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A must read

I think that this book is wonderful but you have to be aware of the content.
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008
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When i read this book i was 11 and i thout that is was so good and i cant wate of the next book to come out and i head that there is a move come out for it!i cant waght so every one will love this book!!!
Teen, 13 years old Written byKelandryOfTortall April 9, 2008

OMG like the best book ever!

This series is amazing. Its not like other vampire books; it's a very beautiful series. I almost cried when Bella and Edward met in Italy. OF COURSE Bella is obsessed with her boyfriend. I'm pretty sure that ANYONE in her situation would be. Hypothetically, of course, but still..... oh and by the way, dont let kids under like 11 read this. Some violence, scary scenes, romance, and big words ;)
Teen, 15 years old Written bynebulagraveyard April 9, 2008

What's the fuss with length?

Almost every adult review that I've seen complains that the book is to lengthy. I think their attitude about this entire thing is ridiculous. Maybe I'm just prejudiced because I've always been mature for my age. When I first started reading this book I saw the mention of vampires and romance on the back. I read the first chapter and became intrigued by how real Bella seemed compared to so many other heroines that I have read about. Bella thinks of herself as not being that beautiful because she was nothing compared to her classmates in Phoenix. She doesn't feel like she belongs anywhere and Bella knows adult responsiblity due to her mother's flightiness. Then she begins attending Forks High School. The whirlwind Romeo and Juliet romance of Edward and Bella leaves fans touched and most girls wishing he were real. All characters have flaws, not even the vampires are perfect, although sometimes it may seem like they are. But overall the sheer power of Bella and Edward's love is something that will leave you with hope for the future. Sure some of Bella's behavior in New Moon may seem a little overdramatic to some adults but I have yet to meet one girl who has read it and not cried. Bella loved Edward so much but at the time she couldn't understand how he could love her a 'Plain Jane' When he left her it played on all of her fears unknowing how it was affecting Edward as well. Any adult who reads this seeries for pleasure instead of wanting to see if it's appropriate for children or not might understand why we love this series so much. Why is everyone trying to monitor what kids watch so much anyway? If you say you trust us enough to let us buy and read what we want, shouldn't you trust us enough not to go behind our backs to find this stuff out? Seriously if you're worried just ask us.
Kid, 11 years old April 5, 2012

oh hooray for twilight!

i am enjoying the series, but i noticed that there is language, dam, hel, crab (put the b upside down), but otherwise, great book!
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Too much swearing
Teen, 17 years old Written bylexlexlex December 2, 2009

New Moon review

I think that New Moon is a great book. I personally think the age restrictions should be around 12 and up.....I think thas the best age to be reading this book. It may get boring for younger readers, and there will be words that they won't understand. Also, the book is very long, so its alot of reading for younger people. I don't the sexuality is bad AT ALL, although there is passionate kissing involved. As I said, I loved the book, but I dont reccomend it for children younger than 12.
Teen, 13 years old Written bycatwiz97 September 30, 2009

Amazing, Complaining

I loved it! The only thing I didn't like was that Bella complained A LOT. L-O-T. It was amazing writing and Stephenie Meyer is great. You can check out her website!!
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Too much sex
Kid, 9 years old September 22, 2009

Ages 10-11+

I liked it alot and didnt read any horrible things but Edward has to separate from Bella.She spends most of her time with Jacob throughout the story.Hearing voices of Edward in her head alot.
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Too much violence
Teen, 15 years old Written bybarbara-16 May 10, 2009
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New Moon was personally the worst book in the series and was not worth my time. It was dull and I can only read about Bella freaking out because Edward left her for so long. The entire series was BS. Certainly NOT a good read.
Teen, 15 years old Written bytwilightgirl56 April 9, 2008

This Book is CRAZY GOOD

Teen, 15 years old Written bymoviegeek April 9, 2008

I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!! But not particularly this book...

Of the three books out in this series, this is the worst one. It's still good, but just not AS good as the other two. No particular problems with it though, and it is a great read. Lot's more of Jacob in it, but sadly (sniffle) barely anything about Edward. With that said, you won't be able to put this one down. At least, I couldn't.
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008

a littel boring in the middel...

the begging and end in this book is really good but the middels kind of boring. don't give up on reading this though and don't skim through the middel what happens is really important
Kid, 11 years old February 5, 2011

a nice review.

this is good for avid readers.
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Teen, 14 years old Written byCityofbonesfan019 January 11, 2011

Ok book

I loved the series but this one tends to get a little boring throughout. Even though it wasn't the best book of the series, it kept me reading all day, espcially near the end.
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Too much violence
Too much swearing
Kid, 11 years old November 4, 2010

perfect for teens and tweens

this is a book for kids (mostly girls) who are at that age where its all about bfs and gfs. sso parents, dont read it if you dont like that kind of stuff.
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