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Parent reviews for A Monster Calls

Common Sense says

Haunting tale of a boy coming to terms with mother's cancer.
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Parents say

age 13+
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age 11+
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Adult Written byE S. October 9, 2017

Wish I would have known

What others have said about this book is true, however I wish I would have known about the highly innapropiate part. In one of the stories that the monster tells the boy, a prince and a farmer’s daughter hide under the monster tree. I quote, “ but their passions got the better of them, and it was not long before they were asleep and naked in each other’s arms.” Later in the night, the prince murders the girl he just had sex with by stabbing her with a knife and frames the queen for the crime. I wish someone, somewhere would have mentioned this. I think it’s a big enough deal for parents to know this happens when deciding whether to let their teen read this book. There are also a few swear words. This has been said before, but it is a very dark and a very sad story.
Parent Written bybhchia June 17, 2018

Touching Story on dealing with Grief pertaining to losing Loved ones.

Read this book together with my son during school holiday break. It was a surprisingly good read and tugged at the heart strings. Through excellent storytelling (monster itself used storytelling!), it conveys several life lessons. Two notable ones are: 1. How things are not always what they seem to be, 2. How our minds are constantly thinking and contradicting ourselves and most importantly how we can get out of this vicious loop. Read it together with your child and discuss about it at end of every 3 chapters. The likely scenario is that they may not get it. But by discussing it in those intervals, there will be many "Ah Ha!" moments that you get to enjoy with your child. Just so many lessons to be derived from this book. A great way to introduce sensitive topics as "Bullying", "End of Life" and "Depression". Worth recommending.

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Educational Value
Positive Messages
Adult Written byEunicorn January 21, 2018

Beautifully Written

This book was great. The way the author describes Conor’s feelings and the way he copes with his problems is as if you are the one who is really there. There’s a mention of a couple lying naked though, so it wouldn’t be recommended for really young kids. Overall, this book was one of the best novels I’ve read.
Parent Written byJackie E. March 1, 2017

Hard for families that have lost someone to cancer

I knew going in that this movie had a lot of scenes about cancer and loss . What really was gut wrenching to me was the scene where the little boy admits that he wants his mother to go because he has experience so much pain watching her die. For anyone has been in that same place, that scene will make you lose it. I started crying uncontrollably and could not stop. I wish I had known that scene existed and I would have avoided this movie

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Parent of a 4 year old Written byclovek July 30, 2016


Great book, my eleven year old adopted child, Clove, (she came yesterday and I have no clue how to add her to my account) read it as soon as she got to my house and loved it! It's beautifully tragic and apparently made Clove's English teacher cry! I would definitely recommend reading it!!!
Parent Written bykg29 April 18, 2016


Very moving story of a young boys journey through his own emotions about his mother battling cancer.