other kind of uncomfortable content.
Parent of a 12 and 12 year old written by mamakinzy

The other night my husband put in Stand By Me for our family movie night and I was shocked at the amount of swearing! I didn't remember it being so over-the-top and then saw on the dvd box that it was rated R. Even though it's a coming of age story with 12 year old boys as the lead characters, this was too much for my 12 and 13 year old. It's a great movie but hit pause if your kids are under 14-15.
Kid, 12 years old

Uh, you should add Marley and Me. There was a TON of innuendo for a children's movie.
Adult written by CSM Screen name...

I often wish that there was a way to get the "edited for television" version of many movies that I would like to share with the kids. Some movies have maybe 1 or 2 inappropriate scenes that I wish we could have a choice to get the edited version. I think that there would be a great market for that.
Parent written by AuntTerri 70

Me too. But they won't because then they would be catering to us "Squares"... Im not really a conspiracy theorist... but maybe I am really :) Look how upset people get about people objecting to language and nudity right here in this fine website... I have a sickening feeling that in ten years, the "F" word will be as common as "crap"...which I am actually old enough to remember THAT being a naughty word. I am tired of our kids surrounded by vulgarity. Have overheard interesting colorful converstation even at places like Disney World? I sure have and Im sick of people being so foul. It's just rude, ugly and makes me so sad around my kids!
Adult written by Meowhouse

"•For kids between the ages of 8 and 10, skip movies with nudity or simulated sex. It's also important to avoid media that portrays sexual stereotypes; gendered body part jokes are age appropriate, but demeaning sexual humor isn't." So it is ok to let kids 11-17 view movies with this content? When will people realize that if it is inappropriate to behave this way in public, it should also be inappropriate to display in the media. If topless clubs have an age limit, then so should movie theaters that play movies with nudity in them. I honestly believe that none of you would want me to come over to visit and bare my breasts, or strip down to my bra and panties in front of you. So it should also be inappropriate for entertainers and programmers to expect us to tolerate that behavior in the general public. There is an appropriate time and place for this kind of material, and I certainly believe it should not be forced onto us, and forcing us to allow this material onto younger and younger individuals.
Adult written by CSM Screen name...

Good topic, and one movie I just lurved as a kid which I am not sure about letting my nine year old watch is the Exorcist. Even though it's a few years old now, and kids today are so much more mature, I think it's better that I leave it a few years before letting little Lucifer watch it. Any thoughts?
Kid, 11 years old

When I was little, I was watching big with my mom and brother and a bad part came on and she skipped it. When I got older I asked her what it was and she told me.
Parent of a 4 year old written by jaamoose your closing you talk about how "many Americans are overly uptight about sexual content" just after you chronicle several examples of being very "overly uptight." The biggest laugher is Beauty and the Beast, and your concerns over cartoon jigglies...lighten up, prudes!
Parent of a 12 year old written by bobsax

Adventures In Babysitting!! My 9 year old learned what a Playboy magazine was all about. It also features all the dirty words at least once. At the time CSM didn't have a good selection of reviews of classic 70's and 80's movies. This is a great (and long overdue) article. It's to bad there isn't a forum here where movies that haven't been CSM reviewed can at least have an unprofessional parental warning. It's really hard to find out about kid friendly content from Amazon or Rotten Tomatoes.
Kid, 11 years old

I recently watched Adventures in Babysitting and it is a great movie but I agree, there are really inappropriate parts for kids under 14 or 15.
Parent written by Rob79

Agree. I'd wanted to show Big and Adventures in Babysitting to my daughter because some of it is really funny, until I remembered...
Adult written by CSM Screen name...

I thought for sure that Goonies would make this list. I loved this movie as a child, but had forgotten about all the language. I waited until it came on network TV (with most of the bad language bleeped out) to share it with my kids.
Parent of a 12 year old written by bobsax

I would hope that Flicker and the ilk would offer bleeped and edited versions of these movies in the future.I remember that back in the 70's and 80's Directors would often put gratuitous language and nudity in their films that could be edited for TV and not effect the story at all.
Parent of a 13, 15, 15, and 18+ year old written by daniinnc

The first movie that leaped to mind before I even scrolled down to see the list was "Grease". I was looking forward to sharing this movie with my girls because I remember loving the music, but then I was shocked when I sat down and watched it with them. A lot of stuff in this movie as well as others didn't seem risque at all until I viewed them again with "mommy eyes".
Adult written by Victorian1973

16 Candles does NOT have "drunken sex." The girl was too drunk to give consent. That is called rape. We need to teach our children that without sober consent you do NOT have sex with someone (whether a boy or a girl).
Adult written by CSM Screen name...

The worst I've seen recently was "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." I'd never seen what's considered to be a classic high school comedy so I settled in to watch it with my high school age daughter. Yikes. We were both shocked and uncomfortable. And neither of us is especially prudish about art, film and music. Also when my daughter was younger I thought it would be sweet to watch Audrey Hepburn's "Breakfast at Tiffany's" together. I had a lot of explaining to do; Audrey and her leading man are both prostitutes. Her "Sabrina" is a better bet and lovelier than the remake.
Parent written by AuntTerri 70

And the whole sad abortion in Fast Times. My heart broke for that girl. But she was like, over it, in a day. Guess what girls, it does NOT work that way. The baby may be gone, but the pain goes on forever. :( I hope that movie didn't convince any young girls what a snap an abortion is.
Adult written by crashtx1

I know my memory of some of the old "classics" is a bit rose colored glass like, so it is good to check them out before showing them to your kids. I remembered the "cans" scene in The Jerk as being hysterical, but didn't remember all the f* words.
Adult written by CSM Screen name...

There is a DVD player called Clearplay that can filter out objectionable content from movies. You can select what categories (violence, sex, language, etc) that you want to see or not. It works great.
Parent of a 18+ and 18+ year old written by LSCTeach

I love the ClearPlay ! We have 2 at the school where my high school kids go to school. We have 1 at home too. There are about 10 different categories that you can set up the filtering as strict or not that you want. Then you watch a regular DVD, and take out what you feel is inappropriate/unwanted. I use it when I'm watching movies too! I'm not a prude, but I don't like a lot of that stuff--particularly the F word and I can take out severe& unneeded violence. It's great!
Parent of a 7 year old written by PEKO

Has anyone noticed that they have been playing "Pretty Woman" on the Family channel? whats up with that!!??
Adult written by MMomma73

Sixteen candles also has the F word (I know this article is just about sexy scenes, but I think it stands to be mentioned). A few PG rated movies from the 80s have the F word in them (Beetlejuice comes to mind, as well as Spaceballs) Don't forget that Airplane AND its sequel BOTH have topless women and both have plenty of innuendo.
Kid, 12 years old

i totally agree. we watched marly and me at my school once. i felt so awkward!
written by Anonymous

I can agree with many of these examples, and though I extremely love Grease you are right Common Sense. And I extremely agree with Sixteen Candles, I got it on DVD and when that shower scene came I quickly grabbed my remote and skipped to the next scene. I was so surprised that that scene was in a PG teen film! So yeah good job, but what about Titanic, great movie, but it too has some inappropriate surprises.