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This is so hilariusly awesome!

Tiffany aching shows amazing independance and wit as she deals with the love-sick spirit of winter and deals with annagramma. she showed that you should always help other people even when you don't like them help when she helps Annagramma. in the book, this is the meaning of witchcraft: taking responsibility for those who can't help themselves. Tiffany also shows that if you make a maistake, you have to fix it when she accidently made the wintersmith fall in love with her. I loved the way the book showed that people fooled themselves with stories. one example of this is miss treason who used frightening stories she told to villagers and products from Boffo, a joke shop that sell fake "witch" things (like fake warts), to make people respect and fear her. "Wintersmith" is also hilarious. Pratchett uses his wit and charactors to make the book this funny. the funnies charactors are the Nac Mac Feegles who are six inch tall, blue, Scottish worries. they are afraid of nothing and love drinking, stealling, fighting and singing row, row, row your boat (not very well). Wintersmith a must read!!!
not rated for age

I r eviewed this for my job!

This was a great book with a very funny, likable main character. The Feegle's speech was a bit confusing, but overall it was great! 8-13 year olds.
not rated for age

pratchett is great but this one is fantastic

i loved this book. i have one favorite athour but when i got this for christmas i couldn't put it down(figurtively) i think terry's books are great for 11 and up!