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Parent of a 3 year old Written byNK17 July 2, 2013
age 8+

Never gets old great series but VERY violent

This is one of my favorite series ever, but it is one of the most disturbing kids series ever and maybe is the most disturbing-- Sex & Nudity 2/10 some minor sexual arguments as well as some secret relationships, but nothing too bad one graphic scene where it describes a mother dying giving birth-- Violence & Gore 7/10 warriors is very violent and disturbing (SPOILERS) many characters die, Firestar, one of the most beloved characters die in the last book, in one book, several cats die burned when the forest sets on fire, scourge mauls a villain alive, this is very disturbing, a mother gives birth to kits and dies bloodily, a mother accidentally cannibalizes her kits, in the final book many cats die-- Profanity 1/10 very mild, some animal themed insults-- Alcohol/Drug Use 1/10 uses of catnip-- Frightening/Intense Images 8/10 this series is very emotional, violent and unsettling even though it is my fav series ever... The most disturbing books to me are Forest of Secrets, The Darkest Hour and A Dangerous Path-- this is my fav series because it is fun, emotional and takes risks, 8 and up but maybe for some 10 and up, due to all the thematic elements, there is also some sexual content but nothing too bad
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Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence
Too much sex
Educator and Parent Written bybravewarrior43 February 6, 2013
age 14+

Long time read

I started reading this series a while ago and enjoyed it.
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Too much sex
Educator Written bytoody February 6, 2013
age 12+

Newby to these books!!

i never heard of this series or the individual books. I am a high school librarian. It is always harder to find books for boys. I did look at the trailer. Looks interesting!!
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Too much violence