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Caroline Knorr
Senior Parenting Editor | Mom of one
A First-Time Parent's Guide to Digital Life
Just think: Your baby will be part of one of the first generations to grow up totally digitally connected. She may learn to dance with the Sesame Street gang. She may become fixated on YouTube's... read more
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Caroline Knorr
Senior Parenting Editor | Mom of one
Babies and Toddlers: The Definitive Answers to Screen-Time Questions
Next to formula vs. breastfeeding, the amount of screen time to give infants and toddlers has to be one of the most controversial issues new parents face. On one side are the hard-liners: No screens ... read more
A New Parent's Guide to Social Media
Before baby, you were a Facebooking, Instagramming, texting fool, sharing everything from your perfect pasta dish to your hella-good manicure. Now, looking at your little bundle of joy, you may be... read more
Erin Wilkey Oh
Executive Editor, Education | Mom of one
10 Ways Tech Makes Life Easier for New Parents
I didn't expect parenthood would rekindle my relationship with -- of all things -- my phone. But there I was, with a tiny human attached to me for 10 hours a day, my mind swirling with tasks to be... read more
Jim Steyer
CEO and Founder | Dad of four
Balance in the Digital Age
Every aspect of our lives has been touched by the dramatic changes in technology over the last several decades. But we still don't understand enough about how our digital lifestyle is changing... read more
Regan McMahon
Senior Editor, Books | Mom of two
Dear Mom, Don't Pack My Phone for Camp
When your kid's summer camp tells you to just pack the essentials -- swim suit, sunscreen, sleeping bag -- a cell phone is usually not on the list. In fact, it's generally on the "What Not to Bring"... read more
Christine Elgersma
Senior Editor, Apps| Mom of one
Catfishing Apps Let Kids Fake Everything from Texts to Tweets
From Shakespeare to TV sitcoms, the idea of pretending to be someone you're not never gets old. In the online world, there's a name for it -- "catfishing" -- and it's common enough to have inspired a... read more
Angela Zimmerman
Manager, Editorial Partnerships
13 Best TV and Movie Moms
These memorable movie and TV moms have made us laugh (and cry) over the years. They've entertained and inspired us, and at times even taught us. Through silly classic sitcoms to animated adventures... read more


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