CCPA: Protect Your Privacy

How to use the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to tell companies to stop selling your data.

Almost everything you do online or on your device allows businesses to collect information about you, from your name and age to more personal details like your family members, your search history, or your shopping habits. They can use this data to make your life more convenient, but they can also sell your information without your knowledge. Thanks to a new California law in effect in January 2020, families and teens have some important data privacy rights: the right to know what data is shared with third parties, and the right to opt out of the sale of their data. Common Sense privacy experts are here to help you put your rights into action.

How the Do Not Sell request works

We created forms that comply with the newest privacy laws and give adults and kids over 13 the agency to take charge of their digital privacy.

Download forms

Get a blank form, or download forms prefilled with company contact info.

Fill out important info

Enter identifiable info (for yourself or your teen) like usernames and email addresses.

Review and send!

You can file your forms electronically or by mail (one form per person, per company).

Each form should take five to 10 minutes to complete.
This process involves downloading forms and is intended for use on laptop or desktop computers.

Get the forms you need

Select the company logos to get prefilled forms. We suggest starting here because these apps are popular with teens and may sell user data. Select one box at a time to begin download(s).

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Important next steps

This process is new for consumers and companies alike, so it may take a while to see results.

You can expect to get confirmation from businesses you contacted that they received your request within 10 days. Those businesses are required to send you a response for the rights you requested within 45 days. Learn more about what to expect—and what to do if you don't hear back—in the FAQ.

Have kids under the age of 13 who want to exercise their privacy rights? Live outside of California and wonder how you can make a difference? Looking to contact a data broker but not sure exactly how to find their information? We've got information about all that, too.

More about your rights

How new legislation gives you the power to take back your privacy.

Two new California laws give consumers and kids substantially more control over their online information. And even if you don't live in California, you can still take action. Learn more about the laws that make your rights a reality.

California's Shine the Light Act

What: Shine the Light (2003) gives consumers visibility into their privacy by requiring companies to disclose what personal information they collect and sell to third parties.
The catch: The law is rarely enforced because companies only have to disclose this information upon request (that means consumers are burdened with sending the right request).
Why care: You can use this law to stop a company from continuing to profit from your data—also known as the right to "opt out" of having your data sold for direct marketing purposes.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

What: The CCPA (2020) expands on the right to know and to opt out, adding the right to access or delete your data. It also ensures special protections for kids under 16.
The catch: You still have to submit the Do Not Sell request yourself, and if there are any errors or missing info, companies can reject the request.
Why care: The CCPA puts pressure on industry leaders to put kids' privacy first. Companies who do business in California—including the biggest names in tech—must comply with the law.