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Cellphone Parenting

Is there anything I can do about the spam my kid's phone gets?

Cell phone spam (unsolicited bulk messages) is a growing problem, and if kids click on these ads, they may unwittingly give away information or opt into a service. Call your cell phone company to report the problem; they may ask you to forward the spam to a specific number. Then block the caller, either by using your phone's settings or by going through your carrier.

Have you noticed your kid's phone getting a lot of spam calls?

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Adult written by WesDennis

Check out Holler'd cell phones. Holler'd allows parents to create a safe list for their kids cell phones. Incoming and Outgoing calls must be on the safe list.
Teen, 14 years old written by scholarlyleopard

If by spam, you mean lots of alerts -- I can help. It all depends on the phone. iPhones are easy -- simply go to the "notification center" under "settings" and turn off alerts for whatever they're getting spammed with. For other phones, I would assume there are similar features. Check under the settings of the phone for alerts, and try to find a way to turn it all off. Google can probably tell you more :)