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Rafe goes to camp, faces bullying, copes with gross humor.
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Teen, 15 years old Written byRichManSwag March 28, 2015

Middle School: How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake Hill

Living in the big city for a whole year, Rafe Khatchadorian, the hero of the bestselling Middle School series, is ready for a fun summer at camp,until he finds out it's a summer school camp- with classes and teachers and a horn that wakes everyone up at the crack of dawn. Luckily Rafe makes friends with the outcasts in “loserville” cabin; Smurf, Two Tunz, Dweebs, Cav, Bombardier, Legend and Rafe’s bunkmate booger eater. Soon Rafe realises, friends are worth the trouble. With Rafe Khatchadorian in attendance summer camp will never be the same.

This fourth book in the massively popular Middle School series is an unforgettable summer of epic pranks, new bunch of friends, and many surprises, all told with the hilarity and honesty readers have come to expect from bestselling author James Patterson. It is amazing at how James Patterson puts Rafe in so many difficult situations and Rafe still finds a way out of it, most of the time. This book is a really great read with a lot of humour and also it has an anti-bullying message in the story. I would recommend this book and the series to people who haven't started high school.

Rating- 7/10

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Kid, 12 years old February 12, 2021

Never gets to the point and is way to long

Just boring read the first 3 that after that find another series
Kid, 10 years old August 22, 2014

Love the series

Funny but in a serious way It has a anti bullying message and is extremely hillarious a lot of picture
Teen, 14 years old Written byKedar Miller July 26, 2013

Summary of Middle School:How I survived Bullies,Broccoli,and Snake Hill

This book was about Rafe Khatchadorian and his story of Camp Wannamorra.Ok so in Rafe previous books there is always this problem and rafe has to figure out how to fix it. Now in this book Rafe’s problem is that his cabin mates get teased and bullied especially Norman who has been called Booger Eater since he was 6 yrs. old. So first Rafe tries to fit in with the muskrats and make them his friends. Second he meets the bullies of the camp called The Bobcats and their leader Doolin. Even as the story starts Doolin and his goons start trouble with the Muskrats by trashing their cabin and placing a paper that said “Welcome To Loserville.”Rafe didn’t know then but that was the beginning of a war.
As we left off The Bobcats have just trashed the Muskrats cabin but Rafe noticed that when the Muskrats saw it they just acted like nothing happened and just cleaned it up. But he was not going to let that go so easily.While dinner that night The Bobcats were yelling “What’s for dinner” “Dead Meat” and as they were doing that a old man was clapping for silence for the after-dinner announcements. Rafe asked who is that they said “Thats Major Sherwood they call him the Dictator. They told Rafe he definitely didn’t want to get on his bad side. And he doesn’t have a good side. As we was talking about the rules, guidelines, and expectations but Rafe just thought that was another way of saying rules, rules,and more rules and if you know Rafe you know he does not like rules.
So as the summer school starts Rafe just wishes it would end quickly until he get to his fourth period teacher Katie Kim who was his dream teacher. But the was one more period after that it was a all reading period from Major Sherwood turns out he loves reading. But thats the thing Rafe didn’t have a book so he was just drawing. But, not for long after the fourth period Major Sherwood made an announcement that said “If you don’t have a book head down to the library.NOW.” Rafe went got a big book and put his drawing book inside of it and started to draw.
So as the summer continued there were things that got into his way like the Bobcats and Major Sherwood but one of the worst times were when Doolin and his goons set legend up to get sent home. Now what was the Camp dance came and everyone had to go so Rafe went he saw all the girls he even saw his sister Georgia.
As the dance went on Rafe had gotten ask by Georgia to dance so they dance but as they were dancing everyone started to run out side Rafe found that this was a way of get out of dancing so he ran outside and he saw girl under wear on the flag post. But after the dance was over everyone became sicily so people thought it was the punch and chips. It was Doolin and his goons who did it but they framed legend by planting underwear and a black bottle. So Sherwood kicked him out of the camp.
That event gave The Bobcats leverage over them because since they just lost their best weapon.So as the story continues until another event happened like that. It was the play of the camp Doolin was snoopy in the play of Charlie Brown. He started making fun of Norman by doing things like pretending to picking his nose and reading with big glasses. Rafe looked at Norman turned and looked again Norman was gone. The whole camp had searched for him and no one could find him.So as everyone went to bed to try and seach the next day but, Rafe kept looking and he found Norman. But thats the thing Norman didn’t want to go back so they went back in the morning but norman was more scared to get sent. And it wasn’t because he left it was the night before while Rafe was sleep Norman went to Sherwood’s cabin and trashed it. So when they got back everyone thought Rafe did it because no one knew where he was but norman knew that was a lie and once Rafe knew what happened he took the blame and got sent home.But before he left with his mother him and the Muskrats went and trashed the Bobcats cabin and then Rafe went home.
Norman mailed Rafe that said “Thanks for everything i'm not Booger Eater any more and the bobcats stop teasing me and all The Muskrats if you need anything tell me” “your friend Norman.”

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Kid, 9 years old June 29, 2013


a very good book for kids 9 and up

This title contains:

Educational Value