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Amy Guggenheim Shenkan
President and COO | Mom of one
Exclusive: Samuel L. Jackson's Message for Parents
We at Common Sense Media love entertainment. Who could review nearly 20,000 media titles without having a passion for movies, games, TV shows, websites, apps, music, and books? Our goal is to help... read more
Jim Steyer
CEO and Founder | Dad of four
Our Friends' Favorites: Tom Schaar's Hot Picks for Apps and Games
In the Our Friends' Favorites series, we ask Common Sense Media friends and partners to share their top media picks, and this time we turned to skateboarder Tom Schaar to find out his favorite games... read more
Shira Lee Katz
Senior Director, Education Content | Tech and learning enthusiast
14 Music Apps, Games, and Websites to Help Kids Compose, Learn, and Discover
My friend Nina's teenage son, Carlo, is impressive. He's not a typical achiever in the As-and-honor-roll sort of way, but he's quietly determined and creative. The kind of kid who has a lot going on... read more
Jim Steyer
CEO and Founder | Dad of four
Our Friends' Favorites: LeVar Burton on Great Books for Boys
Our Friends' Favorites series -- in which we ask Common Sense Media's friends and partners to share their top media picks -- has recently focused on books that feature positive female characters,... read more
Regan McMahon
Deputy Editor, Books | Mom of two
Back-to-School Books for Kids and Teens
Finding the right book for your kid can be a challenge. But if you guess right and keep new ones coming, you may be on your way to raising a lifelong reader. Check out our Essential Books for Kids... read more
Instagram or Vine? 5 Things to Know If Your Kids Are Sharing Videos
If your teen loves to share videos and has a smartphone, there's a good chance he or she has Instagram or Vine -- or both. Here's what you need to know about these two popular social apps. 1. What's... read more
Angela Zimmerman
Manager, Editorial Partnerships | Mom of one
The March on Washington: Movies, Books, and More
On August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his landmark "I Have a Dream" speech to a crowd of nearly 300,000 people at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, promoting messages of... read more
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Darri Stephens
Director, Digital Learning
Backpacks and Pencils and Tablets? Oh My!
The beginning of the school year is a flurry of activity for kids, teachers, and parents alike. At schools that are implementing 1-to-1 device programs, teachers are scrambling to change how they... read more
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