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Kid, 11 years old January 4, 2012

An Awesome Book

A season of gifts is a book about a boy named Bob. Bob and his family just moved in to the neighborhood(Excuse my spelling)Bob and his little sister think the house next door is haunted.Bob got his answer.NO! One day, he was walking home and a group of thugs took him to the crick and threw him in with his hands tied behind his back.The thugs took him out and made him walk home naked.They hung him with fishing line over Mrs. Dowdels Privy.Mrs Dowdel came into the privy and saw Bob hanging there.She took him in and gave him a tarp to wear.A few months later, Mrs Dowdel discovered a Kikapoo Princess's box in her Melon Patch.Bob's dad laid it to rest and bueied it in a cemetary. One of the thugs, Roscoe crashes Bob's sister, Phyliss's car into Mrs Wilcox' Yard.He is Immediately arrested and Phyliss is grounded.She is forbidden to see him. Now come christmas time,Mrs Dowdel, Mrs Wilcox And 13 year old Bob go to find a Christmas tree.Mrs. Dowdel makes Bob drive.They get their tree. Christmas night,after church service,Bob's Mom gets a knock at the door.Mrs Dowdels grandson has come to town to distract Phyliss from Roscoe. The End
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