Celebrate and honor Black culture, stories, and achievements with your family

These entertainment picks feature Black characters, moving stories, compelling themes, and positive representation. They highlight a diverse spectrum of Black history and experiences. Families with kids of all ages can find something to enjoy together and learn from.


Must-See Movie and TV Picks

Black History on the Screen: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Celebrate Black accomplishments in STEM with these great movie picks.

Black History on the Screen: Activism, Civics, and Social Justice

Explore these movies and TV shows that honor Black change-makers and advocates.

Black History on the Screen: Arts, Business, and Culture
Applaud the work of Black creators and trendsetters with these movies and TV shows.

Black History on the Screen: Dance, Games, and Sports
Ballerinas, gymnasts, track stars, and more—commemorate Black excellence with these great picks.

Black TV Classics to Watch as a Family
Enjoy these nostalgic shows that feature Black families and friends.

Great Age-Based Reads for Exploring Black History

Preschool/Little Kids

Little kids will love hearing the exciting stories about these incredible Black role models and history-makers.

Big Kids

Check out these compelling books that feature courageous stories of African American men, women, and children who stood up for justice and equality.


Engage teens with these inspiring selections that will appeal to a wide range of readers. 

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Resources to Spark Conversations at Home or in the Classroom

Reflecting on Black History as a Family with Movies, Books, and TV Shows

Families of color can come together around these tips to celebrate the joys of our past, and find ways to cope when confronted with painful stories and images.

Kid-Friendly Videos and Podcasts for Exploring Black History and Culture

Check out these free resources to spark conversations about Black artists, activists, leaders, and pioneers who've made history.

Learning Resources for Black History Month (And Beyond)

Help learners celebrate Black History Month with these video lessons, podcasts, and more.

Black History Movies That Tackle Racism

These movies offer jumping-off points for conversations about injustice.

The Inclusion Imperative: Why Media Representation Matters for Kids' Ethnic-Racial Development

Our latest report examines the role that media plays in kids' ethnic-racial development, and why representation matters.

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