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Teen, 14 years old Written bypokekai August 31, 2011

Very good

Its a very good book with lots of details about everything the main characters see!
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Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008

i hate reading...THIS BOOK WAS AWSOME

i absulutly hate reading but this book is an exeption. WOW AMAZING
Parent of a 17 year old Written byinflatorNickelbread March 29, 2010
When I was reading this book, I thought that I was having a deja vu...many, many times over. Everything in this book seemed to happen twice. There was no 'climax' to the story, everything was expected and I remember poking fun at the fact that the most exciting thing that happened was violence towards a sheep (and that's one of the only things not repeted). The characters situation isn't at all relatable, either, or realistic for that matter. It's a slow read, I must say, but people interested in books with survival skills and wilderness may enjoy it.
Teen, 15 years old Written bybaby_boy86314 February 25, 2009

a great boook

I feel that the book “far north” was somewhat touching in the way that strong friendships and family loyalty can all be disrupted or even broken through heart break and misfortune (as provided in the book) yet can be brought back together through hope and sacrifice. The teenagers proved that nothing is stronger then the bond between two people when in troubled times, related or not, and that only if people look inside themselves they will find that everyone can be friends if they just try. I feel the book has made an impact on how I felt about every day stresses and hurt because they showed that it could always get worse and people can work through all their problems if they just try. This book was thoroughly thought out and written as told by a 15-year-old sophomore of whom goes to the far northern area of Canada to visit his father and starts at a school where he meets a native of the area around the same age as him, Raymond. The man who drove him to the school invites the young boy named Gabe on a flight, and they soon run into disaster when they take a detour and crash into the river. The story tells of their misfortunes and loyalty, they run into many amazing situations and plenty of adventures. This attention grabber will, I believe, humble those who feel everyday life is troubling and hard. Finally, I would recommend this book to anyone who seeks a book that keeps your attention through all of the pages, cover to cover.
Adult Written byimsosexy April 9, 2008

a great book

this reveiw is like a book report in one paragraph.a kid named gabe and hi freind were all in a plainnc zxdnfvshdbvshdvdvbhsajdbvsa
Adult Written bywinfall April 9, 2008

Great book!

This is the story of survival of 2 teen boys in the arctic-like cold after their plane crashes. Lots of excitement. I highly recommend this book.