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Absorbing mystery includes child abuse, sexual manipulation.

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Teen, 15 years old Written bypetrarca007 March 2, 2010
Love it!!! Very strong themes and characters!!! I've read it and I thought it was very heavy but enjoyable!
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Adult Written byCSM Screen Name... February 7, 2010
While this book is partially a family story and partially a mystery, the message and the main plot center around the friendship between two 13 (?) year old boys. The book emphasizes the power of love and the necessity of trust in friendship, and shows the way that secrets can tear people apart. This book has very strong, positive themes (love, friendship, the destructive force of secrets and shame, familial bonds, the process of growing up, and above all, the power of friendship) and I would strongly recommend it for anyone 13 and up. Parents should know that it does deal with somewhat mature issues at times, but trust me, it is not even close to being half as bad as the majority of the stuff in the media these days, and it deals with them in a mature, non-invasive way that I think is very accessible for young adults. Yes, a part of this book deals with a kid experiencing sexual feelings for the first time, but that is NOT the main point at all and the book does not treat it like a good thing. In fact, it makes it very, very clear that the adult behaved wrong and the boy was not to blame. In an age where the media focuses on men abusing young girls, it's good to have a book that isn't afraid to address the difficult truth that it can happen the other way around (a woman abusing a young boy.) Also, this part of the book is a very brief part--the vast majority of the book contains no mention of sex, and it is never portrayed as 'cool' or 'fun.' But, again, that is NOT the point of the book. I first read the book when I was about eleven, and I didn't even understand what happened in the infamous 'scene,' but I loved the book regardless--my point being, I came away from it with a positive message (the power of love) and not grossed out and/or corrupted by what I'd read. When I was old enough to get what had happened, it only enhanced my understanding of the story. I've re-read that book every year since the first reading (I am now 20) and every time reveals something new, deep, and touching. I've never read a book that better captures the beauty, heartache, fun, confusion, and love that are part of any true friendship. Definitely recommend it to any teenagers looking for a compelling story that captures the confusion of adolescence without resorting to copious amounts of drugs, drinking, sex, etc.
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Teen, 13 years old Written bymllover August 17, 2009

Over 10 years of age

I like the book. not a big fan of books, but this is a great excuse to read. it talks about life
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Teen, 13 years old Written bynathanieldude22 February 27, 2009

Not that great..

The sexuality is very very very mild and the violence is nothing I read this in my reading class and i got a C- because the book was so bad that I could really read it. But I what happens because we had discusions about the book every day. The sex/nudity is nothing at all and there is not violence (from a perspective of someone who reads Steven King books)
Teen, 14 years old Written byjosex November 18, 2008

silent to the bone

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Teen, 14 years old Written bybookfriend1993 April 9, 2008
Teen, 13 years old Written byvrumayo90210 April 9, 2008

Great mystery!

I really enjoyed the plot of this book. I do agree that the sexual content was kinda iffy but other than that it was really great. I finished it in 2 nights.
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008

Such Crap

I cant believe people write this crap and it gets published. I accidently picked this up when I was much younger (it was in the childrens section of the library?!) and read it adn was absolutely disgusted. I hate this book completly.
Teen, 13 years old Written bylaurenes April 9, 2008

i felt like i was almost there...very good book!!

this book started out by confusing me a little bit, but as the story went on to tell branwells problema nd what had happened, piece by piece everything else fell into place! the highlight of this story is when branwells friend finds out what really happened to him and the whole situation with his half sister! im telling you that this book is worth reading and if you dont you are missing out on soo much and youll regret it!
Kid, 11 years old April 9, 2008

Pretty good

I have to say one of the best books ive read. It was good and kept me hanging Great Book