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#Coda7 ruined the entire book for me.

It was tempting to grab a pair of scissors and cut out everything I didn't want. But I managed to (begrudgingly) respect the fact that it isn't my story. Not to mention that destroying books is a horrible thing to do. But I really didn't want Perry to become a faraway thing in my imagination after feeling so connected with her. I'm a Mexican hardworking girl too, with a single mother and ambitious dreams, so I really loved this character from the very beginning. Reading the last letter from Yelena left me feeling like a naive person who'd just been tricked. I really hated it because it stripped away the very heart of the story and it's characters. By telling us everything we've read was a lie, we suddenly lose all fondness we had gathered towards anyone in the story. This was true for me with Yelena. You have no idea how beautiful it felt when Perry stood up to Connor's dad and proudly remembered her mother. When I was told near the end that none of it really happened, I felt empty and angry that such wisdom hidden within the pages was undermined by a crappy attempt at making the ending feel ominous.