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Adult Written byMcGeek998 May 26, 2010

A horrible book with bad messages.

This gives young teens/tweens mad messages. Some teens might think that they can find true love when they're eighteen, and get married and have kids at age nineteen. REALITY CHECK!! NOt many parents want there little girl to get married at that age. Overall Meyer has written a good book, but the plot will be overused.
Parent of a 3 year old Written byJohn Harts Mommy September 11, 2009

okay for older teens.

I loved the book for Adults. I think that the with the world as it is today, teenagers have enough to deal with. I think that there is a lot of sexual suggestion.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Adult Written byminds4christ April 9, 2008

Just my opinioin

I told my 13-yr old daughter I would read it first. Her almost 15-yr old cousin is OBSESSED (understatement) with this series and it's all she talks about, literally. When I started reading I was a bit surprised at how fast and interesting the story was, that is until...the whole chapter devoted to Bella seeing him in the light out in the woods. Speaking as a mother of a beautiful, yet VERY innocent 13-yr old, I personally felt that this chapter was too erotic for my daughter. She can barely look at the boy she likes right now, let alone say more that 5 words to him...very innocent, and I think that's how it should be. Our girls are growing up way too fast in this fast-paced-everything world. I want my kids to be just that, kids. There is a time and place for feelings like in that certain chapter, but I strongly feel it's not at the age of 13. For me, it was a great story, but I am older and I can handle the feelings stirred up when reading it. When my daughter is a little older, sure, but in this stage of her life-no. It's a hard decision for me, but I know that once you read or hear something, it never leaves you...this is just how I feel for my's just my opinion and my conviction for my kids at this time in their lives.
Adult Written byoncethrown April 9, 2008

Dangerously Anti-Women

This is a terrible book for young girls and an uninteresting read for everyone else. The barely veiled message of the story is that the only thing a girl needs to make her whole life complete is a man, and the man that the wildly unsympathetic protagonist- Bella Swan- literally cannot live without is cruel, condenscending, arrogant vampire, who threatens her constantly with violence. If the message that your daughter can't be a real person without devoting her life to someone isn't bad enough- the book itself is bad. It's poorly written, and terribly imagined. It's hackneyed pulp wrapped in a truly glorious marketing campaign.
Parent of a 11 year old Written byOsbrook April 29, 2014

Great book my 11 year old loves it!

What other families should know
Great role models
Adult Written byBooksBooks March 24, 2012

Bad role model

Bella is not a good role model. She needs a man to complete her. When she and Edward are apart she becomes depressed, she simply can't function without him. Not someone any girl should idealize.
Adult Written byCupcakesAndSprinkles September 16, 2011

Not for anyone under 12

I think 13 might be a little young for this book. I don't have kids yet but if i did i wouldn't let them read it until they were in highschool. It does shock me that some parents are allowing kids to read it at 8! i think the themes and some of the scenes are too mature for a fairly young child.
Parent Written byLollipop4508 June 14, 2011

Bella is one of the most earnest, and strong female characters I have encounteres in modern teen fiction.

I think Bella is one of the few good female role models in such books. She is honest, caring. Unselfish and brave. Unlike so many female heros like Buffy, she is not "chosen" and given powers she did nothing to earn, an in fact would rather give away. She never wishes to be ordinary, nor does she wish to be special. She simply accepts that she needs to fight for the things she does want, and if it is her lot to be different, there is nothing wrong with that. Also unlike the female heros in many books she is steadfast in her affection. She never blames Edward when the going gets difficult. She never blames him for other vampires hurting her, as it is insane to blame someone for the actions of others. She doesn't change her mind about wether she loves him at all. Even when she finds fault with his action, and they disagree strongly, as they do when she wishes to become immortal, she keeps discussing the matter with logic and kindness, until they resolve the matter. She doesn't like so many girls run away crying when she does not get her way at first. The other wonderful thing about Bella is her ature way of communicating. Notice that she never refuses to listen to listen to anyone, and she never refuses to state how she feels. There is no annoying misunderstandings because she is just too "emotional" or sulky to discuss things. Bella is a truly intelligent, strong, passionate woman. Bella is not snarky. She never fights with her parents, even when she has to defy their wishes. She is willing to give them everything she can, except for her own future. She is not willing to negotiate her rightful place in the world, which is by Edwards side. Of course, no one should ever give up their future for anyone.
Adult Written byPelloneus December 19, 2010
I read Twilight when I was about fifteen years old (I'm 18 now) and I rather enjoyed it at the time. Within the course of a month or two, though, I started to realize just how ridiculous of a book it was. Edward, the heartthrob of nearly every little pre-teen Twilight fan out there, is quite possibly one of the poorest examples of a boyfriend that I have ever seen. He is excessively possessive and jealous. He's controlling. He slashed Bella's tires so that she couldn't go see a male friend of hers (because he is a werewolf and male.) He also dumped Bella by taking her out into some woods (which he previously mentioned were dangerous) and LEAVING HER THERE. Now, on to Bella herself. She's the main protagonist in the story, and I have yet to notice an ounce of intelligence or inner strength within this girl. She's whiny. She's helpless. She basically disregards everyone who's nice to her as long as she can be with super-hot Edward. She's okay with the fact that Edward watches her in her sleep, and is totally fine with the fact that he's a vampire. She's basically one of the poorest role models that I have ever seen. The Twilight series offers a lot of negative values to pre-teens in particular, who are at an awkward and impressionable age. The series shows that you can get what you want by moping around and whining, that romance is more important than family/friends, that appearance is more important than personality, and that it is okay for significant others to be jealous and possessive (as long as they're hot.) Overall, I found the series to be alarmingly full of poor morals, unlikeable characters, and a thin storyline with over-used adjectives and poor grammar. I will not say, "Don't read this series!" but I will say, "Read at your own risk."
What other families should know
Too much sex
Parent of a 13 year old Written byohya August 17, 2010
What other families should know
Too much sex
Parent of a 6, 9, and 11 year old Written byrufofam5 August 12, 2010

Not as bad a some adults may think

Parent of a 10, 13, and 14 year old Written byFrindle619 April 7, 2009


Good this a very good and excellent book for teenagers the age is right cause I agree. 13 or over.
Adult Written bytaylorkohl April 9, 2008

More adult than I thought it would be

I teach 8th grade English, so naturally the kids come in throwing something new in my face everyday. They kept pushing this book so finally I brokedown. I loved it. However as a mind that is always thinking for the children I found the sensuality of it a little too real. I'm no prude or anything but there were spots that this book made me blush, and I don't think I need my hormonal 8th graders blushing anymore than they already do. Plot wise, the action is fairly compelling, and the love story is easily relatable (when you take the fantasy components out of it, but where is the fun in that?) As a vampire romance goes though, this seemed to me a glitter and glam version of elements in Ann Rice's compelling series. Any young girl would love this book with all of their imagination, but as a teacher I would warn parents about the sometimes gushing sensuality, and the moral choices of the characters. No HUGE lines are every crossed, but of course that is always subjective. Good read for an adult though I loved it! Characters are well developed! The age of a student reader needs to be considered when recommending this book.
Adult Written byapedigo08 April 9, 2008
I loved this book! I read it in less than a day because I couldn't put it down.
Adult Written byReviewingMother April 9, 2008

A Truly Remarkable Book

Frankly, I am quite appalled at CSM's review. I've read the book after my daughter (age 15) and think it is a great book. My daughter's friend read it, gave it to my daughter, who gave it to another friend, etc. (It spreads like a disease among teenage girls.) I'm also a 6th grade english teacher, teaching kids in the Bronx, and have recommended Twilight to them. They love it and pass it around to their friends, who loved it, too. Girls of all ages obsess over it; I've never met one who has not raved about Twilight and Edward Cullen after reading the series. It was written by a Mormon, so needless to say it is completely clean. There's more sexual, violent content in Harry Potter than this. The two main characters do nothing worse than kiss. This sets a great example: though Bella and Edward know they are soul mates and want to be together forever, they never do anything reckless. Wouldn't you rather have your kids reading this rather than some of the trashier books that seem to be popular, like Gossip Girl and The Clique? (The CSM reviewer should have thought about that!) And do you really think your kids are going to get influenced by such trifling matters, such as a sleeping pill? Honestly, I'm sure teens wouldn't have even noticed such a minor part, had we not brought it up. It is such an insignificant part that it gets overlooked by most. If a sleeping pill is the most to worry about in this book, then be assured that it is completely clean and appropriate for your kids.
Adult Written bysamcousins April 9, 2008


Love love love this book & the whole series. I wouldn't have a problem with my kids reading this.
Adult Written byBabaloo April 9, 2008
I make a habit of reading books I am unfamiliar with before I allow my kids to read them. That was the case with this set of books when my pre-teens begged me to be able to read them. I enjoyed it immensely, but quickly came to the conclusion that they would not be appropriate for most younger kids. There is enough "implied" sensuality that I was uncomfortable letting my girls (ages 10-13) read them. However, I also know that some kids in this age range may be more mature or have different levels of understanding. So my biggest advice to parents is to read these books yourself! If you enjoy fantasy/romance/adventure you'll enjoy it and THEN carefully consider your children's age and maturity level to determine if they are ready for some of the mature themes in these books.
Adult Written by213090016749441111 April 9, 2008

A must read!

Great book! I read it in 5 days! A must-read for any 11 year old and up!
Adult Written byCJQmutt April 9, 2008

Loss of sleep!

Excellent love a principal at a Middle School, this book has done more for 7th and 8th grade readers than any other book or series!
Educator Written byAmslovesgod February 13, 2016

OK but not great

Bella is not a good role model she is so basic. Teens will find this book semi enjoyable . There is kissing and teen couple sharing a bed at night. The book is ok but really nothing special.