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Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot: Captain Underpants, Book 12

Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot: Captain Underpants, Book 12 Poster Image
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age 6+

Good end to series

Fun book, but there is a character who is gay. This will go over most kid's heads.
age 5+

Amazing for kids

Ok so one of the main characters (Harold) gets a husband in the future. Honestly I think it's an ok topic for kids because it's going to be apart of their lives when their older. They should get used to people becoming who they wanted to be.
age 7+

I'm not sure putting a homosexual relationship in here was a good idea... just isn't right for a book for this... but can we normalize it?

It just doesn't seem... captain-underpantsy enough, y'know? I totally support diverse characters, but throwing that in the just seemed... kind of weird for a book full of fart jokes and stuff. Just seems a little too deep. I'm all for normalizing it, but... just kind of strange to put it in this book. The world still doesn't quite understand that if they want to normalize it, they should have taught gen z that it's perfectly normal. I mean like putting it in more shows and books. Sorry I spent so much time on that, so anyway let me tell you more about the book. LANGUAGE: Full of potty humor. SEXY STUFF: None CONSUMERISM: I'm not sure what counts as actual consumerism. VIOLENCE: The usual. EDUCATIONAL VALUE: Meant to entertain rather than educate. However, that gay relationship might be a conversation starter for kids who catch it. GREAT MESSAGES AND ROLE MODELS: Not really any good role models, but there is that "good should defeat evil" message in like EVERY book/show/movie for kids above preschool age (2-4). DRINKING DRUGS AND SMOKING: I didn't see any references of anything but I might have forgotten since that last time a read the book was a year ago. Overall an entertaining book for ages 7+.
age 7+

captain underpants!

what is there not to love about dav pilkey.

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