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Sierra Filucci
Executive Editor, Parenting Content | Mom of two
What Kids Will Remember Forever from Watching the Olympics With You
The Olympic Games can be such an inspiring and exciting time to watch TV as a family. But beyond the fantastic feats, breathtaking speed, and colorful outfits, there are plenty of opportunities to... read more
Betsy Bozdech
Executive Editor, Ratings & Reviews | Mom of two
5 Conversations to Have with Your Kids After Finding Dory
Finding Dory -- Pixar's poignant, long-awaited (13 years!) sequel to Finding Nemo -- is emotionally satisfying, full of lovable old and new characters, and, just as Dory herself would want, utterly... read more
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Amanda Nojadera
Editorial Associate | Aunt of two
100+ Father's Day Ideas for 9 Kinds of Dads
If you're looking for inspiration for Father's Day activities, we've got you covered. Movies, books, games, and apps are the ideal no-effort activities to pass the time, bond with your kids, and... read more
Christine Elgersma
Senior Editor, Apps| Mom of one
5 Funny Apps Your Kid Will Love You for Downloading
Think kids are always ahead of the curve when it comes to tech? Not this time. You can impress your kids by sharing these hilarious apps with them and bonding over a belly laugh. Try swapping your... read more
Sierra Filucci
Executive Editor, Parenting Content | Mom of two
5 Tips for Your Kid's First Trip to the Movies
Before you had kids, a trip to the movies was a no-brainer. You liked the actor or the movie poster was cool, so you went. Simple. But if you have little kids, you have to put a bit more thought into... read more
Regan McMahon
Senior Editor, Books | Mom of two
8 Books YouTube Fans Will Freak Out Over
After making names for themselves online, YouTube stars are finding a built-in audience for their books. From memoirs to novels to self-help, books by YouTubers are pretty much "must-reads" for fans... read more
Caroline Knorr
Senior Parenting Editor | Mom of one
Easy, Free Browser Hacks to Make the Internet Safer for Your Kid
If you're wondering which parental controls to install on your desktop, laptop, or tablet, the answer might be right at your fingertips -- literally! The top three internet browsers -- Mozilla... read more
Sierra Filucci
Executive Editor, Parenting Content | Mom of two
One Smartphone. Two Kids. Tons of Fun.
My son would glue his eyeballs to my iPhone if I let him. He wants every second he can squeeze out of that shiny device, and we're constantly wrestling with the when and how of device time. So when I... read more


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