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Clever science fantasy will appeal to Philip Pullman fans.

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Kid, 12 years old January 6, 2012

Educational Sci-Fi stresses the importance of family

Planesrunner is a very fun piece of Sci-Fi, and focuses on current scientific thinking. There is some violence: the book opens up with Everett's dad getting kidnapped. Later, Everett is on the run from Charlotte Villiers, who wields a "jump-gun" which randomly sends people to another universe, which may or may not be habitable. There is a large battle between airships, in which many lives are risked, but Everett helps the fight, at the risk of his own skin. Sen at one point says she was watching Everett in the shower, and flirts with him throughout the book. The book stresses the importance of family; Everett goes on this entire quest to save his father, Captain Anastasia adopted Sen when her parents died, and the whole airship is like one big family. When Everett explains his quest, Sen and Captain Anastasia both help him, even though they could get killed.
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