Am I depriving my kid if I don't get him an iPhone?

Parents: you are not depriving your kid if you don't buy him an iPhone. Smartphones -- especially the latest, fanciest ones -- have become status symbols for kids and are the source of a lot of peer pressure. (Get tips on how to manage high-tech hand-me-downs.)

Be prepared for lots of impassioned speeches from your kid about why he needs an iPhone, but, if you don't want or can't afford to get one, know that plenty of kids don't have them and do just fine. He should have some exposure to digital tools and the chance to develop technology skills at home or at school, though.

One argument your kid may use is that he needs a specific iPhone app for homework. While it's true that some teachers ask kids to use certain programs -- for example, Khan Academy, they will typically make sure that the same features and functionality are available on the company's website (for example,

But, if you decide that your teen is responsible enough to follow your cell phone rules and you want to go for it, here are three ways to establish some control over the situation:

Discuss appropriate smartphone use. Make sure you and your kids are on the same page about when and how the phone can be used. Make this a discussion, not a lecture, so teens feel their voices are heard.

Manage smartphone features. The power that smartphones provide may make you uncomfortable. Know that you can start with limits on access (to the Internet, for example) and expand as kids demonstrate responsibility.

Have your kids pay their way. Have them contribute to the cost of the iPhone or the data plan -- or both. They'll probably take better care of the phone if they understand the costs.

Does your kid have an iPhone?

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Teen, 15 years old written by mylife573

Most likely. Not just because they will feel left out but because they may actually be bullied because they don't have a phone. It happened to me. Also, despite what people think, we use technology for almost everything in school. All of our essays, projects, and assignments are done online and we have a lot of online tests too. I think your child needs a phone in 6 or 7th grade but before you get it, make you talk to your kid about the agreement. For example: No bringing it to the dining table, no watching TV for more than an hour on weekdays, etc. Don't abuse your power and don't try to control them. Let them make their own choices and they will learn.
Kid, 11 years old

Yes, I do believe that not getting your kid a phone is depriving them. I'm a Year Seven (I'm English), and right now the social side of school is hell. I have amazing friends who appreciate that I can't contact them outside of school (I have no phone) and it's literally killing me. I have issues with my mental health, part of which come from this topic. I think it's outrageous that people already have iPhone X and XR. It's friggin' crazy. I understand if the person had worked very, very hard, and their parents are monitoring their history browsing and all that, but that isn't happening. I get teased for not having a phone. I have an iPod so I can listen to music, but I get made fun of for that. I can't join in with my friends at school, but they are still considerate (Love you Mel, Kat, Jack, Anne) towards me. I try to convince my parents that I can handle the responsibilities of having a phone, but they're not convinced. They read all these sad article where a kid has a phone, they chat to strangers, meet them, get raped, killed, kidnapped, all that, what has you. I understand that my parents only have 1 son and 1 daughter (me), but sometimes being overprotective isn't good. My parents a few months ago caught me out on self-harming. I was taken to the GP, I have therapy sessions, I talk to the Mental Health Advisor at school. They all think it's strange how my parents refuse to give me a phone. They offered me a flipohone, which I kindly turned down as I would get bullied for it. They tell me I'll get a phone in Year 10. I don't want anything expensive. Just my Mum's old 5s. Anything's nice for me. But, hey. Everybody's entitled to their own opinions. I respect that.
Teen, 13 years old written by A male teen

I didn’t have a phone til I was 12 no I have an iPod with can’t go without WiFi and I get mad fun of for it thats the part parents don’t believe but it’s true I can say something and said child says Shut up you don’t even have a phone
Teen, 13 years old written by Jacob Engen

I’m 13 and don’t have a phone, I get bullied and made fun of. Get your kid a phone, nobody should have to be bullied cause of this. Im high-middle class and I can afford one myself (without my parents paying) but they say I’m not old enough. I tell them I get bullied and that I feel left out, but they don’t understand cause they didn’t have them when they were younger. I don’t know what to do, everyday I’m super depressed and I cry all the time cause of this
Adult written by Gatsby251

My background is I was born in 97 first introduced to computer kindergarten; first introduced to internet 13; first introduced to a ipod touch4 gen 15. As an adult I decided to not purchase a phone and to this day still do not have one. As a child I watched tv, kid friendly video games, I do not see an issue with these for a child but an Ipad is ridiculous wii remotes are plastic and your kid is still moving but, Ipads can break are expensive and frankly not as healthy as playing real life angry birds or candy crush(with some imagination) For a teenager phones are just a horrendous idea. I did not have a phone but had access to texting with apps on wifi, and the internet on my ipod. I don't care how good your child is I don't care how strong your parental locks are. I was a good child no issues at school, art club president, honor society, never got in trouble with my parents but guess what I was still a horny teenager who looked to others for approval like all teens. I had plenty of friends who lied about having bf and where they were, who one would judge as being a "good" kid who had phones. I had a serious boyfriend at 15 for 2 years and another for a year while in highs chool. Truth was I sexted, I watched porn I talked to guys on face book and your lying to yourself if your saying your child's this unique snowflake who isn't going through puberty,pressure, and curiosity. Phones make it easier to be part of the high school drama and develop unhealthy habits (porn), instant gratification, and a really bad dating environment for upcoming years (tinder). Yes guys are soooo creepy for going up to a girl and asking her on a formal date but sending a dick pick is acceptable. This type of thinking is killing romance and the need to put real effort in relationships and communication. Now as a 21 year old who is married expecting a baby a year later I know I don't really want this for my child because it's not necessary. For homework the laptop can sit itself in the kitchen. If my child is mature enough to get a job and pay for it themselves they can have it but addiction does not go above human decency in my household (texting at dinner table or while talking to me.)I'm not kidding myself my teen will still go through puberty but I want to encourage my son asking a girl out properly or my daughter only accepting the best from a guy (a proper date.) As a teen I was lucky, unlike many of my peers, to have a boy take me to a restaurant, movie, ice skating or dance to get to know him. Texting was also involved but I still expected more than "hanging out". Having a real relationship in your teens can be beneficial and I learned allot of good life lessons from relationships in high school. I think this should be encouraged versus seeing your child's dating prospects as a distraction or someone who will hold your kid back from college or get them pregnant. I'd rather have a real human distract my child then a phone. On the note of safety, phones kill parent child trust. I didn't have a phone and I never lied to my parents about where I was Ever because of my parents teaching me the value of honesty. Once my parents checked up on me; and I was where I said. They ended up embarrassing me in front of my peers and hurt my feelings because I thought they didn't trust me. When you are constantly in contact with your child it feels like your not putting faith in your child's decision making someone who is literally 2 to 3 years away from being an adult who legally never has to talk to you again. I never understood the safety factor of phones someone abducts you is the phone going to save them are the police going to arrive on time? your kids car breaks down? (if you pay for your kids phone Ill bet your the type of parent who believes in paying for the fancy (Safe)car and the license and college.) I I don't want my child driving out of town without informing me. If they don't come home on time from school I know there route and everything is within walking distance if you live in town ? Your child has a friend who overdosed or has alcohol poisoning? why are you paying for a phone for a child you shouldn't be letting go out with friends. I believe in this situation you should be the only person with the phone calling to report your naughty teen as missing or calling out a parent whos hosting (parents who host lose the most) drugs are not equivalent to sex something all adult must do to procreate. If your still adamant about your child having a phone just keep this in mind Phones are a Privilege not a Necessity . We lived without smartphones for thousands of years. These new ideas have only been around for about 20 years. I just believe parents who buy their kids a phone are thinking more about wanting to stay connected to their loved one which is noble but that can come with some big consequences. I was that teenager and luckily I know what my intentions were and I don't think your teens intentions are as noble as the parents.
Teen, 13 years old written by Silas47

I have a tablet and a computer and I am 13. I feel that I should have a phone but nothing crazy. My mom might get a new phone and she would give me her iPhone 6. To me the is a big deal. Their are kids that are asking for iPhone As Xs that are 1000+ dollars. What's the point? Anyway I expect them to have a contract but, if I could have a Instagram, Snapchat and tiktok that would be awesome but, would they let me? I installed tiktok but I didn't create an account and some 13ish girls showed them selves vaping. I consider my self to be mature but, if a 10 year old saw this they might look up those people and soner or later they will probably be vaping. Anyways if your going to get your kid an iPhone probably 13 or 14 for 6 or7 but if their asking for an eight or a Xwait till 16 and make them pay for part of it.
Adult written by Daisychain

I'm writing to share what feels like an amazing success story for out family on the iPhone issue. It began last night when I spent several hours reading through the comments that have been posted here. I was facing a difficult decision whether to buy my daughter an iPhone, and the sincere thoughts, opinions, emotions, and detailed stories posted here by parents and especially the kids, was just what I needed to help me decide. I sincerely appreciate the time and effort you gave to post and help others understand this complicated issue, and thought the best way I could thank you was to share my story too. Here was my situation: My 16 year old daughter's phone died three days ago. Since we long ago decided she needs a phone for safety reasons, a replacement had to happen quickly, but what kind of phone? She instantly began lobbying for an iPhone es Max (of course) my position was there was absolutely No Way were we going to spend almost $1200.00 on a phone!! Ridiculous! Why did it have to be an iPhone? Why does it have to be the newest one? We're not rich. Think of all the other things we could spend the money on.. you can imagine most of the other things I said and that she said too, a totally classic parent teen iPhone conflict. My starting position in round one of the battle was " A nice $200.00 to $400.00 Android would be just fine and even that was more than she needed." Her position was " All my friends have iPhones, half of them have already upgraded to the Max, she absolutely NEEDED it, and nothing else would make her happy. She "knew" we could afford it, she worked hard at school and sports, never got into trouble, and if she didn't get one , her life would be ruined. After 20 minutes of this we both retreated to regroup. She went to her room to cry, and I came here looking for answers :) I need to give you some quick background here: In grade school we decided we wanted her to have some way to contact us in an emergency and got her a cheap flip phone. She was very responsible with it and made all A's that year, so she was able to talk us into adding an Ipod for Christmas. In our town parents started to buy their kids iPhones in middle school. I thought spending that much money on a child's phone was nuts! I remember going to a birthday party at one of her 7th grade friends houses. The parents had just given the birthday girl the newest top of the line iPhone. We found her down in the basement using the brand new $800.00 phone as a ping pong paddle! It really disturbed me. Obviously she had no respect, appreciation or understanding of what her parents had just done for her. More than that, she was showing off with it in front of the other kids in a pretty disgusting way, and something in her grin as she pounded the ball with the screen of her newest "toy" seemed to be saying **** you Mom and Dad. I decided then and there that buying a middle school age child a phone like that was not necessarily a good thing, and actually had the potential to teach them some pretty bad values. I've watched this girl grow up and I'm sorry to say she's not turning out too well. Hope it changes. Anyway, we bought our daughter a low priced Android smart phone in 8th grade. It wasn't what she wanted, but she dealt with it. She's a good kid and I want her to be happy. I feel deeply that this means teaching her good values like: work hard, spend your money wisely, focus on what's truly important in life, don't be influenced by what everyone else is doing, do what you know is right, be a good person, do your best in school, go to college, get a job doing something you love= have a happy life. Then her Grandfather, out of the blue, without asking or any warning, gave her a new iPhone 6 for her 14th birthday! What could I say? No you can't have it, give it back? This time I was the one who had to just deal with it. I wasn't happy about it, but didn't say much. She knew how I felt, but of course was ecstatic with the phone. OK, this is the one that died 3 days ago. Last night reading all these posts, trying to decide what replacement phone she would get, I realized I had missed something important. I hadn't fully understood the social aspects of having not just a decent smartphone, but what owning an iPhone means for a teen in 2019. Some of the posts accused parents of not understanding what it was like to be a kid. The first one I read made me think "Yeah, sure, wrong! I was a teen too, I remember. But as I read more and more posts from kids, it really started to come back to me the pain I felt at times in middle and high school. The one that really got through was from the 13 year old boy who wrote about being teased and used the word "brutal". It was weird, but suddenly I felt a physical pain in my chest like an echo coming back out of my past. I HAD forgotten. It really does HURT. Thanks for helping me remember and understand the situation better kid, you're a really good writer. OK, I had all your posts read, and had a much better feeling for where my daughter was coming from and also the different ways other teens and parents were handling this. I realized there was no one "right" answer, and it was my job to figure out the best solution for my particular teen and family - I was ready for round 2 of the great iPhone battle. We had a snow day today, so while my daughter was sleeping late I got one more opinion, I called my Dad. He used to be a High School principal and worked in Education all his life and is very understanding and wise. After I explained everything and asked for his opinion, he shocked me. Without hesitation he said "Get her the absolute best, newest iPhone and use it to bargain with to get everything out of it you possibly can". Holy Cow Dad! So not what I expected!! So, here's what happened... As soon as she got up we started bargaining. She had no idea I'd ever even consider the es Max. She was totally sure her fate was going to be Android with a very slim glimmer of hope for maybe an iPhone 6. I wasn't sure about anything at this point either. She talked, I listened. I used quotes from you guys to help me field her arguments, show that I respected her point view, and to keep things positive. I told her about the post from the brave high school boy who defended his choice of a non-iPhone when his friends criticized him by saying he'd paid for the phone himself, he stood by his decision, and he didn't care what they thought. That really impressed her. Together we explored all the pros and cons of getting an iPhone vs Android, peer pressure, the value of money, i message, face time, our family budget, cell phone addiction and a 100 other things we'd needed to talk about for a while, not just phones. We both got a little heated at times, but nothing serious. We started writing a contract. We started joking that it was like Trump bargaining with the Democrats for the wall. We started to have fun! I couldn't believe how positive the whole thing turned out. The contract ended up being two pages long! She wrote the whole thing and started adding things on her own... I made out like a bandit. I can't share everything, some of it's too personal and would embarrass her, but some highlights - She is going to give the dogs baths and brush them every other weekend. Instead of vacuuming the stairs which she hates, she'd much rather clean the bathrooms! Sweet! Reasonable phone-free family times were agreed on. Evening phone-off times firmly set at 8 pm school nights, 11 pm Saturdays (those had always been kind of vague) She actually demanded we install the 360 app so we can keep track of her at all times! She decided to radically cut down phone contacts to reduce volume of texts/ social media obligations. Officially decided phone care and anti-theft strategies. About 10 private family things that we've been squabbling about for years were settled. And ...saving the best for last is... she is going to get her first job, has it lined up already, and WANTS to pay me back in installments for the entire phone! Never expected that one :) !! We are both really happy, which I didn't think was possible yesterday. Good luck finding your own personal best solution.
Teen, 14 years old written by Americanhorror

Hey I’m a freshman in highschool and don’t have a iPhone. One thing I don’t think your not depriving your child but you should at least spend some money on a phone for them when they are of your choice of maturity and age. My mom hasn’t let me have a phone yet but till now she gave me a flip phone to see how I do then she will get me an iPhone. I don’t belive in giving your child a iPhone X or any thing more than 1000 dollars. Even if you can afford it just don’t ,not instantly. First of all if they want one maybe make them work for like good grades, do all chores,get homework done ect; Or maybe get them a handy down phone and see how they do. iPhones are a privilege to have not a right. Remember that your children has to deal with struggles of not having a iPhone. Mostly everyone of my friends has a smartphone or IPhone’s. This is a good way for your kid to keep in contact with friends and family . With iPhones you have better restricted systems so you can moneter what your child is doing. iPhones also are a good way for your kid to express themselves and become who they were meant to be. Sure it’s tough not having a phone have everyone stare at you when you say you don’t have a phone. Been there done that and it’s ok. What I said is I don’t need a phone and left it at that. They left me alone about because I told them it was my choice and show them it doesn’t matter if you have a IPhone. I know it hurts people make fun of you for not having one and that is wrong. Don’t decide to get a phone just because everyone else wants you to you decide and definitely your parents. All the parents out there need to know that it’s ok not to give your child an IPhone just yet but you should get them in the near future or any other smart phone. Also comfort your child when he or she is feeling sad for not having a IPhone and maybe tell them when they do get they will be happier and more great full for what they have. Love y’all hope this helped you :3
Teen, 13 years old written by Ghordon

To all these whiny children, stop saying it deprives kids not getting an iPhone. It’s up to the parents what you get not you. an iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max are all over a thousand dollars. You can’t blame your parents because they are poor or low on money or maybe your just being bad. If your child asked you for 1000 dollars would you give it to him/ her
Teen, 14 years old written by Lucential

This very question has been a sore point between me and my parents up until about 8 days ago. I am considered gifted (music, math, reading, latin, writing, science, problem-solving, coding, etc.) by many, and have recieved many honors (spelling bee, school honors committee) to the point where it has just become embarrassing. I also didn’t have a phone until christmas of 2018. So no, you are not depriving your children by not giving them a phone. However, like g11 (the reviewer below me), I did have an iPod with restrictions that I could text on. As kids grow older and enter high school, it’s better for them to have a phone, given the pressure to stay in touch with friends and the added responsibility of being able to go places on their own. However, if a child is just given a phone, without doing anything to earn it or having to wait for it, they don’t appreciate its value and don’t take as good care of it as they would it they had earned it. That being said, in this day and age, not having access to the internet or to friends through a device would be depriving kids of the necessary social development that now occurs through text and email. Restrictions on these devices are also important, so that your kid doesn’t waste thier life playing games or staring at their screen.
Teen, 13 years old written by TheRealNT

I'm 13 years old. Growing up I did not have an iPhone or any device for a long time. When I was 12 I was giving an iPhone 4 with no cellar which was great. My dad got it from a co-worker for free. My parents decided to give it to me because I got straight A's on my report card. I was very happy. The only catch was that my parents did not trust me so they put plenty of restrictions. Which was not good because any time I tried to talk to a tutor, I lost contact at 9. Eventually, my phone broke and I got rid of it. By the time I went into 8th grade my parents still refused to get me a phone, even though I had very high grades. I was sad because I could not keep in contact with friends and I kinda was different from the crowd. During the summer before I decided to make some money from a gardening business I had. Most things I have I buy with my own money, anyways I was phoneless for a while. One day though I was left at school till exactly 6:54 Pst which sucked. I was sick of it. After that, my dad gave me his old iPhone 6 that had a lot of issues. I was still happy because a phone is a iphone. Only thing though was during school it would die very fast, so I could not call to check when I was getting picked up. I brought it to a store which said that the phone was trash. Apparently, the phone had an issue with the board so nothing could be fixed. I was sick of having no phone for a while. So I gathered the money I had which in total was about $2300 I made over the summer. Went to at&t and bought me a phone, XS Max. I traded in the old iPhone for $90 and went back home. When I arrived home and my parents say the phone they were amazed. I also gave them the $90 because it was there iPhone. They were super proud of me and said that they will pay for a cell plane. Of course, I was super i happy because this was the first time I had a real phone. Anyways they also said that the next phone, I get was gonna be on them. Anyways you should get your son or daughter a phone so they can talk to there teacher, you, 911, listen to an EAS warning and talk to there friends. Now you don't need to get them an unlimited plan, you could get them a simple 5gb plan. Just make sure before you buy them the phone look at there grades. My friend even though he goes f's mainly with some d's he still got a phone XR, and his grades dropped back to f's, and he got held back. But its good to get your child a phone for multiple purposes. You could also do what I did and save money and buy a phone cash. But parents at least get your kids an iPhone 7 or 7+ or higher so they can talk to you. Also, trust them and only put some restrictions. Note I used a grammar checker sorry if there are some broken parts I did my best...
Teen, 15 years old written by g11

I am 15 years old. My parents never gave me a phone until I earned it. At the end of 5th grade, I received an award from the president for academics. My parents didn't want me to have a phone at that age so they bought me an iPod touch. I was very grateful. There was no monthly bill, I could text other Apple devices while connected to wifi, games could be downloaded, and I could easily access the internet. I didn't have full control over my iPod, my mom had restrictions from the app store and safari. I had my iPod until the end of my 8th-grade year when I then received my second president's award for my academics. I was given the iPhone 8. I still had restrictions but at this point, my parents trusted me more so they were less strict. I do understand a phone is not something a child absolutely has to have but if you don't give your child an iPhone, from experience, it will be pretty rough on them. In middle school and high school that's the way kids stay in contact, we call each other for homework and make group plans. This day in age it would be very hard to have a lot of friends without a phone. In school kids can't talk to each other in class and when they get home they have no way of talking to their friends without a phone. Having a phone is also very useful for staying in contact with parents. Personally, I wish my parents weren't so strict about the restrictions on my phone, I think parents should be able to trust their kids. I get straight A's and stay out of trouble and if your kid is like that they should be rewarded for that behavior. I do think ALL kids should have a phone by 6th grade and depending on the kid you could set up stricter settings. At that age I think kids need to be able to contact their parents at that age.
Teen, 14 years old written by Cooper_James

Not giving your kid an iPhone is depriving them!! I am 14 years old and I just got an iPhone XS Max this summer before my first day of my last year of middle school! Most kids in my elementary school already had iPhones in like fourth grade!! I had to wait like a million stupid years for one!!! I only had my dumb iPad Air 2 and if I brought it to class for work everyone else were using there iPhones!! I had to wait so long for a phone!! Parents are not kids! They don’t know about our life!!
Kid, 12 years old

Cooper James, I really don’t see why you’re complaining, I have a iPad mini 2 and I don’t have a phone to use so I don’t see why using an iPad was even a problem, I love this iPad and is very useful, it may not fit in my pocket but it’s less expensive than a iPhone XS Max. I think I could even do without my iPad.
Teen, 16 years old written by strafe09

I worked for every phone I had. I always ended up with a budget android phone because I didn't want to waste the money I made in one summer for a phone. This time that I have a better job on holidays I might buy an iPhone.
Adult written by JEastham

Parents are not depriving their kids by not buying them an iPhone. If your kids think they are deprived then they should look at kids living in poverty in places like Africa or refugees coming from Afghanistan. They should consider themselves lucky to even have a phone in the first place. On the subject of owning an iPhone they are indeed expensive products that as a result should require a lot of care. Care that kids or young teenagers don’t provide because they likely don’t appreciate the value of the iPhone. I say this as an 18 year old teenager who has just dropped £700 for an iPhone 8 Plus. However that is £700 that I worked for and as a result I appreciate the value. I also speak from experience when I’ve gone through about 4 or 5 phones since I got my first phone at 12. Why because I was careless as it wasn’t my money being spent on the phones so I didn’t care. It’s only now as I’ve got older that I understand. There was another comment on here by a 13 year old that just came across as spoilt (no offence to this person but that’s just how it seemed). This person stated that their life was so hard as they had to use a low end budget Samsung Android Phone as punishment for loosing an iPhone 7. Well I’m sorry but serves them right. The iPhone 7 was and still is an expensive premium phone that would have burnt a massive hole in their parents wallet and they just go and loose it! I’m not surprised this person was punished in that way. Android phones run all the same apps as iPhones even low end models are often still quite capable phones it’s just they don’t have the same spec or hardware software integration that iPhones do meaning they might not be as fast, have as good a camera or be able to play the most graphically demanding games. Some higher end Android phones can sometimes be better then iPhones and come with many features that iPhones don’t have. Of course with Apple products you are paying for the label and the brand name. It’s like choosing to buy designer clothes rather then regular non designer brands. If your kid is being judged/teased at school by his peers for not having an iPhone then perhaps they should be re evaluating some of their friendships which if you ask me are more important then what phone they carry in their pocket. You can never substitute the value of human interaction with an electronic device something which I wish more people of my generation would understand. Bare in mind this is coming from a tech enthusiast. If your kid needs a phone and your not comfortable with spending stupid amounts on an iPhone then buy them an Android phone. I have used a Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 for 2 years before recently going iPhone. It is a budget Android device and I loved it. Sure it didn’t have the latest and greatest features that I would have liked but it was an absolute trooper of a phone! In some cases it could do things my iPhone can’t due to the flexibility and openness of the Android OS. Though bare in mind that as a result of this openness Android is less secure so make sure you install some kind of Malware protection software and of course monitor your kids online safety. Most kids want iPhones for the status symbol that owning one seems to have. As a result of this however your kids peers may use social features to interact with each other that are only available on iPhone such as iMessage group chat and FaceTime. If your kid doesn’t have one then they could find themselves excluded from this. This may be one of the main reasons as to why they want one. It is a small factor of why I bought one. Despite being a natural born tinkerer and Tech enthusiast that would more fit the profile of an Android user I bought an iPhone as I was curious to see what the other side was like and I can definitely see the appeal. They are faster and more intuitive then Android phones. (Make sure to install a cache cleaning app on Android phones to keep it running fast. If you don’t know what that is then google it) It boils down to what your final decision is as a parent. I just hope I’ve provided some useful information and tips for people that are looking to buy their kid a phone and are unsure what to buy them since their kid feels “deprived” for not having one and feels pressured into having one by their peers. Being a teenager I can completely understand why a kid would want an iPhone and how they would be feeling social pressure to get one. However no kid is “deprived” for not having one and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Poverty stricken people are deprived but not kids that have the privilege and the luck to own a phone in the first place. It comes down to the parents needing to make an informed decision on what is best for their child as well as for them financially. Do your research and watch Phone reviews on YouTube before you buy. Good luck and happy phone shopping!
Teen, 13 years old written by haileighxgresham

Yes you are!! I'm thirteen and I only just got the iPhone xs max. Before that, I had to use a Samsung galaxy J5 prime for over a year as punishment for loosing my first phone, the iPhone 7. Because I didn't have a iPhone, it made my life a lot harder because all my devices are apple, and I couldn't connect my phone to my Macs to upload notes and sync, and my iPad couldn't connect, and worst of all my beats wouldn't connect so I had to use the cable and plug it in. I really wish that my parents had gotten me a cheap iPhone instead of a Samsung because it just made my life so hard.
Teen, 14 years old written by evibear_11

Ok so, I’ve been reading all these comments and all I can say is it’s up to you. Think about it this way, it does not matter the maturity of your kid or even the age. For me, it matters on what you do. If your kid doesn’t go out a lot, doesn’t go places, no you shouldn’t get them a phone. If your kid goes everywhere, then maybe yes that’s a good idea. If you get your child a phone, don’t start off with a flip phone, that’s ridiculous. Get them an iPhone 5 maybe *do not spoil them with an iPhone X.* Personally, I got an iPhone 5S for Christmas at age 13. Yes I realize that all my friends had a phone before me, but that was because they had extra-curricular programs that required them to take a bus transit. At age 13, I was starting to go to movies and restaurants with my friends, so that’s why my parents thought getting a phone for me was a good idea. I wouldn’t say your depriving your kid, I would think you are waiting for the right time, and if your kid can’t understand that, then they most certainly shouldn’t get a phone. Hope this helps:)
Teen, 15 years old written by Never ever

This is actually the stupidest thing I’ve seen al day. What the hell parents hav no idea what kids ar like this is not your time this is a different era ok we hav different needs there is generations of new stuff flip phones are not that I hab been bullied for the past 5 years for not having a phone and I’m on,y 15 I don’t understand y parents can’t get it in their head that we are not them. And I bet none of you can truly understand because I know that I’m never ever gonna g t a phone and dep down in my heart that kills me becasu ik know my family can afford it bu they just want to bbe selfish leave me on and I go to this boarding school for people in poverty and everybody has a phone but me if feel left out and people call me names and it’s horrible don’t do this to ur child ... please pleas pleas no one should have to go through this hopefully someone can save me .... also don’t get a new one for your self that just rubs it in their face hopefully this helps for any young person.
Teen, 14 years old written by Lucential

Although I appreciate your thoughts, I would like to make you aware of some of the other points of view. I am currently 14, and haven’t had a phone for my entire life. I am fortunate enough that my family can afford to buy me a phone, but I appreciate their decision to leave it until now. It has made me a better artist and more athletic, because I have more time to do things I really enjoy. If you feel deprived by not having a phone, I have a few suggestions for you that I myself had to go through: A) Save up for a phone, so when you turn 18 (or whenever your parents let you buy a phone), you can have one immeadately B) Find a new hobby, so you have something that you can be proud of while still not having a phone C) Convince your parents to buy you an iPod, or an iPad, or something apple so that you can iMessage D) Make a goal with your parents so that when you achieve that goal (good grades, honors awards, etc.) you can have a phone E) Write a 5-10 page paper on why you should have a phone. This is what worked for me. If you write a properly sourced paper with accounts from experts that is spell checked and edited, you yourself will be made into an expert and it will be incredibly hard for your parents to argue with an expert on the subject. Good luck on getting a phone!
Teen, 15 years old written by Never ever

And the only reason why I can comment right now is becasu y moms iPad is her and she is letting me use it for an hour ad I was trying to find a su final method
Adult written by lolakennet

At my 9 year old's school, all the kids have phones. I got her the iphone X for christmas this year, and even though some people think 9 is too young, or that the iphone X is too expensive for a child, I think she is mature enough. I monitor her phone closely, but I'm not that big on limiting screen time.
Teen, 16 years old written by Lolcats

I’m glad I don’t know your kid because I haven’t even met her and I already know she’s spoiled and entitled
Teen, 15 years old written by Greasybacon

It is definately not depriving your kid of anything. They are costly, addictive, and the causes of many pitfalls. Phones of course also can be used for good such as communication with parents and tracking. It is better to give a phone to a younger kid than an older kid. Keep that in mind
Teen, 13 years old written by Itsnottrue

Yes, yes it is. Most people at my school barely talk to me because they only talk over IPhone, and barely anyone is able to talk to me over summer or breaks. And no, a large majority of childrenhave I phones
Teen, 13 years old written by supernova789

unfortunately i can relate to this. my parents wont get me a phone even though literally everyone else in my grade has a phone, and i even have straight a's. i can't talk to anyone else because they all text each other, and people mock me for not having a phone.
Teen, 14 years old written by saanvikk

Well, yes, but you're only considering the whiny reasons given by 10 year old kids. But the real reason people even wanted phones in the first place was safety. It's not easy growing up in a dangerous place like India, where thousands of children are attacked, raped or murdered every day. And it's the same sort of statistics in other countries too. A flip phone isn't enough, because calling for help attracts attention, and it's much safer to text. That, along with all the other reasons in the comments below, is why kids need smartphones.
Teen, 15 years old written by javid

I stumbled upon this post when scouring the internet about whether I should purchase a new phone or not? (more on that later) Anyways, I must first apologize to the parents viewing or that have viewed this comment section with the amount of comments I have seen that refer to a smartphone, especially an iPhone, as a necessity. Hate to tell it to you kids in this generation, but having a phone is a privilege and if you're under 18 you are under your parents jurisdiction and they, not you call the shots, on whether to get you a phone or not. However, I must say this is the 21st century and although I don't believe that parents should buy their kids an iPhone at such a young age especially grade school, I do believe a phone in general would help tweens/teens communicate with their parents in a much easier manner. Rather than, for example, after a sports practice, a parent is late to pick their child up and they are the last person at the park , so they try to find a phone to use to call their parents from a random stranger, that could possibly kidnap the child, if the child had a phone, it would be easy to contact their parents to let them know that maybe practice ended early or some situation like that. In either case, I believe that not only should responsibility and maturity (something that this thread is lacking) be taken into account when buying a teen /tween a phone, but also hard work. I believe if the child really wants a phone, let them have it, but don't buy it for them, let them buy it and pay for the extremities that come with it, such as paying for a cell phone plan. Now, I know this might not be feasible since a child cannot pay bills since they are under 18 years old, but there are many prepaid options that allow the child to purchase a prepaid card to refill their minutes and data. As a tech enthusiast, when I was little, I always wanted a phone, especially after the debut of the original iPhone in 2007. I ended up buying my first phone in 3rd grade after recycling a little bit of money to purchase a Nokia and a T-Mobile Pre-Paid Card. I continued paying for my plan by recycling and asking for people's old phones (as my upgrade). So, it is possible for a child to pay for their own phone and if they are responsible and preservering then they will undoubtedly want to keep up the hard work to have the privilege of owning a phone. I ended up getting an iPhone 4 in 6th grade by saving up all my birthday money and once again recycling to pay $450 for the phone. As a compromise, my dad paid for the data plan as he saw that I was responsible enough to have and own a phone. To this day, (now a sophomore in high school) I have bought all my phones at full price with my money or have been matched some money after saving up most of the money in order to buy a new phone. Not only does this teach me responsibility, but it also teaches me about managing money because currently I have the iPhone 6s and as a tech enthusiast I want to purchase a new iPhone 8 Plus, but I can't justify spending $800 when my phone works mostly fine. Now, regarding fitting in to the cool crowd. If that's what your worried about then you should be spending your own money and buying your own phone, because it isn't cool for your parents to "baby" you correct? Moreover, regarding that not having a smartphone causes bullying. I can say for certain that after being distracted with social media and my smartphone in general, I used a flip phone for a month non stop and yes people made comments and made jokes about it. However, I made it clear to them what the benefits of having it were and how my life was better without a smartphone and was very assertive about my opinion on my phone. After having an educated discussion, like so, my friends understood and didn't say anything about it. I'm now back to my smartphone of course, but I would totally use the flip phone again. Now parents, I plead with you to let your child have a phone, but don't buy it for them.
Adult written by Daniel K

I would not recommend an Android over an iPhone. Android has too many loopholes to parent control and monitoring. Safemode bypasses any apps parents installed. The phone can be factory reset too easily. There is a workaround to anything you monitor it with. The iPhone is pretty bullet proof with its "activation lock" feature. If your child tries to factory reset the phone to bypass filters, they'll hit a brick wall.
Kid, 12 years old

I'd recommend buying your kid an LG phone instead. They are less expensive and really nice
Teen, 13 years old written by goaliepowers

Guys, I am 13 years old. I am a mature kid. I don't need to feel accepted or be part of the "cool group" to be happy. KIDS DO NOT NEED PHONES unless they must have them to contact you. Whenever I need to contact them, I ask an adult that is there to use they're phone. Seriously, kids want phones so they can post stuff on Snapchat and Instagram so they can be part of "the group". Kids are addicted to their phones these days. Every time they have some free time they get on their phone so they can check if someone liked their selfie or play some stupid pointless game that gets you nowhere in life. Smartphones can also cause eye problems. Kids are getting eye problems that usually only old people get because of blue light from devices. People need to learn how to enjoy simple pleasures like talking with friends, playing board games, and reading a book. I have a good friend group and feel satisfied with my life even though I don't have a phone.
Teen, 14 years old written by n8cwhite

I'm not sure about you, but I am feeling left out. I'm not invited to anything because I can't be contacted easily. I can't be notified of plan changes. Because of that, I could look towards games. I don't have a PC, therefore we're talking mobile games. Let me go download one real quick-- oh. I don't have something that can actually download mobile games. That's not an option. Odd. Now I can't really do anything now, can I? Whoops!
Teen, 13 years old written by BookLover497

No, no, no, no, no! You are not in any way depriving your kid if you don't buy him an iPhone. Why? 1. iPhones are expensive and a kid may lose/break it. 2. Too much time spent on electronic devices can harm you, especially younger people. 3. There are obviously loads of kids, teens, and adults who don't have an iPhone or even a phone. You may think that he is ready for an iPhone, in which case, that's great! But you also might not. I personally do not believe that you should go straight in with an iPhone, though. Depending on the age of your kid you could buy him a cheaper phone, if he is older and needs a phone. If he is younger then you could tell him the reasons you don't want him to have a phone. Through either of these ways he will most likely rebel and present you with a long list of reasons that he should have an iPhone. Just tell him why not. I would recommend to get your child a phone with internet access by the beginning of secondary school, because that is usually when it is needed for school.
Teen, 14 years old written by ed21

Yes you are I have an Iphone 5 and never take it out around school because i'm embarrassed of it. 98% of the kids in my year have a better phone than me and my friend recently got an iPhone x she had an iPhone 5 before. My parents don't seem to see the problem of my phone. It glitches all the time i have several problems and i don't know what to do. Ive considered buying a new one but it is way to expensive. My parents can afford a better phone but don't care that i have a shi**y one. I really want a new phone everyone has an Iphone 8 or 7 i'm stuck with an iPhone 5. My birthday is months away and Im not even sure they will give me a new phone. Can someone give me advice?
Teen, 14 years old written by evibear_11

I have an iPhone 5S too. I know it’s outdated but at least I have one. Some people don’t have phones at all, your parents gave you one, so be grateful and grow up. Your parents are absolutely right, there is no problem. If you want a new one, earn money by doing chores in the house and save up! Stop complaining, your parents have better things to spend their money (that they worked hard for, not you) on another phone.
Kid, 12 years old

It doesn't matter what your friends have if I compared myself to my friends I would be poor. Be thankful for what you have try looking up videos or saving money up for a new phone if it's that important to you.
Kid, 10 years old

Yes, You are depriving your kid if you don’t buy them an iPhone. I know adults won’t listen to me because I’m a kid, but just because I’m a kid does not mean I’m stupid. I can watch the Netflix show stranger things and not get to scared, and I enjoy watching Youtubers like Joey Graceffa. Yes, I do have a YouTube account. Please, Please, DO NOT TORTURE YOUR KIDS. I DO NOT KNOW WHO WROTE THIS ARTICLE, BUT THEY HAVE NO EMPATHY FOR KIDS WITH NO CELL PHONES! Tweens/Tweens can be mean!! I know, Parents like to pretend they know what its like. BUT PARENTS DO NOT KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE! I do have a iPhone, but a few of my best friends don’t have phones, and its really hard for them if their iPad runs out of battery, and they can’t text. I am in a big chat group with all the kids in my class who have Phones/iPads, plus one person who is no longer in my class, and kids might miss out if they don’t have a phone. I have a phone for safety reasons and one time my mom had to go get her car and I didn’t come and my Phone made me feel so better because I could call her on my phone while she was finding her car. I mean, I guess android is okay, I guess, Someone in my class used to have samsung and then they got a iPhone 8 Plus for christmas. Nobody in my class has a flip phone though, but some kids have iPods. Someone in my class used to have an iPod then got iPhone 7 for christmas. Please, Please, get your kid a phone, It will make everything easier for everyone. I know some adults don’t think you should, but they are selfish and they don’t wanna spend money. I know that adults think I’m stupid but I’m not, I’m mature enough and I now have an iPhone 8 Plus, so please get your kid a phone.
Kid, 12 years old

Kids Don't need iPhones I have a Moro e4 and I love it. If you are 10 or younger you're lucky to have any technology besides a TV. I got my first phone last year and it was a flip phone. I got an iPhone 5 and then we switched to sprint and I got a moto e4. If you have any phone higher than an iPhone 5 you are very fortunate and should be thankful. It isn't just about maturity it's about if you need it. Phones aren't for games they are for calling and messaging your parents. I prefer slider and flip phones. So don't complain about not having the newest iPhone because there are less fortunate people than you.
Kid, 11 years old

Exactly! Parents didn't have this stuff when they were our age! They don't understand!!!
Teen, 13 years old written by BookLover497

They should consider themselves lucky that they even have an iPad. Aged 10! I have never had an iPad but to be honest, I don't want one. I am young too, and I get the feeling of wanting the latest technology, but some kids are simply not mature enough. I would definitely recommend to get your kid a phone when you feel (s)he needs one- for safety reasons, school etc- but does it really need to be an iPhone? No. Of course not!
Teen, 13 years old written by Speckledhyena

If they're responsible enough for an iPhone (or other phone), then they can have one. Before I got my phone, I had to be trusted with my first personal device, an iPod Nano. After a while I was trusted enough to get a flip-phone, and later a smartphone and tablet. I now have a Chromebook Laptop as well.
Parent written by Robyn F.

My answer to this question would be yes, you are depriving your child if you don't get them a Iphone, as innovation and technology in the world is growing fast and as people, of the next generation, our children need to learn how to use technology from a early age. I also feel that if you are ready to give your child a phone, you might as well get the newest or best model you can afford, so this way, they can use it for a longer period of time without it getting too 'uncool' or outdated. I am currently planning to get my twelve-year-old daughter her third phone, and we are finding it extremely hard to choose between the Iphone 8 and 10.
Kid, 12 years old

Kid, 10 years old

Hi Robyn, I have iPhone 8 Plus and I know someone who has iPhone X. The iPhone 8 is pretty cool, but some people think its more like the iPhone 7s, so you could just get a 7, only difference is wireless charging and maybe some more differences. iPhone X is $999, has no home button, has notch which is sometimes annoying, has Face ID (Bassically password with your face, iPhone 8 has Touch ID, iPhone 8 Touch ID is really good, works fast, no effort required.) I was at first on the fence about if I should get iPhone 8 or iPhone X. I chose iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone 8 comes in Silver, space gray, and gold. The iPhone X comes in Silver and space gray, all the colors look pretty good but space gray might get Smugy with fingerprints. I used to have iPhone 5, before I had my iPhone 8 Plus, and my 5 was getting old and it was time for me to get a new phone, still, I didn’t really get bullied, though I got upset because I really wanted a new phone. The iPhone X battery lasts longer then the iPhone 8 battery, iPhone 8 battery lasts about same as the 7. I totally agree that you might as well get the newest or best model you can afford and that you are, in fact, depriving your kid if you don’t buy them an iPhone.
Teen, 14 years old written by PruLyn

I got my first phone when I was 14 at Christmas. Before, it did make me feel somewhat excluded when everyone could just call and text whenever they pleased. It got more frustrating when we went on class trips and I had to practically puppy-follow a friend (given all my friends had phones) to make sure I didn't get "lost" because I didn't have any way of contacting anyone. A certain trip lasted a full week away from home, and I progressively got more annoyed with having little independence unlike my other classmates. In reality, I did "survive" not having a phone, but it became more problematic when I got older and I had more freedoms and responsibilities. I had always had to lean on other people to make my own calls (pickup times, questions, conflicts, directions), but it has made me feel better that I can contact my own parents without begging for someone else's phone. When it comes to what kind of phone, it is completely up to you. Most teenagers (myself included), like using phones for more than texts and calls, such as the camera, games, and social media. But, if it conflicts with your budget or your not ready to give them access to that, it's ok. They don't need cutting-edge technology the first time around.
Teen, 15 years old written by Common sense LST

No. You can just give your kid a regular old flip phone that can call and just text. They don’t need an IPhone. Flip phones work just as well.
Teen, 13 years old written by Hayley Starr

NO. Please, no one do this to your child, they WILL get laughed at/bullied. I've seen kids get laughed at for just not having iphones, and i go to a decent school. Let alone a flip phone. I honestly, truly, am sorry for your child. Please, educate yourself. Its not 1990 anymore. Not having a smart phone made me feel very left out, uncool, and disconnected from my peers. I've been there. (Also there is way more to a phone than calling and texting.) As for androids, those are ok i guess. Maybe you'll get the occasional snicker, and they definitely won't be very cool, but theyll survive. Having a flip phone can be brutal. I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but teenagers are MEAN. And materialistic, and judgemental. In conclusion, flip phones are TERRIBLE, non-iphones/androids are okay, and iPhones are amazing. (This sounds really mean... But... Parents like you are the part of the reason kids get bullied. I dont know you personally, but judging by this post, I feel bad for your kid)
Adult written by Lance_Taco

No. Your kids don't need phones in grade school. Middle school makes more sense as they'll likely be away for longer periods of time and it will make it easier to coordinate with your children in situations where they need to use public transport.
Kid, 11 years old

You will make your kid sad. I am in middle school. I just got a phone. All the kids in my grade had a I phone by grade 5! I was sad and I still don't have a iPhone. I cry every day about.
Teen, 13 years old written by Reader Girl

You are in no way depriving your kid if you don’t get them a phone, but keep in mind that phones can have serious benefits. There have been 2 or three occasions where my parents and I got separated on accident and a phone saved me.
Teen, 13 years old written by Molly W.

I wouldn't call it depriving, but it's a good idea to get your kid a phone when they're around 13. In my classes, they are using more and more programs that require devices. For example, my school plays a game called Kahoot that requires everybody to have a device such as a phone or a tablet, and sometimes kids who don't have phones are left out because they can't play or have to partner with somebody. Like the official answer mentions, my math class used to use Khan Academy for assignments, and it's easier to use on a phone. In addition, cell phones are a really good way to keep track of your kid. When they're at school, they can reach you- or vice Versa -without them having to go through the hassle of calling home. If you're stressed about exposing them to the worse sides of the internet, don't worry- there are ways to 'check up on them.' Plus, most teens know that they aren't supposed to be doing something and will normally back down. In conclusion, it's a great idea to get your kid a phone- you'll be benefiting them and yourself.
Teen, 13 years old written by evrska9

I got a flip phone when I turned 12. Usually, the best age for kids get their first phone is in their middle school years or, if applicable, they start to get small jobs, like babysitting. My parents said as long as I kept a B average or higher, I could get a smartphone when I turn 16. I have a tablet also but mainly for taking pictures and checking my email. Make sure your child understands how much one costs and whether they have to work for it or not. My parents made it clear I had to keep my grades up and that babysitting my younger siblings would pay for the bill. An iPhone is a privilege, not a right.
Teen, 15 years old written by nog642

Depends what age. By the time they are around 13, if they do not have some sort of smartphone (not necessarily an iPhone), it's a bit of a disadvantage.
Teen, 13 years old written by SGHaggarty

Nobody NEEDS an iPhone. Talk to your kid about why you don't think they should have an iPhone. (I don't have a phone and I understand and agree with why.) I'm getting a phone when I turn 14 because I have shown the responsibility and usually at that age kids are more independent (not necessarily with an adult at all times) and will need contact.
Kid, 10 years old

Adult written by JEastham

Yes but the point is you can do that with any old phone. You don’t need an iPhone with all the latest technology and the price tag that goes with it.
Teen, 14 years old written by landone

This is complicated, for multiple reasons. firstly, it depends on the child's age. if they're under 13, they don't necessarily need an iphone. however, teens and children can be picked on if they don't have one, especially in middle and high school. it almost serves as a status. Once your child is in high school, consider getting them one for sure.
Teen, 15 years old written by brooke.marus

I have seen bullying and harassment of kids without iPhones firsthand. I am in high school and I can say that kids without iPhones were bullied in my middle school and in my high school currently. Without iPhones kids do not have access to apps like snapchat and Instagram (very important social apps for teens) they are alienated out of their friend groups who do use snapchat and Instagram and are less social and more left out than those with iPhones. It is unfair, but boys and girls alike take joy in shaming those without the latest technology. It is best to buy them one to spare them from a lonesome childhood.
Kid, 10 years old

I agree. I have iPhone 8 Plus, my last phone was iPhone 5, I hated my 5 and wanted a new phone sooooo bad.
Teen, 13 years old written by qwertymcqwerts

A Handy Little Pros and Cons List, As Written by a Thirteen-Year-Old With An Old iPod: PROS: - You can track their location (or at least their phone's location, which they will likely take with them wherever they go) - Parental Controls - If they are babysitting younger siblings/doing chores/any other household job, then they might as well get paid in the form of a shiny new iPhone - Great way to keep in touch with friends - You can get fun games, buy movies and songs, and read (age-appropriate) articles (you can set up a shared iTunes account so that you will see what they purchase and set up some rules) - You can find educational/apps such as Khan Academy, Google Docs, and Edmodo which are a huge plus (and if your kid has a busy extracurricular schedule then they can do homework wherever– huge plus!) - Built-in alarm clock, heath monitoring app, reminders, etc. CONS: - Internet trouble (parent controls and a shared iTunes account can help prevent this) - They could get distracted (I'd suggest taking it away until they've done their homework) - $$$ (again, if they help a lot around the house then this is a great form of payment, as iPhones start at $16.63/month) I can't really think of anything else besides those, although I'm sure that I missed some. Overall, it depends on so many factors that a random teenager can't make a choice for you.
Teen, 13 years old written by Sweet kid

this sucks all of you out there who cant get a stupid phone at 13 or older get a job when your 14 and just pay the bill. parents nowadays seem to have lost sight of a kids perspective. TRUST ME when you want to meet with some friends or even a gf and u dont have a phone life is bad
Teen, 13 years old written by qwertymcqwerts

Phones don't define life; I don't have an iPhone (just an old iPod) and I get around just fine. Are there times when I sit at the computer and ogle all the fancy, new iPhones? Yes, but it's important to remember that having an iPhone is a privilege and anyone might not have an iPhone for whatever reason, whether they can't afford it, the child isn't demonstrating responsibility, or anything else. Your parents roof, your parents rules.
Kid, 10 years old

Fun fact: New phones are not “Fancy” in fact, companies are trying to make phones more simply, which for your info, is the opposite of Fancy, your just jealous because you don’t have an iPhone. By the way, I bet you don’t get around just fine, but you wish you did. And what the heck is “ogle” is that you trying to spell google? Tip: try to learn to spell before you comment on stuff.
Teen, 13 years old written by Ndel1201

This article is horrible. I'm 13 and I still can't get a phone. My parents say, ask a friend or teacher, I say I'm not always around them, they said ask the principal. There making excuses to not buy me a phone. Please help and give tips on how I can get a phone. They said I had to get STRAIT A's for THREE YEARS and play a sport for three years then they would buy me one.
Kid, 12 years old

First ask them to list legitimate reasons why you cannot. Make a list of reasons why it is helpful, like communication and being social. Most kids who are thirteen don't really communicate with you if you don't have a device. You are behind and in school most teachers assume you have a phone at that age.
Teen, 13 years old written by JeffJr

I, as a teen, know that without an iPhone, you can be treated badly at school. Lots of kids are always silly and jump to conclusions saying things like you are poor, and along those lines... Also, there are certain apps that are or aren't on androids that can affect social things like WhatsApp, snapchat... Kids find new tricks and that on an iPhone which they share with each other which makes them more popular and have more friends. My final reason is that everybody has an iPhone. It says differently in the facts at the top of the page, but the thing is, it's wrong. In conclusion to my facts, I think, in the long run, you are depriving him if you don't get an iPhone.
Teen, 13 years old written by Snow9012

The problem with smartphone is that your child will join the group, be officially part of the digital age. If your child is the only one without one it might be best to get him something, though that does not mean you have to get him this amazing iphone six that only seven other kids in the class have. Not having a phone is not the end of the world. The only problem is that other kids might pressure the kid about it or even make fun of him for not having one.
Teen, 15 years old written by Katie14633

I wanted a smart phone for a long time, almost every one in my class had one. It was kind of embarrassing for me because I had one of those older phones, where you have to press the number multiple times to type one letter. I begged my mom for a smartphone, and I finally got one for my birthday. You're kid does want a smartphone and he will keep asking for one. I don't really see the problem with getting him one, unless you can't afford it. A pro is that he will carry his phone with him everywhere, so he is safer. His phone will also ALWAYS be charged, trust me. A con is that he will be on his phone all the time and it can be distracting from homework, but as long as he has his priorities straight, it won't be a problem. It really is up to you, but I do advise you to get him one