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The Taming of Lola: A Shrew Story

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age 2+

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age 2+

This is about a bratty shrew who can't be tamed

She screams and crys at EVERYTHING!!! In one scene Lola and her mom are in Walmart and she sees a toy that she really wants and her mom says no and she says "why" and "why can't I" over and over again. Finally her mom tells her to stop talking and she throws a fit in front of everyone. Her mom never punishes her! She is so disrespectful she might as well be a shrew version on Calliou
age 2+


I watched WALL-E after watched Up with my shrew. And all i can remember 2 years later is Scar the lion going down a zip line with a shrew in his mouth. My shrew can't stop laughing because there is a shrew in Scar's mouth. That is all I can say!

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