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Jane Anonymous: A Novel

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Very dark: there is blood, manipulation, Stockholm, kidnapping, self harm, and people talking about rape. I would do 5/5, but the ending is sort of rushed.

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Too much violence
age 10+

Great book

I feel like this book can be read starting at age 10, but it overall depends on the maturity of the individual. I discovered this book when I was 12 and fell in love with it. It’s an amazingly written thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole story. The trauma involved is very in depth and accurate. Overall an amazing book.

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Educational value
age 14+

Good book has good characters, terror, blood.

Jane Anonymous is a book about a girl(Jane, obviously) who is abducted by a strange man and kept locked in a room like a pet, with a checklist of basic chores to do to earn things like lights and treats. One day, through a vent in her wall, she meets another victim of the abducter, a boy named Mason. They share an incredible bond, but she soon realizes that things are not what they seem. Models/Messages: 3/5 Jane is a brave individual, although at some points her character falters. She and her family seem to have-or used to have-good bonds. In the "Then" Chapters, prior to her abduction, she also seems to be a solid friend. Her friend Shelley, continues to be there for her even when Jane pushes her away. Violence: 4/5 While there isn't much detailed violence, there's certainly a lot of passing, brief descriptions of violence. During her abduction, Jane kicks, tries to scream, and knocks several things over, hitting her head, and getting rags stuffed down her throat. In captivity, she scrapes her arm up while trying to escape through a cat-flap, hits her head several times, and while trying to detach a metal rod to use as a weapon on her captor if she has the chance, bleeds often from sharp ends and pieces. She later gets violently ill from bad food, and vomits profusely, and has several other severe symptoms. She selfharms a few times, both then and now, with silverware and a rod she took from the toilet tank. She fights with her mom when she comes back home, and struggles mentally with her trauma. SPOILER ALERT: when Jane escapes, she claws her way out of a grate, getting extremely bloody and broken in the process. She bites, screams, and kicks several police officers. She verbally fights several therapists and other people. END OF SPOILER. In captivity, Jane hears the screams of several other people, although in the end it's not real. Sex: 1/5 Mention of cute guys, and Jane, once she meets Mason, has romantic feelings although she admits to herself that it might be the fact that she's starved for human interaction. Jane's mother wants her to date one boy who likes her, although Jane feels very differently. Mention of boyfriends. Popular girls try to catch a ride with a boy on a motorbike. Drinking/Drugs: 3/5 Jane is drugged on a few occasions by her captor. Mention of alcohol and parties. Language: Infrequent, but a few f-bombs, as well as hell and damn, with b*tch. Jane Anonymous is an amazing book, although it tackles some tough subjects in the content. Most mature teens can handle it, but I finished it in less than two days. It draws you in, and you love it once you start it. Recommend highly!

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Great role models
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking