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Richly conceived dragon fantasy with stellar young heroine.

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Teen, 14 years old Written byTripFoot August 8, 2013

Great Book

This is a beautifully-written novel about many things, including music, art, dragons, prejudice, and self-acceptance. Even though the conflict is between people and dragons, humanity shines through, and there is a lot to be discussed and learned from, such as how interspecies misunderstandings arise, why art is important, and the cost of hiding lies. A must-read for any fantasy fan, and a wonderful pick for other sophisticated readers.
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Teen, 17 years old Written bytripp106 December 3, 2012

Loved it!

My thoughts: I’ve never really read straight up fantasy. And, as far as I can remember, I have never read a book “about” dragons. So, this was a very new experience for me. I was worried it would be boring and I would be stuck reading it for 3 weeks (Because, of course, it is an absurdity to put a book a down!). But, alas, it was not! I read its 400 and some page self in 2 days, and it was actually good! Not sure that I’m actually jumping on the fantasy band wagon; but, I’m not totally looking the other way as it rolls by now. I loved the way it was written, it felt old and somewhat European. I laughed at myself as I tried to put everything in the realm of my understanding, “That accent must be like a Jersey thing” or “Oh, those people are like Swedish”. It actually had a bit of a Steam-Punk vibe in some parts, which was really cool. Honestly, there’s no way to really pin down this book; it is completely and utterly unique. It’s fairly rare that I adore the main character; I usually pick someone more obscure. But, I love Seraphina! She’s bright and loving. Her struggles feel so real, and, in a not so literal sense, are easy to relate too! Prince Lucian/Kiggs is pretty great too; I liked him all the way through, but, he’s best right at the end. I also really like Princess Gliselda and Orma, honestly though, all the characters are uber cool in their own right. There’s an index of characters and a glossary in the back of the book, the latter of which I would recommend the reader make their best friend. Though, after I finally discovered the glossary, it did not contain half the words I went searching in it for. I really enjoyed reading this! The world is absolutely mesmerizing and the writing is intriguing, how could one possibly go wrong? Content: Language: Moderate-Minor and moderate words used in moderations. Sexual content: Moderate-Little things that add up. Violence: Mild- Some old style fighting, bullying, and a dragon vs. dragon fight
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