What's the right age for parents to get their kids a cell phone?

The right age to give kids their first cell phone is really up to you. Age isn't as important as your kid's maturity level, ability to follow home (and schools') rules, their sense of responsibility, and your own family's needs. Getting your kid their first phone is a very personal and individual decision, but lots of kids start asking for them (and receiving them) as early as elementary school. That kind of peer pressure makes it tougher for parents who want to hold off delay the inevitable, but stand firm! When you hand your children cell phones, you're giving them powerful communication and media-production tools. They can create text, images, and videos that can be widely distributed and uploaded to websites instantly. Parents really need to consider whether their kids are ready to use their phones responsibly and respectfully.

If you think your kids' technological savvy is greater than their ability to use it wisely, pay attention to the gap. You may need to say, "No, not yet."

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do your kids show a sense of responsibility, such as letting you know when they leave the house? Do they show up when they say they will?
  • Do your kids tend to lose things, such as backpacks or homework folders? If so, expect they might lose an (expensive!) phone, too.
  • Do your kids need to be in touch for safety reasons?
  • Would having easy access to friends benefit them for social reasons?
  • Do you think they'll use cell phones responsibly -- for example, not texting during class or disturbing others with their phone conversations?
  • Can they adhere to limits you set for minutes talked and apps downloaded?
  • Will they use text, photo, and video functions responsibly and not to embarrass or harass others?

Adding a kid to your service plan can get expensive. For your kids' first phone, consider these options:

  • A pre-paid phone that doesn't lock you into a long-term contract. 
  • A "feature" phone with large icons and a limited range of functions such as the Nokia 3310.
  • A flip-phone like the Jitterbug Flip which is designed for seniors but great for kids due to large numbers and GPS tracking.
  • A service plan with built-in limits for screen time, content-filtering and more. Check out Verizon's Just Kids plan.
  • Low-cost, pre-paid carriers such as Twigby, Tello, Boost, and Cricket.



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Teen, 13 years old written by OD1205

No phone. I have done guitar for 6 years, Rep L3 soccer for 5 years (better league, travel farther) all the school sports, and I am the MC at assembly’s and I am the lead clarinet in my school band. I get the best grades in my class, and super respectful, and never fight with my parents. I don’t have a phone because parents didn’t grow up with phones. It’s not their fault, they just don’t realize what classes and schools are like nowadays. They didn’t get bullied and felt super left out when they didn’t have something, all that has been rising drastically in the past few years. If you want a phone badly, try to educate them and talk to them. I have a tip. Find the more vulnerable parent, the one that you think would get you a phone more easily, and start crying and telling them that you feel so left out and people bully you. They can’t say no you can’t get one ever unless they are cruel, and if they do, ask them why. Try to work on why they said you can’t get one. If it’s your too young, then try and be more responsible and act really mature for your age.
Teen, 13 years old written by cassy.__

It's true, when i ask my parents they tell me how they got their phones at 17 and had no problems. But this is a new century! And i'll feel embarrassed if i enter highschool with a tablet, and i have to call my parents through my friend's phones....
Teen, 13 years old written by A GIRL1234

Hi there! I have been asking for a phone for a long time I am 12 im turning 13 like in 2 weeks and I am really hoping to get a phone but my parents always deny everytime i ask for one. Right now I have a really laggy tablet and it sucks I can't do anything on it. My mom once said you can get a phone when you turn 17! I took it as a joke but im not sure. All of my siblings have one and got one in grade 9 or 10 but i need one because when im out with friends my mom always has to call my friends phone its really annoying and most of the time i can't even go out with friends because my parents are overprotective , I always feel left out because like on breaks or weekend they are always planing stuff like going to the mall or sleepovers. Even everyone in my class has one, even grade 4s, 5s, 6s I just sometimes feel left out because my friends are always on their phone talking about social media and i'm just sitting there trying to fit in. I' just wishing that i can have a phone for my bday!
Kid, 12 years old

As a 6th grader to an adult, it is ultimately your choice to get your child a phone. But know I’ve recently gotten a phone mainly to contact my parents after soccer and swim. There have been many cases where I could not contact my parents to pick me up . My mom used to day just to ask to borrow someone’s phone, but honestly it’s mortifying asking someone. like this one time soccer ended early and by the time I had worked up the courage to ask someone if I could use their phone, no one was left that I could ask. So about 15 ish minutes later my mom came, she was super sorry, but it wasn’t her fault I just couldn’t contact her. The breaking point was when I was at my school’s carnival and my mom and I couldn’t find each other to pick me up, Once we found each other after 20 minutes we went inside the car. My mom said she was gonna text my friend and aqquantince (she and he both had phones and I was hanging out with them) but we both agreed that could come across as maybe a bit stalker-ish. That night, my mom and I both agreed that it was time to get me a phone. Now that I have it, there are a few rules and guidelines. Like how I should always prioritize schoolwork(keep up all As!)first and not my phone. I’m also not allowed to have social media, except Pinterest and no using my phone at the dinner table. But these are just my reasons, it’s different for every kid. Just trust your parents and don’t nag them about it.
Kid, 11 years old

Now, I hear you all. I understand, I'm in 5th grade, and 11. I don't have a phone. Maybe you should be more grateful for what you already have. If you have a computer, USE IT. If you have a tablet, USE IT. I like the people that are talking about how they already appreciate what they have. I hope you don't nag your parents about it, I won't lie, I did in elementary as soon as everybody started getting them. But I moved on. Learn to accept facts or you will just hang to them, not living your own life. Don't call me out on this, but think about your parents. Do you love them? Do they love you? Then think about what they are prohibiting you from. Maybe they are worried about you. Maybe they can't afford it. Think about them. A phone is a big responsibility and sure, while I may have nagged my parents too, doesn't mean it is right. Now, I hope all the people in my age group hear this, cause it is important. While other kids might flaunt their new iPhone X, Galaxy S9, etc., what do they use it for? Games, social media, seconds that are wasted away. They are too immature to understand that, but I hope this clarifies it for some people. Use this time to study, exercise. Show your parents that you have the responsibility, maturity, and control. I am so glad that my parents didn't give me a phone, and now I am an accomplished 11-year-old. Parents don't need to be pushy, and phones are only a distraction. You might need a phone at this age because both your parents work, you have a family situation, etc. But don't let it get control of you. Cut down on screen time. Read a book. Do things you love. A phone isn't bad but in limits. Children have gone crazy without a phone. It is a constant topic in middle school (In my town, 5th grade is part of a middle school). I am repeating this, but gosh darn it, it is so important. Don't get hung up on your phone. It is the only way to be a better person. :) Hope you have a great day, and don't forget it.
Teen, 13 years old written by dazza360

i am 13, but the thing is im in year 8 and in year 7 when i was 12 i was a little sad about not having a phone but since some others didnt i was ok. in year seven i tried to show my parents my responsibilty and i also earned 90's for all my tests. After the summer break everyone came back to school with a phone. My parents are indian and i know im being steryotyical here but indian parents love comparing their kids to others kids who dont have phones even though the statistics show most indians in my class have phone may it be an iphone 5 or x they stll have one. My dad had promised to buy me a phone on my bday but sadly i go to a tutor outside of school and they gave me a test in that test i got 80 and all the others i got 90 and because of that i believe i didnt get a phone. Instead i got a 20 dollar Hurley top on my 13th bday which is meant to be special. This is really frustrating as i feel left out when i am with my friends on the bus when there listening to music and i dont have a phone, if your asian and your reading this you will probably know what i mean(not all asians) but most will.
Kid, 11 years old

i have a tablet now. had it for a year and im fine. i use it for everything
Teen, 16 years old written by my name is jeff 1

Should kids younger than 13-14 have cell phones? Kids younger than 13-14 should NOT have cell phones. Kids that are younger than 13 or 14 should NOT have phones. Electronics have done a part in killing many people because they were not ready for their phones. Therefore nobody should have phones until they are at least 13 or 14. An article on the internet says: “A couple months ago, I turned 12. A few months earlier, I had been nagging my parents about a phone, obsessing over it, and throwing tantrums when my mom said I couldn't have one. I thought I would be the only one in 6th grade without a smartphone. I was not ready for one, and my reactions proved this to my mom. As the school year began, I pointed out many inconveniences about not having a phone in middle school to my mom, and she would pretty much ignore them every time, and rightfully so. We talked about having a flip phone, and I was scared I'd get bullied for having one. It was better not having one, but my mom said that the basic purposes are necessities for someone my age in modern times. Late October, my birthday. I didn't ask for anything, wanting a "surprise", although internally hoping for a phone. I had no birthday party/trip, but I did have an amazing birthday dinner and got 4 presents from my parents. The first a board game. The second a trinket that I'd wanted for a long time. Third was one of those fancy illustrated Harry Potter books, and the fourth a flip phone that was from the 1990s, but I didn't know this. I thought it was my new phone. I tried my best to smile, and I said thank you and hugged my mom and dad. It was a test. If they got a reaction out of me, (my mom was looking forward to this result) I would get a flip phone. But if not, I'd be getting an iPhone when my older sister, and my mom did. So, I got the iPhone 7. While I'm confident almost anyone who knows me well will say I'm responsible, my weakness is technology. I can't control myself. It's addicting…” This shows how bad the internet can be it is extremely addicting. Most people can’t control themselves on the internet. People spend so much time on the internet that not only do we have bullying, but we have cyberbullying too. Another one from this website says: “...I think it is sad to be in class and see everyone on their phones. There is less socializing, and students just emerge in their devices. Apps such as Facebook/ Youtube even cut off the time and battery power when you binge watch videos so you easily get distracted and start procrastinating. It's addicting…” People are so attached to their phones that at school they sneak it in and text and play games. During class! In fact here is a chart showing how much time is spent on Video Games: Another website says: “A new study found that teenagers are increasingly depressed, feel hopeless and are more likely to consider suicide. Researchers found a sudden increase in teens' symptoms of depression, suicide risk factors and suicide rates in 2012 — around the time when smartphones became popular, says Jean Twenge, one of the authors of the study. Twenge's research found that teens who spend five or more hours per day on their devices are 71 percent more likely to have one risk factor for suicide. And that's regardless of the content consumed. Whether teens are watching cat videos or looking at something more serious, the amount of screen time — not the specific content — goes hand in hand with the higher instances of depression…The idea that they're under an increasing amount of academic pressure, and they're spending more and more time on schoolwork doesn't turn out to be true when you look at these large, nationally representative surveys. For example, there's a large survey of entering college students, so that's exactly the population you'd expect would feel a lot of pressure to have spent a lot of time on homework and extracurricular activities. Among that group, when they report on their last year in high school, homework time is about the same as it was in the '80s, and the time they spend on extracurricular activities is also about the same ... The other thing is, we also found that teens who spend more time on homework are actually less likely to be depressed. think ideally, 14. Beginning of high school is a good age to aim for because there's some other data suggesting that the links between, for example, social media use and unhappiness are the strongest for 8th graders versus 10th or especially 12th graders. By the time they're at that age they're better able to handle the demands of social media. And some of the mental health trends are the most pronounced for the youngest teens, as well...” This shows that are younger than 13/14 are not old enough to control their phones. Many bad things have come from the internet for instance, fortnite all it does is teach kids how to kill. People learn to KILL from doing fortnite. And during class if you look many people instead of typing and working on stuff guess what they play. Video games. We need to control the internet not have it controls us. People spend so much time on phones, internet, video games that they can no longer control themselves. So it’s better to wait until kids are old enough to control themselves before you think about getting them phones, so that when they’re old enough they know how to control themselves. Google says that “The average American spends 24 hours a week online. We're using the internet far more than we used to. So says new data from USC Annenberg (PDF) about the digital lives of Americans. Nearly always on: Since 2000, time spent online every week by an average American has risen from 9.4 hours to 23.6.” According to google the amount of time people spend on phones is: “It might be difficult to nail down an exact figure, but roughly 90% of our mobile time is spent using apps. According to comScore, American adult smartphone users spend an average of 73.8 hours a month on apps, which comes to a little under 2 hours, 30 minutes a day.” Searching the internet there are a lot of sad things how much time people spend on phones or internet. Such as this chart: Google search also says that: “The mysterious connection between cell phones and cancer. ... Long-term studies take time, after all, and in 2016 the results of a 7-year, $25 million study brought up concerns about just what long-term exposure to cell phone and radio radiation will do.” Another website shows how addicting it is: “You check in to say good night to your son only to find he is playing "Fortnite" in bed. Or your daughter is busy texting when she is supposed to be studying. Children and their phones are inseparable today, and all that reading and playing games on their handheld devices may be harming their vision. To reduce screen time, some parents ban phones at the dinner table. This applies to both adults and children. And in some homes, playing games or texting must stop two hours before bedtime. To put a hard stop on screen time, some moms, and dads set time limits on their children's daily device use. For example, when a total of two hours of screen time has been reached, no more texting, game playing or YouTube watching.” This chart shows that throughout the years people use electronics a lot more than they used to: With the rates of using electronics increasing so has suicidal rates. Just like this chart shows: So this is why you should wait until your kid is older to get them a phone. So please don’t get them a phone until there older.
Kid, 12 years old

It doesn't matter how old they are what matters is if they are mature enough to handle having a phone
Teen, 17 years old written by BestTeenEver

Hey. I am 17 and live with my dad and he says that I cannot have one 'till I move out. NONE OF U DESERVE 1 EITHER
Kid, 11 years old

LOL maybe you don't need one. I don't have one, and I accepted the fact I will not have one for a long time. This section is full of stupid monkeyheads that really need a lesson. Having a phone is a good thing, with bad things. Maybe not act so spoiled and think about what your parents are thinking? Spoiled brats.
Teen, 13 years old written by hiufil02

When I was in 6th grade, my eldest sisters old LG as she got an iPhone X, and I was happy at first since that was my first phone. I've always been a responsible child and have been in the Gifted Program since 1st grade and have had all A's since. My parents had no troubles trusting me with any electronic device, so no rules were put in place. But I have two older sisters in high school who weren't exactly responsible, so whenever any boundaries were placed on them were placed on me as well. I was required to have the phone downstairs every night and I didn't have a phone line. I was disappointed since I couldn't access much when not at home, and since it was around 2018, the phone was literally falling apart. It got the point where it stopped working in the summer, and the only electronic I have is an actually very new laptop. As 7th grade started, every single I knew had a phone and a line, except me. All the teachers expected us to have phones, making us do online quizzes and researches. I also did many in-school activities, asking to use my friends phones every time to reach my parents. About a week ago, I was stuck waiting in 30 degrees in a rain storm for my mom to pick me up from school until 9 pm because she forgot what time to pick me up. I do feel left out and always at some kind of risk at school, and my parents also understand I need a phone and can trust me with one. They say by 8th grade I will get one, but they said I will get one 7th grade last year. Because of my siblings, I wouldn't be allowed of any social media, which sucks for different reasons. Personally, that is a easier way to communicate with friends and family. If you like the way your child behaves, then that's probably how they will behave online. Plus, its fun to have something to look up to, like taking nice photos for your Instagram. Even though not having a phone is affecting my grades and my access to much sucks, I never really complained, although I do hint it often. Many parents on here are saying teens don't need phones, but we live in a different generation than you grew up in that revolves around modern. It is your decision to give a child a phone, but I say they should get one 7th grade, as that is when I began struggling without one. It depends on what kind of community you live in, but if your child is trustworthy, I suggest you get them one. :)
Teen, 13 years old written by OneHitWonder

I honestly think it depends on certain parents' view on phones. In my opinion, you should be at least 13 or older. Now, I understand if your child is about 11-12 and wants a phone, it might be a bit too early. But as they grow, they become more and more independent. What if they needed to call you for something very important instead of always going to the school phone? What if something terrible happened at school and they had to use a friend’s, but you never responded to the ¨stranger’s¨ call? Not trying to think on the negative side, but when you say no, think about those things. I have a 6th generation iPod touch, and it’s a starter for a tween. Teens, try to go with the iPhone 5/6.
Adult written by overprotectivep...

Now that, is wrong. As long as your child doesn’t misuse it, it is necessary to communicate if they need to be picked up from school, upcoming assignments, and notification if they need to be somewhere after school. I’d say 10 is a good age if they are responsible.
Teen, 17 years old written by Ithinknophoneti...

kids under 14 aren't very good at controlling themselves and if you look many have had to much time on the internet and commit suicide. so if your a parent please don't get your kids phones until they are responsible enough and are at least 14 years old. I didn't get my phone until 16 I was frustrated at first but now I understand that they just want to keep me safe.
Kid, 12 years old

A couple months ago, I turned 12. A few months earlier, I had been nagging my parents about a phone, obsessing over it, and throwing tantrums when my mom said I couldn't have one. I thought I would be the only one in 6th grade without a smartphone. I was not ready for one, and my reactions proved this to my mom. As the school year began, I pointed out many inconveniences about not having a phone in middle school to my mom, and she would pretty much ignore them every time, and rightfully so. We talked about having a flip phone, and I was scared I'd get bullied for having one. It was better not having one, but my mom said that the basic purposes are necessities for someone my age in modern times. Late October, my birthday. I didn't ask for anything, wanting a "surprise", although internally hoping for a phone. I had no birthday party/trip, but I did have an amazing birthday dinner and got 4 presents from my parents. The first a board game. The second a trinket that I'd wanted for a long time. The third was one of those fancy illustrated Harry Potter books, and the fourth a flip phone that was from the 1990s, but I didn't know this. I thought it was my new phone. I tried my best to smile and I said thank you and hugged my mom and dad. It was a test. If they got a reaction out of me, (my mom was looking forward to this result) I would get a flip phone. But if not, I'd be getting an iPhone when my older sister and my mom did. So, I got the iPhone 7. While I'm confident almost anyone who knows me well will say I'm responsible, my weakness is technology. I can't control myself. It's addicting. Now, I really wish I'd gotten an Apple Watch instead. I wouldn't have been made fun of, I could have called & texted, and I wouldn't be wasting my life away. I regret the fact that I got a smartphone, but I don't think a flip phone is a good idea either, anymore. Get a smartwatch, and your child will be safe everywhere, without distractions or emotional harm. Eventually, you will need to get them a smartphone, but I suggest waiting until 8th-9th grade for this. 5th-7th is a good age for a smartwatch, and 4th and below is a good age for a flip phone, if they have any reason to use one.
Adult written by Aidanwade223

I’m now literally 18. When I first got my phone, I was 10. I think the best age is 10 if you just wanna get your phone a cheap one like a cheap & mediocre. I used to have an LG slide phone & that was my first smartphone. At the age of 13, they can any phone they want like an iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9. Some parents need to stop buying cheap phones for 13 year olds. They need good cameras & high end screen quality & a fast processor so they can browse web, watch videos , social media, etc etc
Adult written by overprotectivep...

If your child uses a console, it’s not necessary, and cheap phones can sometimes be good phones. They also don’t need a 1000$ phone, because you can get by on a IPhone 7/8 if the parents need an expensive phone.
written by CoolUsername

I think a child should receive their first phone during late seventh grade. (Usually 12 or 13) But only if they work hard for the phone before you do buy them a phone, make sure you educate them on their rules and boundaries and make sure they are responsible enough, but even if you do trust them, monitor your child's activity. (What apps they use, who they are texting, check their history. Create an age for your child when they can use social media.) I received my first phone when I was 12, which was a hand me down from my sister(It was an old iPhone). My phone didn't have a sim card/plan, which kinda makes it like an iPod. I really only used it when I was out since it was small and easily fitted in my coat pocket, and only used it to listen to music and read. I didn't really do anything else with it. Around that age, you shouldn't buy them a sim card/plan. If you are worried about them, they could still contact you via text messages with an internet connection. You can watch how your child treats their phone and if you can trust them with it. Assuming they have the same phone, I suggest you buy them a plan or a new phone around the start of the senior year of high school as they are planning for college that year. Once your child receives a job, you should let them start paying their plan.
Kid, 12 years old

I think that you are being a little too harsh. I'm 12 yrs old, I got my phone November 9, 2018, and it was an iPhone 8, with a sim card/plan. The only thing my parents talked to me about was giving out my phone number out too easily, and social media. My parents upgrade every 1-2 years. Same for the kids. If you have kids, which I assume you do, they will rebel against you with this stone-hard rules. Taking out the sim card would be bad if they needed to call/text you, and upgrading when they're 17-18 would be stupid because, as everyone knows, the older your phone is, the laggier it gets. The only thing I agree with you on is to start paying their own phone bills in college.
Teen, 13 years old written by adevanath1

I think the right age for a kid to get a phone is at the age of 12. I am thirteen and I got my first phone at the age of 12.
Kid, 12 years old

I've waited so many years and I don't have a phone, and what I've been thinking if I ever get kidnapped by some stupid idiot and I don't have a phone and there aren't any around, my parents will never see me again, I can at least call 911, but nope, "Your too young to have a phone!" Then I'm at a slumber party or something, and some crazy criminal is in the building, I can't call 911 or my parents when something like that happens. Or at a party without my parents, the party's over and my parents don't know that, then a ton of kids have a phone and I look for someone who is willing to let me call my mom or dad, and do you know how hard that is?!
Parent written by Jennifer S.

My seven year old has been asking for an iphone the past few months. At first, It caught me off guard, as cell phones just were coming out right about the time I started driving. So, it worked out great for me, but it was the old basic bo bo nokia phones with nothing but ability to contact people and text. However, That was then and this is now.. As parents, sometimes we need to realize what history has taught us so that we do not repeat mistakes that our parents did, even though im sure they were looking out for our best interests in perspective of the culture that they grew up in.. I am still on the fence at his age, but I have many reasons why he will most likely get one very soon: 1: His entire life has been nothing but smart everything devices. Smart TVS, tablets, ipads, youtube, chrome notebooks used at school for tests, you name it. That is all he knows and he can use my phone just as good as I can. With that reality and the future that only hold more of it, It would be smarter for me to get him the new age culture way of being able to get in touch with me in any circumstance, as our culture is obviously getting pretty scary when it comes to our children: this includes not only school shootings, but also sexual abuse like I have never even know about until my eyes were open wide due to the fact that his own father is one of them. Yes, sexual abuse in the home and at school is nothing new, but I trust myself to control and monitor what phone he gets, what hes doing on it, etc, in order for him to have a way to call for help or text a code word or something, vs trusting others in school and especially his own father.. Yet his father hasn't been deemed convicted yet b/c well, you know how unjust things are now of days.. With that being said, that phone will be traced and monitored when he visits his father also.. His father would immediately take that phone, and either deprive him of it, and/or try to put a tracking device or record stuff, etc with it.. So, Ill just beat him to it and hopefully my son will end up learning its for protection and try to hide it, but ya know, he is seven so im sure that wont happen.. Regardless, if my kids needs to call me, he has every right and I will not let a school decide whether he can or not, and he has to rely on them, whom you just can't trust, bottom line.. Sure, I could and probably still will do what they did with us: in kindergarten, we were required to learn our parents full names, both of their addresses, and all phone numbers for emergencies or what not... Now, teachers do not do that so again, the school or afterschool or coach or babysitter or crazy day is the one my child has to rely on to get that information and that is not safe or smart on anyone's part.. He needs to know all of that info and a safety plan in case of something and code words, or what have you.. He needs to be a bit more mature but I can get him one cheap on a multiple plan that connects with my, showing gps info, parental controls, you name it. I do the same thing with his tablet. So, phone it is with limitations plus old school back up way.. and I do agree with these teens. If my first grader is required to use chromebooks for his testing, then im pretty sure he is gonna need to have whatever he needs for school and the culture that we live in.. I hate it but at the same time, I can't survive without it b/c that is what our world is.. If my child has to do an online class group project and he has to use something like a phone or tablet or email or what have you, he will have that, and I will monitor it.. Its safe too.. Accidents.. When my child drives, his car will be tracked for sure b/c I want to make sure he is safe and if he gets stuck in a situation socially and doesn't want to be embarrased but knows he wants to leave and needs to leave a party that is not safe , he needs a phone to call me, knowing he can trust me, say a code, and i will come get him.. Safety is key and I won't limit my child in a culture where he is demanded to use these things b/c these old phones will be obsolete anyway.. Its the same thing as when I took pre cal and calculus in highschool with a very expensive calculator needed and I did well. B/c with math, we all use calculators. Adults use them and are encourage to b/c we have them and its easier and usually extremely accurate.. So why sense does it make for my algebra teacher in college to not let us use any calculator what so ever but to do the problem the longest and least efficient way possible, which did nothing b/c at my job being a mortage banker, we use calculators... Can ya believe that? That teacher should not have been a teacher b/c you dont teach college age kids to not be efficient and she should be using what we have and know to help prepare us to be a work smarter, not harder employee. So parents, we are going to have to accept that their is a balance and by hindering your child from using what the culture uses for every thing in our lives, you are hindering them from life.. It used to be bad to say pregnant when my grandmother grew up in the 30s... yeah, she still believes that.... are ya getting my point here? Kids need to know body parts, the names of them, and boundaries, to protect themselves from predators... Ex: can you believe my ex mother in law couldnt have the nerve to say the correct name of her sons's private areas, so out of all names, she told them its called their "tickle thing" ... Dumb... So when a predator says they just want to tickle her kids b/c God forbid she uses the medical term for it, gasp.... and they are not told about sexual abusers, well that is defintely giving your child a way to trust those people... teach your kids things so they will be smart... dont let them find out when it is too late or from another kid who may not teach them the right thing or you just fail at telling them at all and then they do not like you very much nor do they trust you as much or feel comfortable telling you things as such or talking to you about them b/c you made that very clear when you kept silent... too many parents do this... We all need to have common sense, know the world, the culture, your child and use commons sense discernment to help, not hinder them
Teen, 13 years old written by tiaknight123

my name is Tia and i don't have a smartphone because my parent think I'm irresponsible .I never had phone because one of my dad friend Daughter was doing really inappropriate thing on her smartphone.So my parent think that i would do those thing too so they decide not to give me a phone until I'm older.
Teen, 17 years old written by Kaylee012

Hi guys, my name is Kaylee. I am currently a High School Senior studying to become an IT support specialist. I am doing an essay on why technology is addictive and stumbled upon this site. I personally have a weird outlook on technology because I was born right before smartphones and computers started to BOOM. I grew up without a phone and never needed one until 7th grade. I would agree that 7th or 8th grade is a perfect time to get your first smartphone. But now that I am older I have a different view on it than I did 4-5 years ago. I think it is sad to be in class and see everyone on their phones. There is less socializing, and students just emerge in their devices. Apps such as Facebook/ Youtube even cut off the time and battery power when you binge watch videos so you easily get distracted and start procrastinating. It's addicting. But I do believe that there is just the right time and place to be on your phone or play video games. And that is when all responsibilities are finished.
Kid, 10 years old

If your a parent wondering if u should get your kid a iphone, you SHOULD. I'm in 5th grade, and 50 percent of my class has a phone. And the 50 percent that doesn't have a phone is probably either getting one for christmas or for their birthday. basically every kid where I lives gets a iphone in 5th grade or 6th grade or even younger. I really hope i get a iphone 8 lol!!!!!!
Teen, 13 years old written by H.R.H

At your age level I would be pretty reluctant to get you a phone. Yes lots of kids get a phone in elementary, but I guarantee that a late 7th or 8th has somewhat more responsibility, And me reading your comment just proves your irresponsibility, because you specifically State a name brand acting if you would not be happy if you got a Android or any other phone. I'm sure a lot of kids at your school either have a cracked or broken phone that's because they are irresponsible you should really turn it down a little maybe if you ask your parents for such expensive phone as your first phone and you lose it you are going to be stuck with a cheap phone. I mean not all parents are like that but most stop you lose an expensive phone then you're going to get a cheap one
Kid, 10 years old

If your a parent scrolling down these comments, wondering if you should get your kid a phone, you SHOULD.
Teen, 13 years old written by Swordlily

Personally, it's up to the individual conscience of the child and their parents. I got my first phone(a flip phone) from my grandmother as a gift when I was around 8. I didn't ask for it, I didn't tell any of my friends about it, nor did I use it very often, outside of occasionally sending things like birthday wishes to my family. I got my first smartphone around the age of 10, it was a hand-me-down from my mum after she got a new iphone. I didn't use that much either. This year I turned 13, which in Australia is when you start high school. My smartphone wasn't the best of quality, so after a while its battery started to fail. Even if I charged it for the whole night, it would go down to critical level as soon as I took it off. Throughout the end of last year and all of this year, I've been essentially without a phone. My parents know that I am a mature person, I am a very dedicated student, and I know how to handle myself online and to avoid the dangerous side of the internet. However, they still prefer to protect me. This year is the first time they've allowed me to take the bus (they still prefer to drop me off and pick me up) and go out with my friends to the park or shops(once or twice). They also decided that I didn't really need a new phone. I'm not complaining, I completely understand their thinking. Nonetheless, phones are something that becomes normal as soon as your child progresses into their teen years. I am the only one in my class, and one of only a few in my whole year level, to not have a smartphone or any kind of social media (aside from a gmail and hangouts account). I am one of the lucky few who are supported by their peers rather than bullied. My class has an instagram chat where they talk to each other and help each other out with class things. I don't have instagram, so I can't see this. My friends are kind enough to email important information to me, so I don't miss out too much, but it's really inconvenient, and even though they don't tease me at all, I can't help but feel a little left out. Recently we went on an excursion to the zoo, and we were actually encouraged to bring our phones so we could take pictures of the animals or look up information that we couldn't find. At this point, my mum started to realise that as I get older, I AM going to need a phone, and we've started looking for one together. Long story short for people who didn't want to read that huge chunk of text (sorry!): Some parents may not feel like their child needs a phone, and I completely respect that. But just be aware, that as they get older, not having a phone is going to get increasingly inconvenient, restricting, embarrassing, and in some cases dangerous. People start to automatically assume because of your age that you must have a phone. I think that, it's up to you, you are the only one who knows whether your child is mature and responsible enough or not. If you have not bought or given them a phone yet by the time they reach their teens, now is the time to start seriously considering it.
Adult written by [email protected]

I admire your parents. They are raising you well - you are very mature and reasonable for your age. I was impressed with your comments. Your patience will pay off - you are getting a phone. Thank you for taking time to write this.
Teen, 13 years old written by Jinelover01

Hey swordily im in the same situation and I am about 13yrs old(aussi3) ad i still don’t have a phone but I act as I do. And I 100% agree with what u said
Kid, 11 years old

I’m going to be 12 in a couple weeks. I still do not have a phone. (I don’t want to sound spoiled, so please don’t take it that way.) I’m in sixth grade, middle school. There are 96 kids in my grade, and only around 9 out of those 96 do not have a phone. I am one of them. Everyone just assumes that I do have one, seeing as I’m honestly very mature and responsible, but I don’t have one. I can’t talk to my friends outside of school, unless we meet up somewhere (which I’m not allowed to do). I can’t text friends. I can’t contact my father, should there be an emergency. I know there are lots of mothers in the comments on this that say that they were perfectly happy growing up without phones, but this is a new generation. (I’m a proud GenZennial.) I personally believe I’m ready for a phone. I got High Honors, I’m good in school, I haven’t ever misplaced my father’s phone, which I’m using right now. To the kids reading this, I’ll tell you this: if you want a phone and you aren’t in middle school yet, be prepared for a no. I have experience with that. But parents these days have to understand how tweens and teens are nowadays. It’s very different from when THEY were young, and they might just not be used to it. If you’re still reading this, I thank you for reading it. I know it was long.
Teen, 14 years old written by lil_remde

I'm 14 and still don't have a phone. It Sucks! My friends are always asking why I don't have a phone and keep "teasing me". It was just my birthday, I tried to make a deal with my parents, in which I would buy the phone and pay for half of the data plan, which I think is reasonable. I have all As I play two sports and do the most chores at my house. Every weekend I go out and hang out with friends, so having a phone would be good to stay in contact with my parents. Why are they not budging?
Adult written by chickn.soop

I didn’t have a phone until I graduated high school and moved out of my parents house. I faced the same issues when I was in high school and middle school. I personally don’t thing that kids under 18 should have a phone because I think kids have knowledge to do and say stuff, but not the wisdom if it’s right or appropriate. Keep being a kid, there will be plenty of time for a phone.
Teen, 13 years old written by haileighxgresham

I'm 13 and I only just got a iPhone. I have been asking for one since the iPhone 10 came out, but my parents gave me two options. I could have gotten the iPhone 6s on the spot a year ago, or wait one year and get whatever iPhone I want. In the meantime, I had to make do with a Samsung galaxy which was like a punishment for me loosing my iPhone 7. It was really annoying, especially as I couldn't sync anything with my iMac, my MacBook and my iPad. I think that parents should stick to one brand when buying tech for their kids because switching from a iPhone to a android was a big change, and the worst thing was that my beats wouldn't connect so I had to use my cable 24/7 :( so... get a iPhone for your children and stick to it!!! I've lost so many files and have been inconvenienced so many times by owning useless Samsung phone.
Kid, 12 years old

I am 12 years old and in the 7th grade. Most of my friends got their first phone in about 5th grade and I feel left out. My parents don't think I should have a cell phone because we have a home phone and they think if you give a kid a phone you are automatically creating an addicted zombie. I find calling people awkward and uncomfortable, texts are a lot easier. Parents, if you are unsure about the age to give your child a phone, I would say about 6th grade, middle school. Make sure you frequently check their phone and add parental controls.
Adult written by metroatm

It's really not that difficult of a decision. Don't let your kids have phones!! HERE IS WHY: -They don't need them -You already know where they are. Kids are either at school or at home or at a friends house. -Cell phones /snapchat are ADDICTING and don't help foster real relationship skills -They are expensive -Kids don't have the brain development to use cell phones properly. I.E. crossing the street while looking down at their phone -Kids need to fit in because of their personality, not because of a device. If your kids hate you, then it just means your doing your job! -Are you really prepared to discuss with your kids about online sexting, predators, bullying, self worth. Do you even know how these apps work?
Kid, 12 years old

I agree that there are dangers that come with social media and phones. And you have the power to decide if you want to get your child a phone or not! But, at least talk to your kid, find out why they REALLY want a phone. I am in a situation where I feel really depressed and lonely because I don't have a phone. That could be going on with your kid as well; they just aren't saying it. Like I said, you can control if you want to get your child a phone or not, but they may feel really strongly for a legitimate reason. I am living proof! So talk to them, and at least make them feel like you understand. Express YOUR desires and wants for them as well, but at least give them a chance to get their big reason off their chest.
Adult written by jar81

I'm a parent of a soon to be 15 year old. Our son became addicted to pornography at a very young age (10). We found it on his tablet. We took the tablet away and 2 years later thought we would try again by getting him a brand new phone when he was 12. A $700 Samsung phone, but he was super ungrateful and complained that it wasn't an iPhone and once again we caught him viewing pornographic adult content. So, we took the phone away. Since, we have gotten him an iPod for music (which he lost) and have allowed him to use our phones for social time with his friends, but monitor his conversations, etc. Once again, he made a wrong choice and so now here we are, he's almost 15 and I so desperately want to try to give him a chance again, but he has consistently shown us over and over that he can't be trusted. Thinking maybe we can motivate him to save up to get his own phone of his choice then put certain blockers on it or monitor his internet activity. Being a parent of a teenager is so difficult. I know he wants to "fit in" and be "cool" with a brand new phone, but it scares me how addicted he is to porn and how many expensive things he's lost. :-(
Adult written by chickn.soop

I personally think your son shouldn’t have a phone until he’s an adult and can legally watch whatever he wants at that older age. But when he is 18, I would let him buy his own one and pay for the bill so he gets an understanding of what the costs look like.
Teen, 14 years old written by krozycki

I am 14 1/2 years old and my first smartphone was given to me at the age of 11, right before I entired middle school. Now as a teenager and in highschool, I do find that giving your child a smartphone at young age might not be the best possible case. As you give your child/chrilden a smartphone it gives them a lot of responsiblities. 1 of the top most responsiblities is to be able to keep track of your phone. Now if you give your child/children an iphone for example, you have to remember that an iphone isn't cheap. Yes you may have find my Iphone connected to another iphone device but, you are still have the chance of not being about to find it ever again. If you give your child an old fashion flip phone not only is it cheap but it is also a lot more confusing to use. A flip phone is one of the cheapest phones you can get your child/children some only cost 40-60 dollars. Compared to an iphone or an other smartphone, thats cheap. The only problem with a cheap phone is that, its not easy to use and will be able to break very easily. Many flip phones have the keypad for number and letter placed together. Trying to teach a 6 year old how to use a flip phone may be challenging and if the child isn't paying attention, they will not be able to use the phone properly. Now if you are a parent who is still not ready to give your child a smart phone or flip phone try an Ipod touch designed by Apple. Ipods touch is pretty much an iphone without the celluar data and phone in it. The only way to get on the internet is to be hooked up/linked to a wifi spot. It has Imessage on it which allow the child to contact a parent with wifi. They only problem is if a emergency happens or a parent must get in contact with the child, they have to guess if the child is connected to wifi in order to recieve a message. The chance of the child being connected to wifi is 98%. The 2 precent is if the child is at home since my resturants, attraction park, schools, etc.. dont have free wifi to connect to. If places do have wifi to connect to the chance of the wifi being good is 5%. Finally its all up to the parents decision on when the right time is to get their child/children a phone. My idea would be, start the child off with an Ipod Touch, this gives them the ability to contact a parent or someone with wifi but not have the parents pay so much money in the beginning. Also see how they take care of the Ipod, do they throw it, treat it like garbage or do they put a lot of care into it even though its not an actual phone. Next, move on to a flip phone, yes it may be cheaper than the Ipod touch (depending on what generation of ipod you got) but now your child has the ability to contact you at any point in time or place. With the flip phone since it now has data, you can watch if your child pays attention to how much data they use. Once you have seen your child have the responsiblities it takes to have a phone I would try a smartphone with them. Now you may think oh no, they could drop it or lose it well for me when I got my first iphone the rule was if I drop it or lose it I wouldn't get a iphone from my parents and would have to pay for a new one with the bill. Once you have purchased the smartphone, you should set some boundries on it. Some may be, no using it after a certain time (I had this with my first smart phone after 9 I had to put it downstairs), since you aren't paying for the bill of it as the parent, I (you) can take it away anytime I feel you need a punishment, etc.. If your child doesn't agree on these boundries you have set try to explain to them more in depth why you feel they need these boundries and maybe try a compromise. For example on the weekdays beside of Friday ever night before 10 or whatever time you set the phone must be downstairs while on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays the phone can be upstairs till 12 or all night (whatever you want). Now that you have given your child a phone, they should be able to contact you if needed at anytime. Some reason why you should get your child a phone: 1. Contact easily 2. Know where they are 3. Emergencies (School shootings have become a big issue and having a phone a student can contact 911 and their parents or guardians very quick). 4. Stay in touch with friends or other family members such as uncles and aunts
Teen, 13 years old written by Moviegirl700

I am 13 and my parents still have not gotten me a phone. I had a flip phone when I was 9, which, in my opinion, is still pretty young. 11 is a great time. But yet, I am not allowed to have one for loosing my one I had 4 years ago! I'm really depressed. If parents don't want their kids to feel left out, get one at the start of middle school or by the time they are 11
Kid, 12 years old

Get your kid a smartphone (not a fliphone, they might get bullied) when they are starting middle school. If their birthday is in August or September, your lucky and should get them one for their birthday. If not, just get them one around the start of middle school. Kids will start having more responsibilities in middle school and will start taking more risks. I don’t have a phone yet and I’m in 7th grade. I feel really left out all the time because of that, and no kid should feel that way.
Teen, 13 years old written by naomiabiah

I think that Parents should get their kids a phone when they are in middle school. I was in middle school and I felt really depressed and left out just because I had no phone. And I everyone else had a phone and everything.
Kid, 11 years old

I personally think children should get a phone at the beginning of middle school. I started middle school about 9 weeks ago, and yet, no phone. Why should kids get a phone at the time I recommended? It's because, at this time, they are growing up and embracing the pressure of fitting in. If you don't do this, someday, your child may come home crying because they were bullied or teased because of this! Do you want this to happen? Of course, you don't! Also, DO NOT get your child a phone before this time because they may misuse it or lose it. Only do this if your child is extremely mature. But don't go to the store to buy the latest iPhone for them! Remember, don't spoil your child! Just get them an iPhone 5s or a touchscreen LG with parental controls. Or get a Windows phone with the same features. Now, it's on to me. I'm a very responsible tween, I help around the house, I do sports, I get straight As, and my Pre-ap ILA teacher has recommended me for GT spring testing. So what do you think of my thoughts?
Adult written by Caffienepls

I'm a parent, 27, and I may have a controversial opinion. I'm a millennial with a 4 and 7 year old. The oldest is a girl. Shes highly independent and bold, and this year asked to ride the bus home instead of me picking her up. I was mortified honestly. I dont trust people, and after all the weird stuff that has happened in this world I get nervous. But despite my fear, my husband and I had a talk and decided to let her ride the bus. My only stipulation: she needed a phone. I did consider a crappy flip phone, but that is not the phone of this time. And smartphones have built in security features that help parents and kids stay connected. So we chose the Samsung j3 star as her first phone. We aren't an iPhone family, husband and I have a note 8 and galaxy 9. Anyway, shes does fantastic with it so far. Doesn't bother with it at school and no complaints from the teacher. I work from home, and when she gets off the bus, she calls me to let me know shes walking back. This makes me and her feel more comfortable. We do live in a gated community, but I dont know everyone around us, and even if I did, I have a responsibility to keep my child safe. She uses it to do research for projects and homework, and in her downtime plays games or watches videos. Husband is a techie and works for the mobile phone industry, so he set it up for her. So far so good. I didn't get my phone until I was 14, but cellphones were still kind of new.I never damaged or lost any of my phones. Also, it came in real handy. I think school-aged kids should have phones. Just having the peace of mind is enough of a reason for me. Plus, embarrassing your kid with an outdated phone or not letting them have one when their peers do is a recipe for...well...a lot of not so good stuff. Get them a cheap smart phone to start, monitor their use, have a conversation with them about the responsiblity of owning their phone, and call it a day. Parents might be surprised how maturely their child could handle the responsibility.
Teen, 16 years old written by Rainingpastelles

I got my first phone for my 10th birthday but I used to always forget it at places and I would drop it and crack the screen. I was not ready for a phone at 10 years old when I first got it. I don’t think kids should really be getting a phone or are responsible enough to get a phone until 12 or 13. This is just my opinion and of course every kid is different I am 16 years old in high school and definitely more responsible and able to have a phone.
Adult written by sullisaints

I think children should have a cellphone (note I did not say smartphone) or at least a phone that only contacts their parents when they start school, just for safety reasons. They can just hold it for school and the parent can take it back after class if they are so concerned. As for smartphones, as long as you limit a child's screen time it should be okay for any child who is mature enough. However I do believe it is important for children sixth grade or higher to have a smartphone to be able to be connected with their peers. I'm not saying that parents should run to the apple store and get the latest iphone for their sixth grader, but at least get them an LG touch screen that they can quickly check their grades on or use the calculator. If parents are really concerned about it ask for the phone before bed time and explain to them why you are doing so. It's important for kids to feel connected. I feel that if you have a good talk with your child and explain to them why or why not they should do certain things then they should be able to get a smartphone. I understand the whole "back in my day" nostalgia. However it is 2018! How did you feel when you were grounded and all of your friends got to go to the park to have fun and you couldn't. Imagine being able to watch them all having fun right outside your window? That is what you are letting your kid experience and they didn't even do anything wrong. Honestly, if you treat a child in middle school with respect, they should be mature enough to handle a smartphone.
Teen, 15 years old written by Marin2018

I am a 15 year old freshman in high school. I think that by around 8th grade you should be allowed to have a phone unless you have really screwed stuff up somehow. I was told I would be getting a phone for my 15th birthday and I was looking forward to it. On my birthday morning I wake up to find that I got a crappy flip phone. I wanted to cry, but I didn't want to be rude because my parents would have been pissed. Does anyone else think that I should at least be able to try to prove I am responsible enough for a normal phone? I am a fairly responsible teen, and mostly want a phone to snapchat my friends and keep in touch with people easier. Everyone else has a normal phone, and by that I mean EVERYONE. I feel like I miss out on a lot because of this issue. At school I am too afraid of taking out my phone because it gets on my nerves when people tease me. It's like "I get that my life sucks, but you don't need to point it out". Having an iPhone is in no way a necessary part of life, but it makes things easier. I know that parents care a lot about screen time and want to protect their kids, but if your kid has shown that they can make good decisions then by around 8th its a good idea to get them a normal phone. My parents argue that since I fight with them it shows I'm not responsible enough, but in my case the majority of our fights are related to this. My parents are full on screen-haters so things might be a little more extreme for me than for most people, but please parents, hear me out; listen to your kids. Making them an enemy in your life will only make life harder and more miserable for everyone. The more I feel ignored the more angry I get. If you want to make a peaceful compromise and find a solution for you and your teen, you need to realize they have feelings and ideas too.
Teen, 15 years old written by bubble_tea

Before my mini rant truly begins, I just wanna say, kudos to all you folks who grew up without cell phones in your life. You managed to survive, but times have changed. So, I just turned 15 and yet, no cell phone. I'm not complaining, I can see exactly why my parent's won't let me have one. If I'm out somewhere I'm always with another person and they have a phone, so I can ask them to use their's. The reason I so badly want a phone, it because I'm starting my freshman year of high school, and I know I'm going to get involved in clubs, events for art and choir, and go to parties like prom and homecoming! Some people are rude, and don't let others use their phone, so I would just like to have a way to contact my parents if necessary. Also, before I get a reply from anyone saying "If you have no phone, how are you typing this out for the internet, the most brutal place for criticism to be thrown, for everyone to see?", my school gives us Chromebooks for assignments, that's how. Anyways, back to my main point. I know how much my parents love me and want me to be safe, but if they really wish for my safety, I personally think it would be best for me to get a phone. Not only is it important for my high school life, but in March of next year, I get a driving permit, and then soon after that, my license! A phone is a vital part of a teenagers life in the modern age, especially since there's more danger than ever with the advancement of technology. I just hope I get my own phone soon so this little scrawny Asian girl with no muscle whatsoever can at least stay in touch with her parents and feel safe when she's by herself.
Teen, 13 years old written by supernova789

Finally I found someone in the same situation! My parents won't get me a phone even though everyone else in my grade has a phone, and people mock me for not having a phone. On the bus I can't talk to anyone, and I can never talk to my parents when I need to. I have all A's and I am more mature than most people in my grade, but they will not trust me to use a phone because apparently I will be "addicted" and "irresponsible".
Teen, 13 years old written by naomiabiah

I agree with you my, mom is doing the same thing but my father lets me do whatever. He would let me get a phone but my mom said no. And at home, I have NO TECHNOLOGY whatsoever it's awful.
Teen, 13 years old written by supernova789

Finally I found someone in the same situation! My parents won't get me a phone even though everyone else in my grade has a phone, and people mock me for not having a phone. On the bus I can't talk to anyone, and I can never talk to my parents when I need to. I have all A's and I am more mature than most people in my grade, but they will not trust me to use a phone because apparently I will be "addicted" and "irresponsible".
Teen, 17 years old written by SucksToSuck

Well after reading this I can assure you that you won’t have to worry about being invited to any parties. It’s pretty sad that you still don’t have a phone, lol, but if you only want it to “stay safe”, then you don’t need one. Typed up on my iPhone 8 and not a school chrome book
Teen, 13 years old written by Turquoise3

I have had an iPod since 4th grade (I’m in 7th now). It really does stink. I see what the adult are saying about how they grew up without them, but we grew up with technology around us, and we use it. Parents, when you were little, wasn’t there that one item that everyone else had, that you really wanted. Did you ever feel left out, until you got that item. For our generation that item is iPhones. Now I’m very socially involved. I can start a conversation with anyone, even an itrevert. But what hurts me is when, some one says “your really nice, do you have a Snapchat or a phone number so we can stay connected.” Nope. My parents say iPhones are expensive and distracting, and they are not wrong. But I’m not that kind a person who is going to post a picture of myself on Snapchat in underwear and a bra. I ave done school soccer, a school play, ballet, soccer for a wrec league, multiple summer camps, and cross country. And I’m very responsible. Once I was at school soccer parctice. Everyone had left and I was waiting there on the field. For my mom. The school had already locked up for the night, so I could use the phone. And my coach had left for home. My mom was an hour late. If I had had a phone that situation would worked out better. I have to save up for my own iPhone but I would like to bargain with my parents a deal of 1/2 and make a deal. I have to save up for my iPhone by my self now. I still like going on walks or runs with my dog, I like being outside. I just really want an iPhone.
Teen, 17 years old written by SucksToSuck

Reading that was the worst time of my life. Sounds like an isYOU. No one is even reading these, why are you writing this. Typed on my iPhone 8
Adult written by ZTABB

Hello! I would like to share my opinion with you kids as an adult. First off, I was a child in the 80s, and cell phones, tablets & all other technology didn’t exist. I had an amazing, fun childhood & didn’t have to feel the pressure of having a cell phone to fit in! I really feel bad for this generation of children. My kids are 11&7, and I have made sure to limit their screen time & step out & enjoy the world!! My heart breaks for you youngsters who think a phone is the only thing important in life. You guys are being robbed of your childhood & it’s really sad! You should all be out playing outside & using your own imaginations to create things other than sitting on YouTube, video games & musically all day. Many of you may think I sound old school, but hey, old school rules!! I’m in shock st how many of you under the age of 13 are allowed an IPhone. To the kids between 10-12, you don’t need a cell phone!! You should be out playing and having a childhood! You have the rest of your lives to sit on the useless black box all day! To those of you who are teens: I understand the need of a cell if your using it to get in touch with your parents or something really important . Although when I was young, we had to call our home phone. We all managed to survive!! Life was much more fun and relaxed. We lived very happily without iphones and ipads. I was 20 when I got my 1st cellphone after 911. Nobody really used them before that, and life was much more simple. People actually spoke more and interacted in person rather than a phone or other electronic device. I feel very sad for all of you including my own kids. My 11 year old daughter doesn’t even care much about having a cell except for the fact all of her friends do. She rather go rollerblade, bike ride & dance. I will tell you having a cell phone is not that exciting. The novelty wears off. You kids have the rest of your lives to stare at the thing. I think the parents who really care for their children don’t let them have IPhones. At such a young age. Good job mom & dad! Keep teaching your kids that a cell phone is not that important. It really isn’t. I wish we could go back to land lines & be done with all this texting & facetiming crap. Everyone is glued to the phone all day. Really annoying! Your all missing out on the beauty of our Earth. There are so many other wonderful. & exciting things you guys could be doing other than texting in the cell or tablet. If you want to see your friends , call and go over to their house like we did as kids! We had so much fun in the 80s & 90s! I hope reading this from an adult perspective will help you kids to realize that a cell phone isn’t a necessity. Many problems of our world today is because a dramatic increase in technology & kids becoming addicted to cell phones and other devices. To those kids who “ don’t think it’s fair” that your parents won’t let you have a cell phone, your should thank your lucky stars that they care enough about your childhood happiness over a cell phone!! Social media is the cause of bullying, addictions, obesity, and many more health problems and psychological issues. I’m frightened to see how your all going to grow up. I will be honest with you all. I actually was much happier before cell phones & other technological devices took over our world. It really is shame. Hopefully, there are some of you out there that will really think about what I have written from an adult perspective & reflect on your own childhood. All of my 11 year old daughter’s friends love me because I actually talk to them & they are fascinated hearing stories from my childhood.! So kids please don’t waste your time worrying about having to get a phone & what others think. Real friends will care about you regardless if you have an iPhone or not. My advice to you all is to get out of the house & off your electronics and have some fun before your childhood is over!!! I hope my response will help alleviate your worries, and get you to think deeply about the important things in life. Please just have fun & don’t hurry to grow up. You will regret it later.
Teen, 17 years old written by SucksToSuck

Thanks for the novel, I didn’t read any of it. The only reason you didn’t have a phone is because they hadn’t been invented yet, otherwise you would’ve grown up like us. Stop trying to live in the past, I feel sorry for your kids. I wrote this on my iPhone 8 at 1 in the morning, but that’s how life is.
Teen, 13 years old written by Turquoise3

I’m the article above you, you should read my opinion. Not to be Rude, just saying you might wanna check it out
Kid, 10 years old

I think that dependingon the maturity of the kid, he/she should be able to get a phone at any age! You (the parent) can decide when if you are personally paying for the device , but id the kid is paying for the phone, they should decide when they get it, and what phone they get. As the article says, make sure you allow your child to do all this stuff.Except purchasing the cell phone. If it is indeed their own money, then they get to decide about it. You may TRY to stop them from making foolish decisions, but ultimately, as the parent, it is not your decision to make. I hope I was helpful as you make your decision.
Kid, 10 years old

It is important to consider that kids might get addicted to their phones. While a simple parenting lock can help with this, you might still not need to buy your kid a phone. If they are mature and in the 6th or 7th grade, you might want to consider it. However, if your children are younger but still in need of a means of communication, a simple iPod or iPhone SE/5s will do. If you have an old, but working phone, please think about it too. Now, parents, just because your child says, "All my friends have phones too" (I'm sure parents always heard this, am I right?), do not spoil them with the gift of a small box with immense power. Also, if your child is involved with many extra-curricular activities, talk to your child about. Edit: Shout-out to that other person that liked my language. Just-sayin
Kid, 10 years old

I need to get all this FAKE NEWS Out of my head. If kids feel out of place and are even losing friends or getting bullied becauss they dont have a phone, then you should probably give them the gift of that “small box sith immense power.” Also, are you a child prodigy? You used very good language in that comment :p just sayin
Kid, 10 years old

OH, THANKS. I dunno it just came into my head like that. (yes, maybe I am a child prodigy)
Teen, 13 years old written by Lizzie13

I am 13 and got a phone 6 months ago for my birthday. Before that I was so jealous it consumed my every thought. I felt so left out I would constantly be sad and was never included in stuff. My parents just didn’t understand I felt! So I finally got one for my birthday and I honestly have never been happier. It’s helpful to communicate with my parents, im not obsessed, and I finally feel like I got in. I say that a good age for smart phones is the start of middle school for girl’s but with boys I would give them a flip phone until high school because with my experience, middle school boys are extremely immature and use their phones for a lot of dirty things. Everyone is different but that’s just my experience^^
Teen, 14 years old written by Bob123abc

Most friends own iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s. A few kids have SE and others have Galaxy S8, S7, Essential Phone, Galaxy S6 Edge. I personally have an iPhone 5s, which very few people have. The area I live in is very wealthy. Most kids get iPhones in 5th grade. I got a little button phone in 4th grade, then iPhone 4, then 5s. The 5s is still a pretty useable phone in 2018. I don't think kids should get the iPhone right away, and work up to an iPhone from a cheaper phone.
Teen, 13 years old written by firebirdx1

Okay. This is a pretty tough question. It honestly depends. Most of my friends got their phones in 4th-5th grade. They were pretty nice phones. I do live in a suburban area where most people are pretty well off. I got my phone when I was 12 and in 7th grade, It was an iPhone 8. Yes, I do realize that that is really expensive, but I take good care of it and mostly use it for emergencies. My parents bought it for me for safety purposes since I do go around a lot, For other people, it might be different. Maybe your child isn't careful with their things, tell them that. Then if they're responsible you'll buy one for them. Money. Money is a huge issue. Most (smart) phones today are pretty expensive, around $400-$1000. A lot of people can't afford that. Maturity. If your child isn't mature, or if you know they'll goof off or use it in class, you probably shouldn't give it to them. I'm not going to say "Buy your kid a flip phone at age 10" or something like that because it all depends on the family. If you can afford a nice phone and think they are ready, go for it. It honestly depends on the child and your budget.
Teen, 13 years old written by evelyn_mac13

In my opinion, it is all related to responsibility and trustworthiness. These definitions vary per family but I remember asking for a phone at 10 or 11 and hearing the word no ring in my ear. I always asked informaly and soon enough, at the end of the 6th grade, I sat down with my mom gave her all of my reasoning and I got a maybe (meaning in a couple of weeks)! I started out small with a Samsung Tab 3 moved up to an Ipod touch which I had for around 3 yrs and then finally got a maybe for a phone. I asked my mom why and sje said because I showed responsibiliy and that I was older too. To all those 5th graders and younger, you want a phone, but you don’t need one! It is not a bare nesccesity but an opportunity for you to be exposed and sucked into the blue lights. I needed one because somedays my transportation changes, I get to school an hour early, and for other private reasons! Thanks for reading!!
Adult written by ZTABB

Hey Lillymaix! I have been reading all the responses about you kids not being able to have a cell phone. I’m an adult, and I can tell you sweetie that having an iPhone isn’t as great as you imagine it to be. When Inwas your age, they didn’t exist. I had a very happy teenage life without the darn cell phone!! I understand that there is an immense amount of social pressure to fit in with your peers and have a phone. Let me tell you something. You have great parents who care about you being able to live your childhood before it’s too late. Soon you will be out on your own, and then you will miss your childhood. Cell phone, iPads, and other devices are ruining our children. Before I got my cell phone at 20 years old, we all lived just fine, and I was so much happier!! Please enjoy the last couple years of your childhood! It doesn’t matter what friends think. Real friends love you unconditionally. There is so much fun to be had, and a beautiful world to explore! I strongly believe in fast increase in technology is destroying our lives , and is the cause of much unhappiness. I just felt compelled to respond to you because I can see from an adult perspective that smartphones are ruining our youth. Kids & teens should be out having fun instead of staring at a screen all day. It saddens me that you young ones have to grow up with all the drama that phones & technical devices cause. When I was 16, I was driving with my friends to the beach, shopping, camping, and other fabulous places. All without a cell phone! It was wonderful to not have to be distracted by the cell!!! I hope you will think about wia I’ve texted you. You seem like a wonderful person, and you don’t need a cell phone to fit in! You have your whole life to have one when your older. It’s not as great as you think. So please go out and be happy! Enjoy your childhood before it’s over! Hope I’ve helped:)
Teen, 17 years old written by SucksToSuck

Actually you do need a cell phone to fit in. Just saying. Only losers with no friends don’t have phones, just speaking facts.
Kid, 12 years old

“Only losers with no friends don’t have phones” man that hurts, but I don’t have a phone and I still have a group of good friends and I still fit in. So what you said aren’t reall facts
Kid, 10 years old

I don't really believe you have to be a certain age to receive a phone; it depends on the responsibility your child has obtained over the years. Before everyone judges me because I have an iPhone 8 plus, Let me tell you what I have done. First I am ten in the 6th grade. I have skipped 2 grades and I am doing high school level math in the 6th grade. I have straight A's but I could always do better. I do lots of afterschool programs, and sometimes I stay at my friends houses, and most of the time I have to take the bus home. I have learned to be responsible by taking care of my little siblings, and I mow people's lawns, and saved up $400 to buy the first half of the price of the phone. I know that I might seem like I am bragging, but I am not. I am not rich whatsoever and i have been a spoilt brat EVER. All these whiney teenagers should find better ways to talk to their parents. It did kind of suck without one, but I wasn't dying.
Kid, 12 years old

I'd say there isn't a deffinative age to get a phone. I think it's a good idea to get your child a simple mobile phone (like a basic nokia) so they can text/phone their parent in an emergency or text how there day at school was. After 5/10 months of that, I'd say that would be a good time to get your child a entry level android phone (or iPhone if your rich). I got a pixi 4 as my first smart phone, it ran android and could do smart phone things, it just was really cheap (£30 to be exact) and wasn't amazing, but was a nice upgrade. Then when another 7-12 months have past I recommend getting a proper £200 ish phone (mine being a Samsung j3). If your child is desperate for the apps and stuff of a smart phone but couldn't care less about actually calling/texting people then maybe get them a tablet (a kindle fire for example).
Kid, 10 years old

I’m 10, and I got an IPod Touch 5 when I was 8. My parents felt I was responsible enough but not enough for a phone. My older brother who at the time was 10 but now 12 doesn’t have one yet but will get my moms old one for middle school. I feel like 12 is a good age. Maybe younger if them kid is in clubs and needs to let the parent know that’s they are done ect.
Adult written by Austinboa937

I wouldn’t say there is a specific age at which a child should get a phone. I believe it should go by how responsible and mature the child is. That being said there is no reason a 13-14 year old should have an iPhone X. A cheaper smartphone could be awarded and once they are old enough to get a part time job use their own money to upgrade their phone. I am having trouble with my little brother right now sending inappropriate pictures to girls and he is only 13, this is why it should go by maturity level not age.
Teen, 16 years old written by Lolcats

I’ve got an iPhone 8 it’s nice, really fast and iOS 11 is cool. I like being able to have social media and friends unlike everyone else in the comment section
Teen, 13 years old written by Fiona3206

im 12 and i only have an iPod touch. well i was really excited after getting one for christmas. but then i realized that the battery was really bad plus i had to have wifi or internet to text. but what about the calling. my mom lets me walk to places as long as she knows where I'm going. but sometimes i need to call my family. so I'm always looking for wifi to connect to but can't. help!!!!i don't know whens the right time to tell my parents I'm ready to have an iPhone 7. my mom knows that I'm become more and more responsible.
Teen, 16 years old written by Lolcats

Did my first comment get deleted? No one cares if you’re “ready” for an iPhone 7 because your iPod touch isn’t good enough. Sounds like someone is a little entitled
Teen, 13 years old written by mxlky

I got my first 'actual' phone when I was 9. But only to draw, animate, watch stuff and post art on the internet. I would say about 8-13 years.
Teen, 13 years old written by nic22

In my class of 35, only another girl and I do not have a phone. The thing about it is that I really need a phone because my school is very academically inclined and there is often not enough time to copy down notes. This means that you will have to take pictures of them but I am not able to so more often than not my notes will be half copied and I have to rely on others for pictures of the notes which I do not like because I like to be independent. I feel very left out in my class and many times, my teachers will WhatsApp my class group chat about last minute tests the next day and I would go to school and find out that there is a test. So within30-40mins I have to learn the materials the best that I can and I really hate it. I had a phone last time from 10-11 years old but it has been confiscated since I was 11 for getting a 78/100 for maths. Also I come home from school everyday and 4 times a week, I come back at 6.30-7pm. If i have any last minute matters, I am not able to tell my mum that I won't be coming back for lunch or dinner.
Teen, 17 years old written by rovingbowler

In my family, you are allowed a flip phone at age 16 if you get all As, and then no upgrade until after graduation. Living life without a competent phone is tough. If I were a babysitter, I am certain that kids 10 years younger than I am would have better phones than me. It’s tough trying to stay caught up with peers in the trends and it’s hard to stay connected too. It’s not much fun being left out of every plan and mostly every friend group because nobody can get a hold of you. I had a couple buddies who’s parents didn’t let them have phones, but even they got iPhones eventually. There’s no way around this rule in my family. My oldest brother never had a job, and got his phone after graduation. I work 30 hours a week and am not allowed to buy myself any kind of device.
Teen, 16 years old written by damothehawk

I completely empathize with you here. I'm sixteen with no phone, and I'll be honest and say that I've not respected my parent's decision with it all the time. While growing up in an age when communication, connectivity and accessibility are so fundamental to relationships and just life, it can get hard when you can't easily organize friend meetups can't gain permission for something you want to do from your parents without face-to-face consent. I found that it's left me feeling underdeveloped compared to my friends at school, like my parents consider me not at the same level of maturity or something as my friends. I used to have friends without phones, but they've all got their phones now, leaving me literally at the bottom of the heap of parental leniency in a grade of 80. I understand it's not THAT big of a deal at the end of the day, but that feeling of being the odd one out isn't healthy I feel.
Kid, 12 years old

This is a topic that I have been talking to about with my parents lately. I am personally turning 13 in a few months. When I asked for one, they told me that I could either buy the phone by myself, wait until Christmas or wait until my birthday (I chose to wait until Christmas to see if I have any reasons at school to need a phone). So, I say about 11+ would be good (and for a younger child 10-, an iPod or a flip phone). But, it all depends on the parents, how mature the kid is and if they have good reasons to need one.
Teen, 13 years old written by oof.-.

I'm going to be honest here. I see some kids at my school that are in 4th grade with an iPhone already. I saw a 5th grader with an iPhone X. Crazy, I know. I think that the minimum age to get your child a smartphone is 12 years. At this age, they are in middle school and need to learn the basics such as not posting anything bad on social media, call parents when walking home, etc. I got the iPhone 6 when I was 11 years old. It was a hand me down from my brother. I am getting a new phone in September. Parents shouldn't get their kids phones if they are unreliable, they lose things, or younger than 12. Unless you live very VERY far from school, I'd understand if a 4th or 5th grader had like an SE or a 6. But if you live close and you are not in at least 6th grade, I don't think you need a cellphone.
Adult written by ToriA77

I understand this is a different generation of kids. We didn't have cell phones when I was young like my children are one starting freshman year of high school and the second one starting kindergarten but I did get a pager when I was in junior high school 7th grade. I think a good age for the average kid would be high school now if your child has special needs like it is a diabetic or has any medical problems then I think getting them like a Disney phone for example or something similar where it's not internet and Facebook and all that stuff but just to where they can click a number and call for their parents or anyone on their emergency list for their cell phone and can only receive calls from people that are approved I think that is okay 4 children to have when they start going to school and are away from their parents. Plus it would give the parents peace of mind and the child would probably feel safer knowing that mommy or daddy or Auntie or grandma or whomever is right at their fingertips. In fact for most kids up until a certain age I think all cell phones should be the basic flip phone style that can only make calls to certain numbers and receive calls from certain numbers as the parents add those to the plan as they go along and it's a one set fee. As for smartphones of any kind I think your kid needs to earn that with having good grades and being responsible with their friends and showing Model Behavior and listening good at home. I wouldn't ever get my teenager an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy there are other smartphones that are a lot less expensive that have the same features. I believe that once your child is 18 and could afford their own smartphone that's when they could decide if they want to buy an iPhone or a Samsung or any type of expensive mobile device so they have the responsibility of caring for something that they worked for.
Teen, 13 years old written by Kayleee419

I feel like children should get a phone at around 11-13. That is usually the middle school age and phones might be needed in middle school for safety purposes. It really depends on how mature the kid is though, I got my phone on my 12th birthday, but I have asked for one many years before that. I now realize how dumb I was asking for one that early because now that I think about it, that’s way to young, though many of my friends had a phone then. You don’t have to get anything expensive, just a phone that will fit their needs. Obviously you should set restrictions on the phone so it doesn’t get out of hand.
Adult written by ToriA77

An emergency phone yes smartphone no. There's no reason why a 13 year old should have a iPhone but a phone that can call certain numbers like parents and relatives an emergency contacts and receive phone calls from only certain people would be a good idea for safety purposes. That's the whole part of having it for safety is not being able to sit there and play Candy Crush or whatever game and text her friends all day long and not interact as a human being. At school kids should feel safe enough to where they can go into the office where phones are made available and there is a sheet of paper that the parents fill out that has emergency contact info so if something were to happen you would be fine without a cell phone.
Teen, 13 years old written by Kayleee419

It really depends on maturity, and what the parent thinks, you can't say that no 13 year old needs a phone because I’m 13, and I have a smartphone phone for school or anytime i’m out with my friends, smartphones can be really useful for middle school and high school in different ways. If you think your kids aren’t mature enough to have a phone, don’t get them one, if they are, by all means, get them one. You can’t say that every kid goes and sits and texts their friends or plays Candy Crush. All restrictions are different, don’t stereotype based on someone’s age.
Teen, 14 years old written by NoahLyles

Listen I'm 14 years old I still don't have a phone in 8th grade everyone was talking to each other and knew a lot about each other don't get me wrong up had friends but everyone had a phone and I didn't I asked my mom when I would get a phone and she said soon. So I didn't know until a couple weeks ago but apparently I had to go the whole summer with a stupid flip phone that I could definitely been picked on just to get a new phone and I had to ride my bike to high school for summer workouts so I turned down the volume on the phone all the way that way nobody could hear it and burried it in my book bag. So I went half 1 and a half of the summer pretty good well I had a church camp and my dad asked me to bring the flip phone but I don't know why I didn't bring it was one simple thing and I didn't do it. Anyway I got back and he said did you bring your phone I told him no and he said how can I trust you with a 700 phone if you can't even listen to me to bring it for 5 days so now I am mad because now I have to go another 2 months just to get a phone I have tried everything I prayed to God I have listened to them been more mature but now I have lost all hope all my friends have phones except me everybody wants me to get a phone but my parents I feel like don't so I just cry at night just wanting a phone hoping and praying that I get a phone but every day I wake up its like a slap in the face no phone all I want is a phone but they don't understand does anybody know what I should do
Kid, 11 years old

I got a phone Chrismas and I’m 11 I think 10 or 11 is a good age because in my town 5th grade is middle school also I live in a safe neighborhood so I’m allowed out alone but I need to have a phone with me also at 11 your already a pre teen so I think you could be responsible at that age I did crack my phone so I’m going to get a new one but my parents still believe I’m responsible enough almost all my friends had a phone so I did feel a little mad but I kept my grades up and kept asking and I got a phone for my Christmas gift and I was so happy
Teen, 13 years old written by Liloandstitch1230

Okay guys...I know its frustrating not having a phone......I get it, I don't have one either. Sometimes you get left out, and it makes you feel kinda lonely. But you HAVE to be nice to your parents or else you won't get one. Me for instance, I am almost 12, and I popped the question around for a whole year before my parents decided to get me one. I am getting one for my birthday in August. But, I really needed one. I am going into middle school, and will be staying home alone after school EVERY DAY. Plus, I will be taking the late bus 4 times a week, and I will be dropped off 3 streets away, on a very large and busy street. I am in all honors classes which are a year accelarated, and math is 2 years accelerated. Plus, I got the highest score on my math final in my entire grade, a 98.8%. My parents did ask me a few times about my peers and if they had a phone and social media. They decided to get me one after being consoled my their friends and neighbors. Bottom line, they were concerned about my safety. Some of your parents, I'll admit, sound REALLY stubborn, so this doesn't apply to you. They also made me work for my phone...if I got terrible grades, I would get a flip phone. But, I worked hard, getting top grades in math and language arts, and As in science and social studies. I am also 3rd chair in my school band, and was chosen to open for the talent show, playing The Star Spangled Banner. I also got my green belt in half the time it takes most people at my dojo to earn. Now, I will get a Samsung s6 or s7. Again, that depends on my behaviour this summer. Most importantly, don't whine about social impacts, that only your parents can understand. I told my parents that if they gave me a smartphone, I could use WhatsApp to call them everyday after school and they could get a basic phone plan. I showed them things that mattered most to them, my safety, costs and grades.
Kid, 11 years old

I'm going in 7 grade this September ( i'm also turning 12 years old this December) and i'm also going to be home alone after school sometimes i have to go at my swimming class alone and i am really good in school a's in math french science social studies etc ( except for gym and art) but i dont have a phone and all of my freinds have phones( iphone 6s,6s plus,samsung s6,7,8 etc)so i dont know what to do
Teen, 13 years old written by Liloandstitch1230

I just have something to add.......4th to 7th grade seems the best age to get a phone. And 7th grade and higher to get social media because before that, having social media is illegal technically. If you are younger, I shame you for thinking that you need a phone for social reasons. Even Bill Gates's kids didn't get a phone until their teenage years. I thing YOU can wait. I swear I am not a mom, however much I sound like it.
Teen, 15 years old written by Greasybacon

13 years old is appropriate. Most kids are approaching middle school and this age is when online communication practically becomes essential. Putting restrictions in place is a good doorstop. Dont expect parental controls to be bulletproof. Bottom line the more your parents trust you, the more likely you will get one!
Teen, 15 years old written by amocooilcan

In my experience, cell phones became almost essential in the classroom starting around middle school. They were used in place of traditional calculators or dictionaries, and checking the online gradebook was much more convenient with a phone available at hand. In terms of social media usage, I'd agree with the majority and say that the child's maturity is far more important than their age. But if phones themselves are encouraged in a school setting, I see no reason not to provide the child with one.
Teen, 14 years old written by ItzGraystripe

I think I'm at the appropriate age for a child to get a phone. A good phone. Beginning of teen. But I also agree that if you are young, at the age of 10, maybe a flip-a-phone is good for you. Nothing too special or expensive. If you are my age though, you should have a better phone. For example, I have an iPhone 4s, which is horrible for my age but whatever, at least it's a phone. Most girls my age deserve a phone such as a iPhone 6., because there is absolutely no need for an amazing phone if you are young.
Teen, 14 years old written by MelliElixir

Honestly, not having a phone when you're about to turn 15 is a nightmare. I try my best to be the way my parents want me to, I do everything on time, I get perfect grades, I'm no nerd I have many friends and all of them, all of them have phones, I'm not rude to my parents at all, and I only fight with my siblings sometimes, its no daily event. you don't understand how left out and embarrassed i feel my parents always tell me I'm too young for a phone but I mean, ok I would be too young for you cuz my father grew up in the 50's and my mother in the 80's and so they always tell me that at my age they didn't have a phone and that my mum would tell me once I finish high school and start university she will get me a phone because she got her first phone when she was in university, what good is that if I can buy my own one then. even if I have enough money there is no way I am allowed to get one. I go walking to school every day, come on isn't that a good enough reason to get a phone? my dad always buys the newest phones and my mum sticks to the same one until it completely dies. I'm being serious my dad has about 6 phones so far and using one of them isn't even an option. When I ask my mum she just laughs at me like I'm joking and when I ask my dad he just looks at me and says "isn't the tv and the laptop enough for or do I have to buy you a whole country so you can be happy?' i asked him once, never again. I try to get people to convince my mum but in the end, my mum convinces them, like COME ON. I'm sorry I just wrote down my life story but I still haven't written enough. btw I'm not trying to brag or anything but please someone give me reasons why I should get a phone so that I can convince my parents. ok i just reread this and i sound like a whiny kid, sorry you just read that, i really couldnt be bothered to edit the whole thing. i only wrote this cuz i needed to let something out i dont want to keep it all in thats all.
Teen, 13 years old written by Liloandstitch1230

Why do you think that people want to hear you rant.....unless you have something nice to say and worthwhile, don't post! I pity you because you are so immature and think that you are so important......there are better things to post a 100 sentences about.
Kid, 10 years old

I feel sorry for you. I hate when my parents say stuff like I got my phone in uni well DUH it was 1990
Adult written by thegaminglegend p.

I got my first Phone when i was 7 years old and that was a huawei and after that i buyed an iPhone 6s when i was 8 years old and this week when i am ten years old they suprised me with an huawei p20 pro so you should get which Phone you want like an iPhone XI when its released.
Kid, 11 years old

My personal opinion is that you should get your child a phone the summer before 6th grade. This previous school year I was in 6th grade and I didn’t get a phone until Christmas. I think that is part of the reason 6th grade was so tough for me (besides most of my friends from elementary school went to a different middle school.) I think since I didn’t have a phone for awhile, I got shut out of things. Middle school is the point when people start to judge you. Without a phone I couldn’t see any trends, and other popular things like that. Sure I had one of the earlier iPods, but it took about 30 minutes to load a website! Finally after asking, dropping hints, and most importantly 3 slideshows; I FINALLY got a phone. Now: other kids in my grade had super expensive phones like the iPhone 8 or something like that. My parents decided to get me the iPhone SE. I personally think parents of middle school aged children should get their child a iPhone SE or a iPhone 5. Not some $1,000 thing. My dad bought my phone for around $160 dollars give or take.
Kid, 11 years old

I personally think the good age to get a phone is 11 'cause I'm eleven. 95% of the kids in my class (in fifth grade) have phones. And I don't have one. (Even till now) All my friends are like "poor you, you don't have a phone." My parents are very strict. They expect me to be good at everything. And yes I am. I think I am responsible and mature. I get good grades. I am physically and mentally strong. And yet I don't have a phone. I also think it is unfair. Only a few of my friends don't have phones. I think I should have a phone like iPhone 5 or 4 or anything like that. It should have internet, but not much social media (only texting and musical.ly and stuff like that. Social media should be there once I'm 12 and three quarters years old.) It should obviously be able to call and give me my own phone number. I can only download 2 games like Granny and paper.io. It also should have an antivirus app and parental controls. And it should be used responsibly. Tell me what you think about my philosophy.
Teen, 15 years old written by AriaMarie

Hey I thuink you should get your first phoneat 13. I dint get mine yet because my parents dont want me to. But i do have an android. A samsung 7+ and i got it this year for my birthday but I can only use it for emergencys.
Kid, 11 years old

I got my first phone at the age of 9. I know that that's seemingly very early, but I am very mature and can be trusted. I do not use any social media sites that are directed towards adults and don't follow anyone I don't know. I think that if kids can be trusted they could get one at 10 (9 was a bit early), but it should be monitored. At this age, peer pressure really starts to take a toll on kids- and the most kind, caring, thoughtful kid could turn into someone that only cares about followers. I've seen it happen many times. Just be careful and talk to your kid.
Kid, 12 years old

I am 13 in about a month and I will be getting my mums iPhone 6s. All the others kids on this post have been commenting and saying really immature things. The only reason I am getting a phone is because my brother had got one at the age of 13. Respect your parents choices because fighting them can make it worse. I do find it unfair that my friends got phones in like the 3rd grade but think about, what sort of parents are that stupid to give phones to young kids? Just think about that.
Teen, 13 years old written by volleyballgirl33

I have to say I agree. From many of your comments I now know what (some) of your schedules, friends, ages (though that was required) and other personal info are! Some advice to start letting your parents know you are mature enough to get a phone- First do some research on the proper amount of time you should even be on this phone! A recent study says that your TOTAL amount of time on screens should be SIX hours! Also talk to your parents amount different rules and limitations you should have. Then start trying to become more mature about situations- keep your grades up, help around the house, etc..... Another idea is to write up a list of pros AND cons to having a phone. Or a list of how having a phone would benefit you and how it is different from the ipod/ipad/other electronic device you already have. Hope this helps!
Teen, 16 years old written by ryebread

A bunch of you are showing just how immature and unready for electronics you are. By the way you type, overshare, and complain, it's easy to see this. I got my phone when I was 12. However, I was to talk to my dad whenever I used any feature other than texting and calling. The main reason I received this phone was because my parents were divorced, my sister had moved across country for college, and I was taking the subway through Washington D.C. to school.
Teen, 13 years old written by hannalindsley777

So I turn 14 in a month and I still do not have a cell phone! My parents are talking about getting me a cell phone so I might get my moms old one. But they will put lots of restrictions on it and I will not be allowed to access social media. I have a secret email account so haha. I am writing this on my school iPad because that's the only device I have. I also might get a Chromebook in a couple years otherwise I can only use my moms stuff. I can't even listen to music on my music player because then it will corrupt my brain. I can only watch movies with no kissing or any little romance. It is so unfair. Help me
Teen, 14 years old written by NirvanaFan2004

Hello,I got my phone on my 12th birthday! Yeah my parents have put restrictions! But your parents are just keeping you safe! I didn't get social media til a few weeks ago! So,I wish you luck!
Kid, 12 years old

Hi, I have been reading all of these during the day. Anyways.... I am turning 13 very soon, and I still don't have a phone I have been asking for one since I was seven, My parents are really strict because They always want me and my 8 year old sister to do sports, we both do 3 to 4 sports each. And If we are lucky we might get tv on the weekends, and if we eat really really healthy we might get dessert, if we ear lucky.... Then to make things worst my parents want me to shut down my media accounts, and None of friends are in my class, or on my bus line, or live in the country with me , or have blonde hair like me and they do privit music lessons and have their own untrument unlike me... IM BEING LEFT OUT.... my friends says that they would adopt me because my parents are so mean.... I almost wanna cry becuase I don't have a phone , I have to use the computers at school do do this and for my media accounts i use my 65 year old grandpas phone, So follow me on insta
Kid, 12 years old

Hi, I have been reading all of these during the day. Anyways.... I am turning 13 very soon, and I still don't have a phone I have been asking for one since I was seven, My parents are really strict because They always want me and my 8 year old sister to do sports, we both do 3 to 4 sports each. And If we are lucky we might get tv on the weekends, and if we eat really really healthy we might get dessert, if we ear lucky.... Then to make things worst my parents want me to shut down my media accounts, and None of friends are in my class, or on my bus line, or live in the country with me , or have blonde hair like me and they do privit music lessons and have their own untrument unlike me... IM BEING LEFT OUT.... my friends says that they would adopt me because my parents are so mean.... I almost wanna cry becuase I don't have a phone , I have to use the computers at school do do this and for my media accounts i use my 65 year old grandpas phone, So follow me on insta
Teen, 13 years old written by ajarman14

Hello. I have been reading through some of these comments and it's SOOOO surprising how many people feel the same way I do. I am will be turning 14 in about a month and I still don't have a phone (I am writing this on our shared family PC). Well at least a good one as I just have a crappy nokia. Next year I will be a Freshman and I am the only one in my grade without a phone. My sister, who is now 19, got her 1st phone when she was 13. I think that since then, things have gotten more extreme and more kid have phones at younger ages. My parents don't want me to get a phone because they believe I would be anti social. BUT ACTUALLY it would have the opposite effect!!! They are always pressuring me to get together with friend (especially as I have just spent my first year at a new school and I previously did homeschooling). But how am I suppose to contact friends without a phone?!?! (Nobody checks email that often lol) At this new school I have made many new friend and been more social but it would just be a lot easier with a phone. I feel REALLY left out when EVERYONE (LITERALY EVERYONE) has a phone (I think I would be more confident if I had a phone)(I wish I could be apart of the chat groups :(). Because I don't have a phone, I don't know the trends and stuff (One day I go to school and everyone is referencing the yodeling kid and I'm like WHAT THE HECK?!!) I just pretend and say that my phone is not that good so I just keep it at home as there is no point in bring it. But that's a LIE (I even lie to my best friend). This year I have tried really hard with my grades, chores and my social life (even tho not having a phone makes it really hard!!!) I really want to get a phone for my birthday but I am too scared to ask as I am worried my parents will question me and say "What do you intend to do with it?" and stuff like that. It's been hard enough try to survive Middle school without a phone and I am REALLY worried that I won't get a phone before high school. HELP!!! :( BTW: If you want to know what I think it a good age 12+. Any age before then I think kids should be able to just enjoy childhood carefree and I think having a phone any age below 12 would change this :). I also think that all siblings should get a phone AT THE SAME AGE so it's fair for the other brother/sister. (Sorry that I typed so much. This is kind of like therapy for my hehe)
Adult written by Sue from Ohio

You've given a great response. I am a grandmom and my granddaughter lives with me. She is starting middle school and is asking me for a phone. I want her to fit in but also be smart enough to be safe. Maybe for 6th grade she can start out with her own Chrome book and then I can see if she uses it appropriately. What do you think about 6th grade being a test on her attitude, etc, and then getting her own ph summer before 7th? IE, 6th grade would be a test. Would getting a ph for 7th grade work with her feeling not so left out?
Parent of a 10 year old written by Lucy M.

I think 13 is an appropriate age for a smart phone. It’s late compared to some but my husband and I don’t think it’s necessary to text each other constantly or to be online a lot. Our son has a Nokia to text, call from and a lap top (provided by the school) so we feel that’s enough. He is not outside any social networks because of it and we do not have the phone eating into our time together as a family. Maybe it’ll be different for our daughter when she reaches 10-11.
Kid, 10 years old

I'm 10 years old have the second latest model ( Samsung S 8 ) I think that its quite good seem all my friends have phones plus I travel quite alot so it good when you make la friend and keep in contact Age: I really don't think this matters as long as your nature and responsible them that's ok. I have 2 younger siblings and I babysit them quite often so I need anything call my mum/dad etc and it's done Butt... if your like some of the other people don't have a phone have older siblings Parents: But they didn't get there phone till! Then I think they should have one or at least and iPad for like school group chats etc
Kid, 10 years old

about 90% of my class has a phone, and I have to get into the AA program in my school to get one, while most kids get promised a DOG when they get into the program, yet many parents dont even CARE whether or not their kid gets into the AA program! Its so unfair!
Teen, 14 years old written by NirvanaFan2004

The reason why your parents don't care about what your classmates have is because your classmates are not their kids! Lol! They are just trying to keep you safe!
Teen, 16 years old written by Carlton Powell

I am 16 years old i have a phone but it is not all that good My family has prepaid i believe there's nothing wrong with it my 1st phone was a samsung Galaxy j1 it wasn't activated my 11 year old cousin has a Samsung galaxy on5 Its activated! i was so mad data and everything My family gets so MAD when i called him spoiled he has an xbox 1 a laptop and his phone he had a wii u too all he wants he gets it. I'm like why am i being left out i didn't have that stuff in 5th grade. I Am so stupid I Have low down zte maven 3 because my Samsung galaxy j1 got Smashed with a hammer. (i didn't do it) so since last year i was the dumbo without a phone... i was so depressed. Comment and like!
Kid, 11 years old

I have a serious problem this year I tried homeschooling I don't like it anyway I still have a lot of friends and all of my friends and I am not joking have phones they have group messaging and I feel so left out.....we are moving this summer across the country I have lived here three years the longest anywhere and I am the most responsible I am whole family I make enough money through blogging to buy the phone and pay for it myself but they still wont let me have one... I am finishing 5th grade and have a 10th grade reading skill level and an a plus in every subject and I will graduate high school when I am 16 I do all my chores and do whatever my parents ask please help me
Teen, 13 years old written by 1Random user1

I am 14 years old in year 9 and had just had my birthday. I don't have a phone but my parents always call me spoilt. Saying that I do have a computer but I share it with everyone because there are no other computers apart from the one my dad uses for work all the time. My brother and sister are both in their 20s almost 30s and my parents are still paying for their devices. Altogether, my mum has a TV, a phone, an iPad and another iPad. My Dad has a Mac and an iPad. My brother has a iPhone and a computer same as my sister and her husband. My dad paid for all of them. In year 9, 99.99999% of people have a iPhone, that part missing is just me. I always feel left out when my friends have sleepovers and every one of them has a iPhone and an iPod. They have group conversations and I text them using my moms phone and she always tells me off for using it even if I'm doing something for her on the phone. I find my mom is a hypocrite here because she is always saying how none of my sibling had them at my age. YEAH, BUT IT WAS THEN, 18 YEARS AGO, AND THEN THEY GOT IT WHEN THEY WERE 15 ANYWAYS!!! AND I am in the top class in school, I usually come 3rd in the year, I do more chores than my mum, I cook dinner three times a week, I don't swear, I play 4 musical instruments, I do extra curricular activities, I am responsible and mature, I always do what she says,( and not trying to sound spoilt but, I HAVENT GOTTEN ANY CLOTHES/ PRESENTS FOR 3 YEARS, no kidding, my clothes are literally falling apart and don't fit) I do everything you could dream of, SO PLEASE HELP ME FEAL INCLUDED IN SOCIETY
Parent of a 13 year old written by sana.orya

haha i feel the same way know that ur parents are doing whats best for u im 14 and i wont get one untill im 18 and there is nothing i can do about it so i am going to suck it up and be positive because it is a distraction anyways :)
Kid, 9 years old

I think you should get a phone when your kid is responsible, and knows how to do school things, and you know is responsible enough to not misuse the phone and take school into their mind. - I think a good age would be 13+ -
Teen, 13 years old written by LightBlueLover

Okay. This is what I will say. PHONE PROS: good way of communication (texting, calling) social interactivity with friends (social media?) you don't have to beg your parents to use their phone anymore PHONE CONS: can be addictive, so you should have some rules I am not saying you should buy your child a phone. It is completely your choice, but I would say the right age for a phone is 11-13. I hope this helps you guys on what to do.
Kid, 11 years old

I am 11 years old, and I would like to share my experiences. I am currently finishing up 5th grade, and I don't have a phone. I am getting one in less than a month, but I would like to share how I have felt. So let's start off by talking about how many kids have phones in my grade. I'd say about 65-75% of kids in my grade have phones, or at least iPads. I don't have an iPad (mine broke), but I may get one soon. Anyway, all the kids in my grade that own devices are in something called a "fifth grade group chat." I'm pissed off because I don't have a phone, so I can't be in it. I personally think that parents should get their child a phone when they turn 10. But it depends... one of the kids in my grade has had a phone since kindergarten. Thanks.
Teen, 13 years old written by ZUOboi

I personally think that buying a phone for your child before the age of 12 is a stupid thing to do. Today I turn 13 and I've heard my parents discuss buying a phone for me this year. I am excited, and it IS going to happen, but it's not going to be anything special like an iPhone X or something. In fact it's not even going to be an iPhone. I'm guessing it's going to be one of those cheap Chinese phones that can still give you a decent experience. Although, being a teen, I must say this: As an 11-12 year old, not having a phone was HORRIBLE. By the time I was 11 about 75% of my grade had phones, but by the time I was 12 the number rocketed to about 90-95%. I felt (and still do) left out, I found it hard to talk to girls (egs. Me: Oh! What a nice discussion, can I have your phone num- Oh, wait I don't have one.), I missed out on ACTUAL CLASS DISCUSSIONS (Our French class had a WhatsApp group) and I found that in many situations I was bored and didn't have a way to talk to my friends. Because of these experiences, I always hated seeing 9 year old kids walking around with their huge iPhone 7s which were bigger than them. I always thought to myself, "Ugh, they had it easy." So I think getting your kid a phone at the right age can really make a huge smile on their faces.
Kid, 12 years old

When I was 8, I asked my parents if I could purchase a Tracfone Cell Phone; and they said yes; it was a LG 440G Flip phone, and you would buy refill cards, which would give you minutes, 4 years later, I have a iPhone on Verizon Wireless, but I thought it would be fun to activate a old phone on T-Mobile Prepaid, which if you use the pay-as-you-go, it would cost a minimum of $3 a month (assuming you already have the phone and sim card) for service, this gives you a combined allowance of 30 minutes/texts, over that would cost $.10 per call minute/text. I think that if you use T-Mobile prepaid, that's a great way to see if your child is ready for a cell phone, and to see if you can trust them with one, because if they lose it, they would be losing an old phone, where you can just go onto my.tmobile.com and cancel the service.
Teen, 15 years old written by urmom69

I think that kids should not have a cell phone until middle school. Where I'm from in the south, we aint go no phones we just yodel to the next person. If you wanna tweet something, you just grab a bird out of the nearby tree and write a note on it. They're aint no "posting" or "snapping" we just shuck corn all day and when we're done we bathe in the river and hope they're aint no snakes. Anyway, cell phones are not necessary unless you're rich and have cell service.
Teen, 13 years old written by Andrea_tumbles

I am from the south as well. I literally live right next to the border ( rio grande valley) We don’t “yodel” to each other. We don’t shuck corn all day. Most kids my age have phones. I don’t have one but I don’t really need one. I have an iPad (since 5 th grade) I’m in eight grade. My parents allow me to have Instagram (as a private acount) and Snapchat. The only reason why I would want to get a phone is so I can carry it around easily but otherwise it’s ok. My friends and classmates are very supportive and don’t tease me because they know it’s not the end of the world to not have a phone. I think kids should get a phone before starting high school because it’s when they will actually start needing one. Kids should be mature to have a phone so they don’t do th dumb things on them and have parental controls on them.
Teen, 13 years old written by iamawesome25252...

I think parents should get kids cell phones when they are mature enough. When you see your kids are doing their homework, helping around the house, doing well in school I think that is the best time to get your child a cell phone. I got a phone when I was twelve, for safety reasons. Something you should also remember, will your child misuse their phone or get behind any rules that you have? If yes, then you should wait or put restrictions on the phone. But I think the best age to get a phone is between 11-14 because that is usually when kids are in middle school, and kids may feel left out if they are the only one without a phone.
Teen, 13 years old written by TitoDeGallo

I don’t want to be a spoiled child like most kids are. In which, I believe that the cell phone age should be at least 16-17. Because, I’m 13, 98% of the kids at my school have phones, and I feel safe to say I’m smarter than all of them. And not only that, kids do a lot of misuse and bad stuff with cell phones, and see bad stuff as well.
Teen, 13 years old written by TitoDeGallo

And not only that, I take a Debate class and wrought and memorized a 10 min speech about teenage cell phone addiction.
Parent written by amelia L.

the age for kids to get a cell phone is probably around maybe 10.. I gave my daughter a phone when she was 9 years old but she did sneak twitter and we caught her easy!! It depends on how much you can trust your kid and their maturity
Kid, 11 years old

I’m 11, and I own and iPad that I saved up for (my mum paid sixty pounds too). When I go to secondary my mum says I’ll need one, but I want to buy one myself so it would be easier for my parents but I don’t know which to save up for. Any advice would be appreciated :)
Kid, 11 years old

Well, I'm 11 years old and for awhile now I've been wanting an iPhone. Okay, I'm in 5th grade and EVERYONE has an iPhone. Not even joking, all my friends have an iPhone. Like my one friend has the iPhone 7+ and it's pretty pathetic. She's SO rude to her parents and I don't know whats wrong with them, this one time she did naughty things on snapchat... SHE GOT HER PHONE TAKEN AWAY FOR 2 WEEKS! 2 WEEKS if that was my mom... oh stuff would go down! My mom would take it away for at least til' I was old and wrinkly. NOw, I have an iPod and its kinda the same but, it has no wifi when you go somewhere. Whenever we go to the mall, on her phone talking to her OTHER flippin' friends. Now I know you would say thats a bad friend but i'm stuck with her. My mom is her moms best friend. She's such a bratty rat! UGh! Well, back to the topic, I believe kids shouldn't have an iPhone til at least middle school. Yeah, yeah I want an iPhone. Let me tell you, I am so nice to my parents and I've been asking and asking and asking! No help. I'm great in school, not the best but not the worst. K, I always feel left out whenever I'm with my "friends" I feel like the ugly duck, with no iPhone and it kinda sucks. But I'm dealing with it because its not the end of the world, but my mom just doesn't get me sometimes. I'm very responsible, I've had an iPod for 3 years and 8 months ( not like I've been counting). I don't have a single scratch unlike my friend over here literally her phone is cracked for dayzz. Also I am very outgoing and very confident with myself and I believe I could handle all the bullys that come across me. Now that I have gotten my point across you should let this LECTURE sink into your head so you could persuade my family and other family's. K bye thanks!
Kid, 11 years old

Based on my experiences, you should get kids a phone when they are in middle school. In my grade (6th) about 99% of the kids have school. I think that middle school is the right age to go to your friends house straight from school, and kids need to let you know where they are.
Teen, 13 years old written by Liya Fraso

Well in my opinion kids/teens are allowed to have phones when they are matured enough. What exactly happened to me is I told my parents and proved that I'm mature enough to handle phones as a 13-year-old who is going to do her end of year exam of year 8. I convinced them and made a poster of pros and cons. I got the highest grades and showed my parents proudly that "here I've done my part and has been doing all my chores and I'm planning on continuing on what I'm doing" Apparently I thought wrong, they didn't allow phones at all!Not even my 17-year-old brother!Quite shocking!So I was upset and we had a huge fight because my mom was the one disagreeing and wasn't allowing us to have phones. My dad was in a denial but he didn't say anything. He was like a lost puppy and followed my mom's orders and didn't even side with us. In the end, I got some beatings and didn't get a phone. My mom said it's addictive and it can lower my grades and also lead me to some dangerous and bad sites that can cause trouble unless you are trustworthy enough. Maximum 90% my mom witness that students use phones before going to school and takes it with them when it's not allowed. Well, I'm okay with that, they take phones to school but what happened was a boy from my year got his expensive iPhone 7 and wallet stolen and a girls iPhone 7 got stolen and her money. These items are not easy to spend easily. When students/ teens misuse them, they either get cracked easily and damage the phone quickly whereas fully matured adults can use a phone longer than you can imagine. That is another reason why teens should not have phones at a very young age. Your own child must have regretted something they have done but can't seem to fully erase it from the world. They get depression cause of cyberbully and must have led to suicide. ONLY if your child is strong enough to handle situations like that, once again it's completely fine for them to handle a phone rather than misusing it. There can be pedophiles out there on the internet and dragged teens to trouble and hassle which can worry the hell out of parents. People out there telling teens should have phones at the age of... 7-8?!!?Unbelievable! Parents SHOULD NOT allow their child to have phones at that age!Your child hasn't been introduced to the internet life properly and giving them a phone with no restrictions can be a big step and is very dangerous. There are many dangers out there on the internet that they are unaware of and unfamiliar with. It can all start with safety, maturity and limited time of using and using it wisely and with care. This way can show that a teen is capable enough to get a phone at the right age. I and my brother are allowed to have phones when we are going to travel to our future *so deep* or when we turn 18. I feel like this is the right age to be completely mature and make the wise decisions. But I don't know about you. This is just my opinion and from what I've seen. My dad told his best friend that I have told that "She says she is mature enough to have a phone."That time I was 12. His best friend cried out loud and said "No please don't make the same mistake!I have bought a phone for my daughter *age 14 I believe* and she has completely has been attached to it. She was listening to songs all the time, she uses her phone at late hours of the night, her behavior dramatically changed when she got her first phone and she became more demanding. I regret giving her a phone" When her dad takes her phone for few days she goes completely insane! Yes, she does well in her educations but her other activities and attitude upsets her parents. From that I have learned that this isn't the right time to have a phone. The phone can wait when it's needed. Once again this is my opinion. I don't know about yours. Please do share your thoughts on what your understanding and knowledge is on this topic.
Teen, 14 years old written by MelliElixir

Well it all depends on the child's needs, let's say they walk to school every day, take the bus, things like that when you need to be in contact and especially if you are walking alone, then they definitely need one if your worried about the child going on bad websites well have you considered filtering? And, you can also make your child promise to give you the password and ask you if they can change the password just as long as the parents know then okay, no problem, I don't have a phone but what can I do, I'm about to turn 15, and I go walking to school, living like a pure Arab is pretty tough, mum won't let me get a phone until i reach university, I cant change my mums mind I've tried but I cant.
Teen, 13 years old written by AKAKW47

I think kids should get a phone when they enter Middle School. I am basing this belief off of what I noticed in school the past few years. In fifth grade, not many people had phones, but in middle school, about 80% of people had phones in 6th grade and 95% in seventh. As a seventh grader, I am sad because I don't have a phone yet and I am stuck in the minority 5% who cannot join in on certain conversations or talk about certain trends because I don't have my own phone. I have been begging to my parents for one for years, but my parents are not budging on the issue and I am not expecting one until high school when i will probably be the only one without a phone. A couple times these past few months, I have needed a phone but i don't have one. On snow days, I want to see if my friends are busy, but they don't check emails anymore because they all text on phones. That leaves me bored. Multiple times, my parents were super late to pick me up from chinese school and I get worried. If i had a phone, i would know where they were and what was taking so long. they just dont get it. Although i know they think they are just doing what is good for me, i feel that having a smartphone would put me in a way better and less uncomfortable position than what i am now. I feel left out at school and sometimes i get made fun of. My parents' decision to not get me a phone is doing more harm than good, at least to me. How do i get the message across to them that having a phone will help me a lot?
Teen, 13 years old written by Chicane

I think it should be 22 because that's when your the most mature but a fliphone at 18 or 19 and prn at 13
Teen, 17 years old written by daboss123

I think a child should have a phone at the age of 10-11 years old because it helps them become social although they could meet up with random people you should test them to see if if their ready if their been naughty and were going to give the phone if he says he sorry and hes desperate for a phone give it to him because it will help him/she alot.Imagine your child went to the shop he could tell you if he was in danger or if he stays home by himself if someone braking in.
Teen, 14 years old written by Hisoka Morou

Yeah, I am in HighSchool and I'm not even exaggerating when I say that everyone in my school has a phone. Even if it is a flip phone. And, I must say, sometimes I feel completely left out. Now a days even the TEACHERS automatically assume that by this age you should have a phone. You have no idea how many times a teacher has said things like. "Okay class, now take out your phones and sign up for this. I want EVERYONE to do it" and then I just sit there all awkward hoping that no one notices that I'm not taking out my phone. It is not only in my school where most teachers automatically assume the kids have phones either. In my cousins school, she says that her teacher takes attendance by having the kids put their phones in a box. (I'm assuming she knows what the kids phones look like? ha, Imma pretend like thats not kind of weird) But, the point is, everyone has a phone in 2018 and not having one can really out you in awkward situations. You can even be bullied in some cases. Now, if you are a parent... just avoid having the possibility of your child feeling like the odd one out of uncomfortable and get them a phone... That was really what I was trying to get at.. I hope this helped...
Adult written by DullBoringBland F.

My kids have been asking me for phones pretty much since the dawn of time. Just this week I bought my two youngest (10-11) an Iphone X and my two oldest (13-16) Samsung galaxy S9+s. I thought that they really deserved them and I am considered a "cool" parent among their friends. Was that a good Idea?
Teen, 13 years old written by Ailema1616

In my opinion I feel that this was not a good idea. As a 13 year old girl who is soon getting a phone I think that giving your child a phone to have a popular status around his friends is really dumb. YES you may feel your child deserves it but the type of phone you got them is very inappropriate. Your "kids'' were given a IphoneX and a Samsung S9, what do you think this will help them with.......helping them become more popular and putting all of the sucess they've probably had in the trash. Yes I am soon getting a phone for my birthday and have fantastic grades but I'm not going to put school behind me for a expensive phone! This phone is supposed to be for individuality ,maturity and responsibility.......this is my opinion and I'm just saying you should of re-thought about giving you two youngest a IphoneX and Samsung!!!!
Teen, 13 years old written by evibear_11

Honestly that wasn’t the best idea. Your kids will are spoiled by you. Don’t be afraid to say no. Besides you should have started cheaper!
Teen, 15 years old written by SWAGNER02

Idk, an iphone x is $1000+ and a gs9+ is $800+. I think you should've started a bit cheaper but otherwise yes.
Teen, 17 years old written by NellyCute

WRONG You shouldn't have done that. I'm 18 and I still don't have an Iphone. You seriously going to give your 10 year old an IPHONE X????????? YOU MUST BE MAD If I had an Iphone mine would be an Iphone 3 Omg I can't believe this.
Teen, 17 years old written by natella875

I agree with you because I am 17 almost 18 and I don't have a phone. I ask my parents all the time if I can get one and they say I don't need one. First of all, I have had a job for a year and 4 months soi can definitely pay for one. I have offered that to them. Second, I can never get plans set out because my friends don't call me on the home phone that I have. Thirdly during school teachers let people take out their self-phones to do work and I am just sitting there doing nothing because I don't have a cell phone. They should be able to let me buy one myself and I don't care they could take it at night and check it whenever they want to. I really need one because I babysit on the side and I need a phone to call the parents of the kids I am watching for safety. I really need them to understand that at some point they cant be helicopter parents because its actually something I need and not want.
Teen, 14 years old written by dk_kat

Dang it must suck for all these people who are 13-18 who don’t have phones. I got the knewest iPhone when I was 11. What’s wrong with y’all parents
Teen, 13 years old written by david04

I’m 13 and I’ve been asking for a phone for a while now, I do not have a laptop or anything else besides the ipad I am writing on which is actually given to every student at my school but since I’m in 8th grade and am going to high school next year I will no longer have it (the ipad is also highly restricted only allowing you to do little things). My birthday is in April and all I want is a phone but my mom doesn’t understand, she asks why I need a phone and I give her many reasons like the fact that I can’t contact her, what if I was in an emergency, etc. Although my brother turned 15 when he got his phone he had an iPod that he got for his birthday a few years before which is something I never got. It just makes me sad because I just feel so left out of everything, I don’t have any friends because I can’t even speak to them outside of school I’m isolated from an actual social relationship. I know that phones are expensive but they do last I’ve always been responsible and I do have good grades even placing me in honors classes.
Kid, 10 years old

I may be a kid,but listen to me,please. It really depends on the child's responsibility,but for the average child,it would be 11 at the minimum. Sure,I got my phone in 5th grade,but that's because my parents wanted me to be able to contact them in an emergency and they know I'm responsible. 11-13 is the age when your child goes to middle school,aka the 3 years where they have to deal with bullying,grades,etc. Let's focus on bullying and emotions for now. Since middle school is the age where most children get phones. So if you don't have one,you're the one of the main targets for bullying. People might even not want to be friends with your child if they don't have a phone! Now for emotions. Sometimes on big field trips,the teacher lets the class bring their phones. Sometimes,people have their phones out,and your child is just holding schoolbooks. This can make your child feel left out and depressed. If you are thinking about getting your child a phone,I'd recommend on getting a reasonably priced Samsung,LG,etc,before building your way up to Apple when you see they are responsible. If you really want your child to be responsible,make them pay part of the phone bills,and speaking of which,I'd recommend limited text,call,and data so they will manage their phone in a mature way,instead of using it for practically the entire day. I almost forgot,get a phone that fits your budget. If your child doesn't like the phone you can afford and agree on,just ask them if they want that phone or no phone. I hope this helped! :D
Kid, 12 years old

I’m 12 (pretty obvious on the side) and I don’t have a phone yet, however, I’ve been asking my parents about the S9. I know that it’s quite an expensive phone, and a kid my age shouldn’t be getting one like that, which is why I kind of don’t want it anymore. Reading all the comments below, I feel like I’ve been spoiled because I have a laptop and iPad, but I use both of those for work. For play, I’ll play on my PlayStation. My grades aren’t terrible, but they can do better, though I am one of the top students in class. I do try my hardest though, I’ve never done a test without cheating and I’m always studying for future tests and assignments. I’m also left home quite a bit, sometimes my mom will go somewhere and I don’t feel like coming, or I can’t come. Other times, I’m left alone with my aunt, but my parents like to call me rather than them. I also go to the movies with friends, and have to depend on my friend to call for me. In May, I’m also going to a trip with my school. We only get to use the phone once, and we have no hand-me-downs in the family for me to use. I do use social media as well, but don’t post. The only things I’ve posted are some pictures of my trips without my face in it, some Instagram bingos, and my hamster, other than that, I don’t have anything that is inappropriate. While I don’t like taking pictures of myself particularly, I do enjoy taking pictures of scenery. I am very responsible too. I’ve owned my laptop for 5 years. Not a single harm done, other than me forgetting it at my aunt’s but she doesn’t live far away. I take care of everything as if it were my child, especially my books. Overall I think I can get a phone, maybe not the S9, but an iPhone 6S works too
Kid, 12 years old

I'm 12 and I think the right age to get a kid their phone is middle school. I think that I'm at the age where I should get my first phone but I haven't gotten one yet. It's hard because 75% of my friends have phones and are on social media. But I do NOT think that 4 th or 5 grade is a good time to get a phone. That's when a kid should have an iPod which is my opinion.
Teen, 16 years old written by DhruvBalaji

I'm 16 and I have a galaxy s7. I think 13-14 is a good age to get a phone, because that is when kids are old enough to join social media.
Teen, 17 years old written by Lowkeyjes

I am 17 years old and I just got a new phone , I Phone 8, I have always had the older phones of my friends but I kept waiting cause I knew one day I would get a newer phone. I had the 5s for 3 years ( that was after the 6 came out ) and yes I will be honest I complained about it but it was okay. All you kids that really want a new phone , don't worry about having the newest phone at such a young age , you have your whole life to have a new phone . Just go with whatever phone your parents give you and when you get old enough , get a job and work for a new phone . ( I pay $100 a month for my phone)
Teen, 13 years old written by jjgoldz15

Ok so I’m 13 turning 14 this year and my mum refuses for me to have a phone until I’m 18. I’ve always got good grades in my core subjects and I’ve kept them up. I go out with my friends a lot on the weekends and she usually gives me her old phone like the old Nokia phones or I have to depend on my friend’s. We go to Albury quite a lot and we all go our own ways. Hence, I usually stay in the car. She tells me I have to earn it by making YouTube videos but she’s just too ignorant that she doesn’t understand the concept. Especially on school camps, (we go to cities like Melbourne and Canberra) I feel really left out because all my friends have phones and they’re taking photos but I can’t because well I have none. Do you think I’m the right age to have a phone?
Kid, 12 years old

Hello, I'm turning 13 this year, and I still din't have a phone. Whenever I'm with my friends and they get their phone taken away, they are all dramatic and then there's me saying" you guys over react" they say "no we don't" I say "well it's kinda funny seeing your reactions because I've never had a phone in my whole life." I hate my life so much, it's stupid. I know little kids in Grade 2 that have phones, and i'm in grade 7, I have asked my parents so many times why can't i have a phone? But they say It will take over my brain. But really whenever we go the store they stay in the car an extra 20 min on their phone, and me and my sister they it's taking over them more than us. Sometimes I have had to take away their phone just to talk to them with their full attention. I think the wright age for a phone would be 10 because I get bullied for not having a phone, and would you want your kid going through that?, I didn't think so... I sometimes cry myself to sleep because I hate my life so much! I love my parents but sometimes they are [email protected]#$%^& ^$%&*#! Everybody gets to hear the gossip but me because I have no phone, That's why I'm always on a school computer, everybody think i'm obsessed with them but I'm really not! it's only because I have no phone... $#&^ the person who invented phones! Thank you so much for reading!
Parent written by E K

I think you should make a list of why you want a phone. Personally, from reading your post I think that you could get a phone but with serious restrictions. In your post you have shared with thousands of strangers what your weekend habits are and what cities you are usually in. Now as a parent, I would not want my kids whereabouts broadcasted on the internet when we all know there are dangerous people masquerading as kids online. Perhaps you should you make your list and really read over it yourself and decide if you need to change your online habits before being responsible for a phone. As a safety concern, I understand but I think you have a little more maturing to do. Best of luck!
Kid, 12 years old

Yes! You are the right age to get a phone. I think that you should remind your mom that you are responsible and you get good grades. You should also ask her why you can't have a phone until you're an adult. It's most likely because phones can be very expensive. Especially iPhones. She might let you have one if you offer to pay for it. Hope this helps!
Teen, 17 years old written by tlb759

Yes I do, ask for one on your birthday. Tell her you'll be good and she can check.
Teen, 17 years old written by tlb759

Yes I do, ask for one on your birthday. Tell her you'll be good and she can check.
Kid, 12 years old

Kids should not be able to use a cellular device, until the age of 14+ Here's a personal conflict. Most people get really bad eyesight and also are less physically active by using a cellular device and impacts their study whatsoever. I, as a 12-year-old kid, blackmailed my parents to get a phone. Most people thought that "What you're parents won't let you get a phone?" And now I've made an article for kids not using cellular devices. Ask these questions I,e I am doing a big responsibility, is he or she really responsible to get a phone? Does the child's belongings or school equipment ever get lost? Do you think the child is old enough to consult their parents on a phone?
Teen, 13 years old written by MiaTheJournalist

Honestly, I’m not so sure what’s the right age.. I got a iPhone when I was ten. Not the latest one,’ It was the IPhone 6s. I really never asked for one because I never needed one. As my grades kept getting higher each marking period, my Dad decided to get me a Christmas gift. Once again, I was really never focused on the idea of having a phone like other kids do. That Christmas gift was a IPhone 6. It was wonderful. I never really knew of social media until 6th grade. I got introduced to it by my many friends that I had. As I’m growing up and showing that I’m doing my responsibilities. My mom decided to get me a IPhone X, indeed I did not want it but as to be kind I decided to take it. I’m blessed with this gift. If you don’t know, this was a UPGRADE from my IPhone 6 to the X so my mom really didn’t pay much for anything. Except cases and protectors. You have to make sure that you take care of the stuff you have now, it’s dosent have to be technology it can be simple things like lunchboxes or walking your dog. If you have a tablet or IPad I recommend sharing it with a sibling (as I don’t have any siblings) and that might show your parents if your nice and caring about the things or people you love. Clean your IPad or tablet.
Kid, 11 years old

I'm 11 years old, and I'm in 6th grade. (I don't have a phone, and completely respect my parents views and agree with them on why I shouldn't have a phone.) Before 6th grade I always begged my parents for a phone because....everyone had one. I had to text my friends on my dad's phone and everything. It was so frustrating! And all of my friends have social media like Snapchat and Instagram that I could never have. But now I'm in 6th grade and I'm starting to notice that my friends are spending WAY to much time on social media and texting. My grades throughout 6th grade were PERFECT and all of my other friends weren't AS good. I'm not saying the reason they don't have as good grades as me is because they have a phone. But it could be a contributing factor. I think a good age to have a phone is in 9th grade, when you will have more reasons to use a phone and contact people since you are more dependent, reliable, and mature.
Teen, 17 years old written by mrtechnological...

You have bad parents..... Kids should get a phone at like 7 or 8. Every child is capable of having a phone at that age. Who cares about grades? Phones don’t contribute to anything
Kid, 12 years old

I also have horrible parents!!! I wanna phone!!! "phones don 't contribute to anything" I know right that's what they said too...
Teen, 13 years old written by MarineFantasy

(F)I am starting my 8th year of school here, and I do not have a phone. For years, I have been persuading my parents to get me a phone, just like the other 'cool' kids in my 5th grade class. Eventually, I noticed that all my friends, even the 'nerdy' ones, were starting to get nice, expensive, and upscale phones like the iPhone 6+. This fueled my persuasion skills even more, and I made elaborate presentations about the iPhone and why I should deserve one. I gave up for a while, until a few days ago. Using the howadultareyou.com test and not searching up or asking for answers, developed by a psychologist, I scored an unbeaten(at my school) 97%. This gave substantial evidence, however this did not get me a phone. What it did give me was that my mom finally accepted that I was mature and responsible enough for a phone, which I will be given in 9th grade. My mom just wants to wait one more year of no-phone time just to reduce my exposion to phones. I'm happy now! If your child is responsible, shows good character, has good grades, and displays a consistent level of maturity, you can give him or her their first phone.
Teen, 13 years old written by itsyourgirlCathy

Honestly, I think the right time to give a child a phone is when they are entering High School, about 9th Grade. This is when they will start to socialize with more friends, and do more sports and after school activities.
Teen, 14 years old written by what is the stuff

I think that kids should have phones at about 6th grade that is when they start to do more things with friends and sports that you need to let them have the phone to call you if something is wrong. and about middle school I was staying home a lot with my sister so i needed it to call my parents anytime i need to. i would also only get them 1 phone and if they cant keep it safe in a month then they should not have one but it is up to you.
Kid, 10 years old

I am getting a phone for middle school next year and my 11 yr old friend has a 8+ which I think is crazy. At my middle school you need a phone if you bike to school or get detention. It can be confusing even in 5th grade. I have had to go to the main office to call my mom and tell her that it is a half day multiple times and I am soooo sick of it. If I have a mix up on who is going home with who I need to go all the way down to the main office and sort it out. If you have a phone, you are safer. You should trust your child with it. It is their future and you only get to control .25 of it. If they screw it up, it is on them. In conclusion, get it at the start of middle school
Teen, 13 years old written by Yellow_Dally1

Here is a good criteria set: Ask yourself: “Is my child/teen involved in a lot of afterschool activities?”, or “Am I away from home a lot?” If this is so, you may want to get your child a phone for safety. Another thing you should ask yourself is: “Has my child/teen displaying maturity, are their grades good, can they complete tasks?” If they exhibit the traits you have been pondering, a phone could be an option. Another thing to consider is “How can a phone affect their overall life (for the better or worse)?” By using this criteria, you can properly consider if they deserve a phone. You don’t have to get them the latest model (I got a my first phone a few weeks ago and it was an iPhone 6S), as long as it can use the latest (or previous) version of whatever it runs. However, if you give them a phone your previously owned, and it is an iPhone, consider getting a battery replacement first to make it run good (it’s only $29).
Teen, 13 years old written by Liya Fraso

The thing is, even after doing all those criteria you have written down, my parents still won't approve no matter what. Age 18 is the time where I'm allowed to have a phone
Teen, 13 years old written by FlamingTriforce9

The age a child should get a phone depends on the child. If your child displays lots of maturity and you believe they will do the same with a phone, you can get them one. If not, then wait. With me, I was the type of kid that had frequent meltdowns when I was younger, and I displayed maturity at times but it was inconsistent. Eventually, I realised I needed to grow up, and I picked up my game. After that, my dad told me he thought I was mature enough to have a phone. You, as a parent, should do the same. Wait until they are consistently displaying maturity and until they have proven they will do the same with phones. I got a phone at age 12, but some people got one earlier and some are older than that and still don’t have one.
Teen, 14 years old written by n8cwhite

Hi, I'm 14 years old and don't have a phone. I'm not sure why. I'm the only one in my friend group without one, only kid on the bus without one and one of the very few in my school that doesn't have one. Fifth graders have phones, and I don't. I get good grades and am mature. I'm not sure why. I think it depends on maturity. If you think your child can handle a phone, give him one. Not the latest iPhone X or expensive phone, maybe something a bit cheaper such as an SE or 6.
Teen, 13 years old written by Myopinions500

I’m in 6th grade and I have an iPhone SE. I had an LG in 5th grade. The Lg was my mom’s old phone. It was mainly for emergencies. The way to get a phone is to show how responsible you are, have good grades, organize time right. And most of all, show your parents why you would need one. Start off with something simple like an Android, then if they trust you with that they will probably give you newer phones as you get older. If that doesn’t work, maybe your parents are afraid about something that has something to do with phones
Kid, 10 years old

I have a phone and I’m under 13. I get your point but I don’t fully agree.
Teen, 15 years old written by Rosalover28

Hi, I'm rosa. I'm am 15 years old, I don't have a phone, my parents rule is we are not aloud to have a phone until we drive alone!!! Yes! I now it's not fun haveing a phone but I just haft to trust my parents now what they are doing, yes I've always wanted phone most teens make fun of me becouse I don't have a phone, all the kids that do have a phone be great flu for what u have and don't want newer becouse there are kids out there who don't even have a phone! Anyway that's it.
Teen, 15 years old written by Common sense LST

well, once your kid is in elementary school, you can give them an old flip phone, or give them a regular phone, and only make it able to call and text. my phone is only able to call and text people, and that's it. but my parents say that you have to be at least in 6th grade to get a phone, and one year I wanted one for Christmas. I did not have a phone until I was in 7th grade, my parents gave me it for safety reasons.
Teen, 13 years old written by Fallout871

When I was around 10 that's when I first got my official phone (which was a Blu studio energy 2) it was a little expensive but not to expensive (like around $150). But after a year of my phone being in perefect condition my parents decided to get me a iPhone 6 plus (which was around $500 at the time) and I took good care of that to. Then around a year and a half later I got the iPhone 7 plus (which was around $860 at the time) and then now a few months ago I got the $1,000 Galaxy note 8 (I'm 13 at this time). So my point is to start little and see how responsible they are before deciding to blow $600 on a phone, because if you give a child the latest iPhone as there first phone they won't know how it's like to own a basic phone so therefore they will not appreciate the value, they might appreciate it physically but not mentally.
Teen, 13 years old written by My thoughts about it

A phone dosen't getting to do whatever the kid wants. I don't have a phone i know sad but it's hopefully my parent understand what there doing is unfair sister got her phone at 11 but she disrespectful still. Steal money and shes 16 but she still gets money for nails and hair. I have As and Bs do my chores respectful in class don't sitll clean without acting mad. PLUS see broke her phone about 3 to 4 times and its a iphone don't adding her other phone see lost i got 2 tablet they broke the first one of my sister freind broke the secaond on was slow and left on the charger all night (my bad) but my parents wont let me use thier phones to talk to my friend they wonder why am always in the house how am i going to contact my friend. It just not fair if they don't get one by my 14 birthday i don't no but my older sister is getting a iphon 8 and but this whole year see lied and steal. My parents say she will punish her but they never follow though. They don't know how i fell being blocked out by my friends at lunch cause there on their phones. I baby set and walk my brother plus do everything they want with a smile. I guess it don't enough
Kid, 11 years old

I got my phone when I was in fifth grade and my dad got it for me so I could keep in touch and I’ve had it for a year now and it’s is still in tack so about sixth grade is the right time to get a kid a cell phone
Kid, 11 years old

I still do not have a phone and I am so annoyed and mad!!!! My parents say I cannot get a phone until AT LEAST seventh grade. I feel very left out because all my friends have either a phone or an iPod touch. I have to text my friends on the family iPad, and I am barely ever allowed to, so I miss out on a lot of conversations. A phone would make me feel a lot more safe! One time I was apparently supposed to be a car rider on the way home from school, and I didn't know that my mom was emailing me because I didn't get a chance to look at my computer. I was very confused when I saw my mom's car in the parking lot as my bus drove away. Luckily, someone with a PHONE was able to call my mom and sort things out. If I had had a phone, I could have called my mom myself. Here's a suggestion: make a packet with reasons why you should have a cell phone and a cell phone contract (found on www.screenagersmovie.com). That is what I am doing, and I hope it will work. Have a great day!
Teen, 13 years old written by tabbcat248

Hiya, I can understand how it would make you feel more safe. But it's what you use it for and how you take care of it that matters. Yes, there are some great safety apps such as Life360. But if you're getting it just to be like 'all your friends', I don't think that's a very good reason to present to your parents. Also, seventh grade is only a year or two away! That's around the time I got my smartphone.
Kid, 0 years old

I am 9, and got a Samsung Galaxy Sky J3 for My 9th Birthday. I am almost 10, and getting an iPhone 8. I think it is VERY important for kids after the age of 9 that can be TRUSTED! :)
Kid, 10 years old

WHY WON'T MY PARENTS GET ME A PHONE?!?!?!?!?! I WANT A PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Teen, 14 years old written by Nik_

I am 13, and in eighth grade. My parents, for whatever reason feel that I'm not ready for a phone. I do believe that a phone is very important in day to day life. I'm a triathlete, and so I go on 60 mile bike rides, how am I supposed to keep in touch? I'm also into photography, and sometimes I don't have a camera on me, I do have a small little flip phone, but the camera is .3 megapixel. That quality can't capture a single thing! Anyway, I don't think a kid should get a phone when he is 10, 11 and maybe even 12! I wanted one so badly at that age and I didn't get one. I look back at this and realize if I did get one at the age, my life would be a mess! I think the correct age to earn a smartphone is around 13 years of age. This is just my opponion and I could be wrong, so sorry if you disagree! Thanks!
Adult written by Sydney C.

My child (Sarah) got one when she was 9. This may differ depending on the child. I feel as if Sarah was ready for a phone. She showed responsibility and so forth. I know other parents get phones later though and that is fine! Maybe even better!
Adult written by Katt C.

There is no real age limit on having a phone. It is about maturity and if you think your kid would be sensible using their phone. Could it wait a few more years?
Teen, 13 years old written by pinkavo

My parents say I don't need one, but how am I supposed to contact you when I hang out with friends. No, i'm not going to borrow someone else's, that's the point of owning a phone in seventh grade. I offered to pay but they're just being lazy. My father is an i.t manager, I should have had a phone since I was 2 *jokes* thanks for reading this rant bye
Kid, 11 years old

I don't have a phone and I'm in 6th grade. And the reason I NEED a phone because, in my Theater Arts class, we have to memorize lines and I won't be able to contact my friend who is in my class. How am I suppose to memorize lines if I don't get to practice with her? And her mom doesn't even let her stay after school.
Parent written by Aliya L.

should kids have a phone?the more crime and violence that is happening these days it might be smart you can also set controls on it to stop it from doing types of things
Kid, 12 years old

I don’t have a phone and i’m in seventh grade. i have a cousin in second grade that has a phone. everyone but like a few people in my school have phones aka my friends. i get made fun of for not having one. i think the right age for parents to get kids a phone is sixth grade because in middle school that’s when it’s really important because you’ll hang out with your friends after school and they will need to know when to pick you up. my brother got his phone when he was 14 because my parents rule is you have to pay for it to have it. but i’m too young to get a job except taking care of my neibors cat. there’s nothing that can help me because i get 3 bucks for allowance a month and 10 cents for any additional chores. so yeah in high school you have to have one because the teachers make you take pictures of the board instead of writing so i’m screwed. thx for reading my rant i love you
Teen, 17 years old written by Naomi M.

I am 17 and a half years old oh, I do have a phone. I got a phone when I was 16 I had wanted one since I was like 13 then I finally got one. I got one because my older brother had a cell phone but then he left to go to college so there was no one else with a phone in the family besides my parents so if they were gone one of them would have to leave their phone, a chore right? life's not fair certainly mine is not, my brother got a phone when he was like 12 it was a flip phone but this was years ago flip phones used to be more popular oh, he would bust it cuz he was a young irresponsible kid and then they would get him another one. Kids do need to use phones responsibly, in my own home there's rules about my cell phone usage even though I am 17! I have to turn in my cell phone every night before I go to bed, no my parents don't want me using it in church either. It is annoying though from time to time my dad has gotten on my phone looking at my email my text, it's like really!? They even know my phone password oh, it's the principle of the matter just because people want privacy does not mean that they have anything to hide, they just want privacy! I can attest to this, privacy for me is limited in my home. I see a lot of kids on here in the comment section not many parents, most of the kids are 13 or 11. Since when did kids so young need cell phones? Kids don't need phones till there at least a teenager, but the world's a crazy place. However I do get kids 10 to 12 feel left out and jealous because their friends have phones and they don't the truth is nobody that age does need one. Somebody here in the comments section said just lie to people and tell them that you're not allowed to bring your cell phone to school, kids do not lie lying is not a good thing it can get you in trouble and make you feel guilty and it is against one of the Ten Commandments, so just don't. If you are a young person and really want a phone make an offer to your parents to pay for a portion of the cell phone and even a portion of the cell phone bill every month, politely and respectfully calmly and quietly explain to them your situation, you are whatever age you are everyone else has one you feel left out oh, you don't fit in oh, you can't talk to anybody. Believe me been there done that all the craziness, you know when you're out somewhere and you need to contact your parents and you don't have a phone and see have to borrow one and it's embarrassing, nobody wants to feel like they owe somebody else like they are a burden! Flip a coin this is a hard one, getting your children a cell phone depends on their attitude their responsibility their maturity their reasons, your reasons. Set rules in place make a contract, like I said possibly even make them pay for a portion of it, however I do not recommend that you tell children that they have to pay for it if they have no way of getting any personal income, if you don't give your kids a suitable allowance like at least $10 a week or they don't have a job or any way of making money don't tell them you can have a phone if you pay for it because they will never be able to pay for it. As someone that still does not have a job at the age of 17 and yes I suffer for it, Christmas and birthdays can be a hardship when you have to get people presents and have no money hardly. I get a small allowance a week but it's is not enough. I could go on forever about parenting but this is a cell phone conversation. Good luck everybody on getting a phone if you don't have one, peace out
Teen, 13 years old written by Flipphones

So am 13 and everyone in my school even people 2 grades younger than me......but I don't. My parents are divorced and so my mom bought me a android phone my dad took it away like 5-7 time a day on time he took it away and dropped it (it broke and shaterd) before this happend my dad threatened me with a flipphone then he finally did it. I have all A and maybe 1-2 B in school I don't do anything bad but that's just how it is for me. My dad won't let me get a better phone even if I buy it and it's soooooooo hard because am in grade 8 with a flipphone. My friends are always complaining about how they hate their iPhone 6pluse they got foe christmas beach use it's gray and not rose gold it make me want to slap them. Buy I don't know what to do ive only told 2 people about it and haven't even told one of my best friends in the whole world. Thank you guys soooooooo much I thought I was the only one with these phone problems
Teen, 13 years old written by anonymous1234567

Hello! I am in middle school, and not allowed to get a cell phone. I would have to pay for it, but have no way of collecting money. I highly doubt that my parents would let me get one, no matter how much money I saved. I would also have to pay for monthly phone bills. Most of my friends have a cell phone. 5 have an I-Pod, and do not have a cell phone. I have no cell phone, no I-pod, and no social media. This makes me feel left out. Only 1 out of my (About) 50 friends do not have Snapchat. Some people do not respect me because of this. It also makes it harder to communicate with friends that do not go to my school. I am very responsible, have always has straight A's, and have had perfect attendance scene 5th grade. I would feel accepted with a phone. I do currently play a sport, and have had to borrow someones phone multiple times. This can be very embarrassing. Overall, I believe that if you are a parent struggling with the decision of getting your kid a cell phone, also consider how owning a cell phone will affect their behavior now, and later in life. I love my parent deeply, and am thankful for everything they have given me. Owning a cell phone would help with my homework, my social life, and my safety. Once again, If you a parent facing this big decision, test them. Give them the chance to use an used tablet. If they are responsible with it, consider getting them a cheap phone. Everyone makes mistakes, so give them a little room to make them. One final thing is to make them do extra. If they have a cell phone, it should be a privilege. Give them extra chores, or make them pay for 5-10% of the phone, and/or phone bill each month. Over all, a cell phone is a good idea for your 11-12 year old. It can help, if used in the correct ways.
Teen, 13 years old written by anonymous2236

Hi. im 13 in 7th grade and my parents won't let me have a Phone with CELLULAR. I have an old hand me down galaxy s4, and have a text app on it. It is super embarrassing when everybody is on their iPhone 6 or 7's. I have to use someone elses phone to call them They get mad when i miss calls and texts, but i go out a lot, and i cant receive texts if im not on WiFi. I feel left out. my parents also never want to talk about it, and Christmas is coming up but i know i wont get a phone. I dont understand. I have saved up for a phone, but m parents said no! I also have A's and B's in school. I dont know what to do. My sister has had a phone since December of her 6th grade. (She's 15 now.) she got an iphone 4s, and then got an iphone 6s. She is way worse of a person than me and has had her phone taken constantly. I have never had my phone taken away.
Teen, 13 years old written by CarolineM23

I believe that kids in middle school should be able to chose. Iknow, I know how hard it is to not have a phone. I am 13, and all I have is an old, crappy Samsung galaxy 4. I'm also in 8th grade, and it's hard to go around and get picked on because your old, shattered hand me down phone( which I only got at the beginning of the year because my flip phone stopped working) doesn't even have a case. At this point, I'm even ok with setting with an I phone 6, but my mom won't even let me do that. I don't have Snapchat, only instagram. And trust me, all kids out there in my situation, I feel you. When you are in middle school, most kids are mature enough to handle a phone, and I have noticed that people who don't have phones, or have bad ones are more likely to get picked on that people who do. This is even harder when you are extremely middle class, and go to a private school where you see kids getting two phones a year "just because" and see how oblivious they are to what is happening around them with people like me. Oh, and all of you parents out there who use the excuse that it "causes depression", it really doesn't. I have two friends who have been professionally diagnosed as clinically depressed, and not one reason had to do with social media or phones. I just really wish that parents would be more understanding about this, and understand that we live in a new generation, and have to deal with things completely different from what they did.
Kid, 11 years old

This depends on when the parents decide. I was one of the last kids to get a phone, there were kids in my fourth grade class with phones! At the time of writing this (11/29/17), my parents got me a phone in June 2017 (a few month prior to this).
Kid, 12 years old

Kids age 12 and up should have a cellphone. I myself leave the house quite often and occasionally take public transit. I have a 6 year old samsung galaxy tab 2 and it is bad. We have computers and tablets, these can send video chats, voice calls, messages, access internet, any website desired, download any apps, & even tell us the news. So why cant we have phones, phones do all of these just in a more compact version. I personally spend maybe 11 hours in the week on my tablet and maybe 15 on screens in total. I have also have an xbox, I dont understand parents are willing to give you tablets, computers, and consoles all bigger "phones". So you are willing to give us all of these things but now all of a sudden because of size and a name we can't have a phone wow very logical. I have seen kids in KINDERGARTEN with phones. This just proves that whenever you prove them wrong that they messed up, they ignore you and try to hide it. Figure it out im not stupid nor are the rest of the teens who dont have phones but you treat us like we dont realize. Phones arent made for evil, you see kids caught doing bad things and instantly think its social media or phones. Im in 7th grade and thats my view of phones.
Kid, 11 years old

I'm in 6th grade and everybody in my school has a phone except me. I asked my parents why they won't get me one and they just are like we haven't have time to talk about it. But I know their lying. I hear them every night talking about it. And they say I'm responsible but it's so not fair. I feel like such a loser. Everyone at school teases me and I get left out because of that. I think you should get your kid a phone when they start middle school.
Kid, 12 years old

Sammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme! everybody in my grade has a phone butcept me so that would 9.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% with phones and 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 without phones, when I ask my friends to give me their old ipads and stuff they say "i still want them" I say be generous
Parent of a 10 year old written by Lucy M.

Ask them to get you a Nokia, non smart phone as temporary measure. A smart phone will just use up so much of your time. Your parents are doing it as they think it’s the best thing for you and research has shown it is so easy to get addicted to phone use.
Adult written by Joanne L

I know what it's like to be left out from your friends, because it happened to me. I am 11years old/5th grade and I don't have a good phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy note 4, and it is a hand-me-down gift from my mom. It doesn't have any data lines and it never did. My mom doesn't even let me play games on it or use it for studies or projects. My friends all have at least an iPhone 6 plus or higher. I feel really left out from my friends. I have been begging and wishing for an iPhone 8 plusevery night and birthday wish, but my parents say I have to wait till the end of high school or get straight As for 1 and 1 half a year. I dont really care now and I just don't want one anymore. The only reason why I wanted one us to fit in with my friends. I think a parent should get a kid a phone at least at age 11-14.Please don't be sad or depressed about not having a cell phone. I strongly urge parents to get a kid a phone when they start junior high.
Teen, 15 years old written by dhanush.03

Personally I do not have a phone with a SIM card so I am unable to make phone calls without a internet connection. It sometimes proves to be difficult to contact my parents to communicate. Age 14/15 or the freshmen year of high school is a good time to get a cell phone, and also the maturity level of the child plays a major part in whether a phone would be used appropriately. During the high school years a phone is transforming form being a want to being a need, as many schools use communications through technology. So the years of high school would be a good time to get a child a cell phone.
Teen, 13 years old written by Oragami1

Meaning even if your friends even do have a phone with social media AND EVERYTHING...doesn't mean your parents aren't punishing you, they care for you and they don't want to see you get hurt or you see something inappropriate. Yeah yeah, I know you'r thinking, "Wowwwwww....THAT is NOT true." Yes it is...your parents love you! Again...THEY'RE not punishing you-just wait, deal with embarassment! (just kidding), or confrence with them about it! --Best of luck!
Teen, 13 years old written by Oragami1

Hi! I'm 12 turning 13- I have a flipphone...*sigh* my parents haven't really told me why but I think it's because of social media news. I'm on social media but they probably think that they wouldn't be able to see what I'm doing or if I post anything inappropriate; or if I'm on it for too long, they consider me, "a noodle" if I zone into a screen for too long! I have to use their phones so they can see what I'm doing. They hardly ever let me use their phones...I'd be VERY surprised if they EVER got a phone for me on my birthday OR christmas!! My opinion, from the comments...I agree that it's mostly maturity! NOT age. Age doesn't matter or even if ALL your friends have a phone!
Parent of a 10 year old written by Lucy M.

Great - our 11 yr old also has a non smart phone. Easy to carry round, not a time waster, battery lasts for ever .... He’ll get a smart phone around 13 probably.
Kid, 10 years old

I totally agree my brother who is nine wants a phone but... he is autistic so mum /dads like no he might see somthing he wont like he might lose it etc I'm a year older I have a phone . I think he should get a phone bc he is always watching YouTube and stuff on her phone And complaining Plus we go downtown with our friends by ourself all the time Age REALLY ____ DONT _____ MATTER Are you mature? Do you do chores ? Do you help out?
Teen, 13 years old written by CarolineM23

Totally agree. I too had to deal with a dreaded flip phone! And my parents are like freakin nazis when it comes to technology. The only other thing my mom has ever given me was a kindle.......when I was 8! Five years with that thing, not a single scratch, yet they still use the excuse that "I'm not responsible enough"
Teen, 13 years old written by anonymous1234567

I bought myself a kindle with my own savings when I was in 2nd grade. I currently do not have a phone, and am struggling socially because of this.
Kid, 11 years old

Hi, I definitely think that you should get one by 10. Maybe a hand me down, like a used phone that you can download an app that to text and call on, just in case.Or a cheap one that doesn't cost a lot. When you are 11 or 12, I definitely recommend getting a new phone. You start to actually NEED it. Like me. I started to be in situations where I needed to contact my parents and i couldnt. Very inconvenient for both of us. Plus, I started to have a wider group of friends, and we wanted to contact each other via phone. You also start to feel left out, because it seems everyone has it. It might not seem like a big deal, but it is to kids. I am only 11, and peer pressure was getting to me too. Even my parents thought so. They decided to get me a new one, and we ordered a new Galaxy S8 for me. I was very happy, and my parents thought I was responsible enough for one. Mind you, I am not saying to get the latest phone. ANY smartphone is good. But I think that you have to make sure your kid is responsible enough, despite their age. A 9 year old can be more ready than a 13 year old in terms of maturity. I hope I helped.
Kid, 12 years old

Ok, I have read basically every comment on this list to get an idea of what people are talking about. So as a 12 year old 6th grader, being mainly the majority of commenters on this thread, I'd like to give my opinion on the matter. But, before here's my history with any mobile device. I got my first tablet at age 8, it wasn't mich a cheap 50-ish dollar Digiland tablet, but I still loved it mostly finally having literally any touch device at all was a huge step up. Moving on adter a while due to boredom I soon moved to using the computer more often, because I was 10 and wanting something more. Then at age 11 August time, my mom had recently damaged her phone, her phone being a badly cracked cheap Alcatel Pop Star Lte 2. Me being fed up of tablets already took the phone despite the condition of it and fir the first 3 weeks it had data and calling, because after she droped she just abandoned it, I used anyway. This didn't last long, after my sister had found her lost iPod Touch, that had been missing for a year almost in a janitors closet in her high school... She started using it again.In March when she got a job she got an iPhone 5s, and I got her product red iPod ( meaning a portion of the money we paid for it was donated to cure AIDS in Africa). This is currently my main device I use, for all of my social media to interact with family and friends and to entertain myself. Now that it's out of the way, my personal future plans is a pre-paid iPhone 6 that's around $200 from Straight Talk. My reason why is so I have a phone of own to use to keep up with my school activities, friends on social media, calling people, since my parents seem to forget I can't call my sisters to see what their doing, and if I'm being honest it's the norm now to have a phone and even young teens and pre-teens need them now if there ready for it, most people at middle schools will have phones and they WILL BE ON THEM ALL THE TIME. In short if your ready for a phone and have valid reasons to have one go for it and ask your parents and prove it to them by getting chores done and setting points. Parents, sometimes if you're away a ton from the house working or their busy, it's important to keeps their needs in mind and think about getting them phone sit down and talk to them about requirements to get one. it's not just a texting machine, it can actually make it easier and safer if they had a phone.
Kid, 11 years old

Hi, I am a tween, and i am actually getting a phone next week, a S8 Galaxy. I think eleven is a good age, as you are a tween and starting middle school. I felt pretty left out, and i had new friends that I really liked that I wanted to be connected to, as before I was a shy and introverted person who didn't have a lot of close friends. I also actually needed it, as i go to a different church from my mom, so I need to have a form of communication with her. However, I have limits. I actually started my own rule: no social media. It spells trouble for kids, and if you read the news like I do (i like reading the news, it's interesting) you know what I mean. And I am only allowed to use electronics two days a week, Fridays and Sundays, which I think is a good limit for me. All that electricity and screen time is not good. And to all of you guys who desperately need a phone, I hear you. Maybe you should have a conference with your parents, talking about it. I hope this helped.
Teen, 17 years old written by JiminStan

I've read at least 20 comments and I could agree on probably a majority of them. I had my dad's iPod when I was five all the way to 10 years old. I wasn't in any grade when I got my very first phone because it was the end of fifth grade but it wasn't sixth grade either. I do believe you should at least have a device like an iPod or a cheap phone like a Samsung J3 Prime.. Your age and maturity can be key too. My recommended age to get a phone for your child is probably 5th grade, or the start of middle school like 6-7th grade. If peers are pressuring you, just lie to them and say you have a phone already and you aren't allowed to bring it to school. I bet that'll kick them off the road. If you are still unsure just make sure you do a daily check on their search history and maybe after they've gotten more mature and more respective towards the social media and technology, you can be sure they won't misuse it.
Teen, 14 years old written by TheCryptidFox

I think that you should get your child a phone at the beginning of middle school, because thats when they will most likely start getting into after school activities and will want to go off with friends.
Parent written by Sarah E.

Well I guess I will take the role of "worst mom in the world". Like Heather Land says "I ain't doin it!" I have three children, ages soon-to-be 4, an 8 year old and a 9 year old. my kids are already addicted to their Kindles as is I am not throwing a phone into the mix. My generation and this next generation has become so entitled and self absorbed, they believe that when they want something they deserve it no that is not true. When you hand a child a smartphone you're handing them over a very powerful tool. To have unfiltered internet access is insane. Do you realize how easily children can access pornography? Not just through searching for it on Google but also through Messenger and other hidden apps. The social pressure of sexting and sending lewd comments/photos to one another is so incredibly high. Do you realize that teen depression skyrockets by being on social media platforms by trying to meet up to their peers standards it's constant evaluation of whether they measure up 24 hours a day. And you don't even have to look at pornography through Google or messenger it's right there on Facebook teaching our kids what sexy is. There's the pressure right there I don't look like him I don't look like her. I'm saying maybe age 16 and that is with accountability software installed on their phone and controlled by my phone. Parents it does exist it is out there and yes your kids will be mad at you for it but better safe than sorry. look it up on Google Play apps. If you don't have the software of any sort your kids will find a way to hide things from you on their phone. I'd rather shave my legs with my husband's dull razor blade then buy my kids a smartphone before they are 16 years old and that's even pushing it because that's when they start driving and they may try to talk or text and drive. Nope. I ain't doin it.
Parent of a 10 year old written by Lucy M.

Good points ! Thanks. Sometimes I feel like such a mean mum for not letting our 11 yr old have one
Kid, 12 years old

I got my first phone at the end of 6th grade. It was my dad's old iphone 5 and it didn't work well. However, I am getting a Samsung Galaxy S8 (yes I'm spoiled when it comes to tech) for my birthday. I already have a tablet and 2 computers(laptop and desktop). Kids should get a phone at the end of a school year so that they aren't distracted by their new, awesome phone.
Kid, 12 years old

Your so awesome to have that!!! Im turning 13 and I have not a single thing At all
Teen, 13 years old written by Ash B.

I am 13 years old and am in 8th grade. Everyone in school and all of my older siblings have phones. Everyone teases me about not having a phone, plus I'm in Middle School and I have to ask strangers or people on my team for there phones so I can call my mom. It is really embarrassing. I've had a phone before and I had it for a long time but then my brother stole it and reset it so now I don't have a phone. I also have enough money saved up to get a really good phone but my parents say I can't buy one. I would say that the right time to get a phone is the beginning of midddle school.
Kid, 10 years old

Personally I think you should get your kid a phone before they enter middle school,as thats usually when they will start hanging out with their friends more often and going out with them (possibly without supervison). I got my first phone around 4 or 5 (it was a flip phone with my mum and dads number) and got my first smartphone at 8,im not the best example as my mum let me walk around my neighborhood since i was around 7 (she knew basicly everyone and their was a police station across the street so safty wasent a issue). so around 10/11/12 seems about right.
Adult written by Ashley L.

I'm literally a senior in high school and I don't have a phone. This is ridiculous. I am in the top of my class and never gotten a B or below in my life and I am super responsible. My parents are crazy.
Teen, 13 years old written by _amarie_

I’m 13, almost 14, and in 8 grade and still don’t have a phone. I’m almost going to be ready to have a drivers license and i only have an ipod. Almost everyone that goes to my Jr. High has a phone. There’s only 4 kids including me who don’t. When i ask to borrow someones phone after a volleyball, basketball, or track meet i feel super embarrassed because everyone just takes out their phones and i just sit there. A lot of people tease me about it and so do my parents. I’m really fed up with it and don’t know what to do. My birthdays in December and so is Christmas and if i don’t have one by the time i start high school i have no idea what i’m going to do.
Teen, 13 years old written by Bridget_Kelly

I'm in 8th grade, and it stinks not having a phone. Practically everyone in the school has one. When I'm at a party or something funny happens in class, I can't take my phone out and record it ... because I don't have a phone. My parents won't buy me one until I get my driver's license because they say I don't need one. But I have a lot of extracurricular activities, I do track and dance and clubs at school. I hate having to ask to borrow a phone. I'm saving my money, because if I buy my own phone my parents will let me keep it.
Parent of a 5 and 8 year old written by Judd C.

I'm very surprised that nobody is looking at the health implications of getting young kids a cellphone. There are some interesting and pertinent points raised about cultural, social and other implications, but the impact to kids' health and long term affects need to be addressed, as it's potentially more important and impact-full than any of the other issues. Every legitimate study ever completed on cellphones and their effects has indicated that cellphones are dangerous for developing children, especially when they are younger and their skulls are not thick enough to shield radiation. A cellphone emits EMFs, which is another term for microwave radiation. Every time you hold one to your head, you are in danger of slowly microwaving your brain. The biggest study done on this recently in the US has determined that heavy cellphone use is detrimental to brains, especially those in developing children, and heavy cellphone use is defined as 3 hours per month!!! There are numerous studies available from other countries saying the same thing. I personally have been a heavy cellphone user for about 15 years, and earlier this year developed a massive subdural hematoma (bleeding on the brain). As a result I nearly died and was rushed to hospital for emergency brain surgery. It was due to weakened blood vessels around my brain in the exact location of my cellphone ear, and heavy cellphone useage was determined to be the culprit by my team of Neurosurgeons. I have told my kids they will not be getting cellphones until their brains are developed and skulls are thick enough to shield most of the harmful radiation - ie: at 16 at the earliest! They are absolutely fine with it after seeing what I went through.
Teen, 16 years old written by Lolcats

Sucks to suck it sounds like you’re the kind of parent all these kids are complaining about
Teen, 13 years old written by Sami Q.

Alrighty, so this is a wee bit difficult topic to tackle. So I am a twelve-year-old and I am in seventh grade. Overall, I can say that 90% of the kids have a phone. I personally do not want to take the risk. The reason why is because I honestly don't want to mess with my digital footprint. Phones can lead to social issues of not used correctly. For example, most teens and around 65% of tweens have Facebook and Snapchat. These, if not used correctly can really impact their later life. For example, Caroline Knorr wrote in an article that colleges look at your digital footprint as a factor for your enrollment. This could really hurt students who want to be a part of the Ivy League. (I want to go to Princeton!) Also, having a phone could just get you into more trouble. For example, my uncle almost got divorced because of Facebook, so it really poses a risk. If I would recommend an age to get a phone, I would say 16. Also, if people peer pressure you to get a phone. Say that you're getting an iPhone X in a month. They'll forget about it by then. Also, if I would recommend a phone, get a one-plus 5. Dual cameras and a 1440p screen for 500 bucks. Yea!!!! Also, if you are an AP or Honor student (Like I am) watch your digital footprint. Youtube can play a big role in college enrollment if you make videos. (Like I do). Also, monitor your online chats. Don't chat about bad things. Remember, you are always being watched. So your phone is not as private as you think it is. So overall, my opinion on the minimum age for a phone is sixteen years. Share your thoughts!!! --- Sami
Adult written by F-gft B

I think that you should write a book. This would be very respected coming from someone your age for other teens and preteens. Consider kindle direct publishing its free . I personally would immediately pay to download your book/thoughts on cell usage for my daughter. Sometimes hearing the importance of the wait on cell phones, etc from a younger person is easier to relate to. You are very wise and you will not regret your decisions. I have never had a facebook and never will. Fortunately my 9 year old already thinks that FB is not cool. This society is hard to fight against. You will be blessed and really consider doing a small book or something.
Teen, 14 years old written by Bellagomez101

It all depends on if your kids do after school activities or not. It’s always a great idea for a good to have a phone when starting jr. High. It doesn’t need to be an expensive iPhone or Samsung. Start them off with something small and work your way up
Teen, 14 years old written by Justjayy

Honestly being a freshman in high school sucks without a phone, You have people peer pressuring you to get one, and I’m way to shy to ask my parents and I already know they will refuse due to the cost and they think if I were to have a phone I’d need a line to come with it our the phone won’t work. At the moment I have an iPad, which I can’t take places and its a bit embarrassing to me. A relative got it for me last year. I just wish I had a phone, sucks asking strangers to use their phone to make a call, sucks not keeping In touch with anyone. I honestly would buy my child a phone at the age of 12.
Teen, 13 years old written by CreeperBomb224

I just got to this website because I wanted to know when I am allowed to get a phone but apparently it's my parents decision. (RIP I have to wait till I'm 16, 3 more years)
Teen, 13 years old written by Reader Girl

I’d say late tweens but it depends on when the benefits of getting a phone start to apply to them. For older tweens and teens(like me) phones can help let parents know where you are and communicate with friends about important school projects, but for younger kids there aren’t as many advantages. Just listen to your head!
Kid, 11 years old

I personally really want a Google Pixel 2. I am quite scared and nervous to ask my parents though, as their preferred age to get a phone is 13. My birthday is at the very end of the year, though... So that's why it seems weird if they get me a phone when I'm 11, when I'm actually going to turn 12 soon. I don't think they would ever surprise me with a phone on my birthday, unless I was 13 or 14. I asked my mom these questions (without her knowing this was about smartphones) and she said yes, I'm responsible, no, I don't lose things. I didn't ask her the rest otherwise she would know about the whole phone situation. I've talked about the GP 2 only once so far to my sister... and I'm kinda losing it. I have an iPod right now, and it works very well, but I have noticed everyone else has a phone except for me. I am in a school that's around 10 minutes away from my house, so if I ever walked and there was an emergency (which will hopefully NEVER happen) I could call or text them quickly with just a tap of my finger.
Teen, 14 years old written by EmmaReviewsStuff

I don't believe there is an exact textbook age to get a phone. I'm 14, I have no phone whatsoever, and I'm okay with that. It depends on the situation. For example, I'm homeschooled, and none of my activities require me needing a device to communicate with my parents, like if I needed to text them to pick me up at a certain time. It probably also depends with the people you hang out with. I'm mostly friends with people who are younger then me and don't have phones, or don't frequently use their phones. I've noticed a lot of the comments are saying that they WANT, not NEED a phone. I wouldn't take it personally if your parents say no to giving you a phone. Your parents know best. But if you're constantly borrowing your friends phones to text your parents or something like that, you probably need a phone. I can imagine it can be a burden if you feel like you need to check your phone constantly, so your parents may want to protect you from that. And guess what? If you don't have a phone, your parents don't hate you. So please calm down and do something that doesn't require technology. Go talk to your friends face to face. You don't need to worry about checking your notifications or keeping a streak on Snapchat, you're free!
Kid, 12 years old

The right time for parents to get their kid a phone more depends on the maturity rather than the age. I got an iPod on my 9th birthday, and an iPhone 4s as my frist phone. I then got my iPhone 7 from my Grandad last Christmas. He also got me a 1gb and unlimited calls and text plan.
Teen, 14 years old written by ameliathebeaver

So, I turn 15 in about a month and I've only ever had one phone (no data or texting just a phone I could use wifi on) which was really crappy and broke after a couple months, my mother won't buy me a phone mostly because of money reasons but she won't let my dad buy me a phone who I'm pretty sure has enough money for it. I don't know why they won't get me one, I'm in all honours/accelerated classes and I've got straight A's, I do yearbook, drama, and my afterschool orchestra which you have to try out for plus regular orchestra and I take art. I think this alone shows that I'm responsible enough but I'm also in honour society and 4-h. I believe I am responsible enough but my mom thinks I'm too young even though most kids get phones in 5th grade now and I'm the only one in my grade(10 with 2 grade 11 classes) who doesn't have a phone. I believe I need one due to the amount I have to borrow my friend's phone to text her and the amount I stay after and go to events by myself and stay at friends houses. Although I try to respect her decision sometimes it's really hard and I will get into arguments with her. She never really explains why she doesn't want me to have a phone though it's always just "because I said so" and I'm curious as to why so if anyone has any ideas why please let me know.
Teen, 13 years old written by Reader Girl

I can understand how that would be frustrating. Try to find a quiet time to sit down and talk to her. Tell her you respect her decision and ask if there is any way you could work to get a phone.
Teen, 14 years old written by ameliathebeaver

UPDATE: My grandma who I don't see a lot got me a phone. She thinks that I need one due to the sheer amount of time I spend away from home and my mom. Although I do not yet have data she is thinking about getting me it. My mom says it's ok as long as I get my school work done and I'm trying my best although my classes this year are really hard. Just thought you guys might want to know I got a phone.
Kid, 12 years old

I am 12 years old and in the 7th grade, but my parents won't give me a cellphone!! I have the money to buy one, but they say that I am too young!! Everyone else in my grade has a cellphone, except me!!!! I deserve a cell phone! I have never done anything bad in my life!! THey just don't trust my brother, so they think that I can't be trusted too!
Teen, 13 years old written by Reader Girl

Hi, I’m in 7th grade too. I know not having a phone is tough but you’ll be grateful in the long run. I as well as most of my friends have a phone and people have received inappropriate messages and gotten in really big trouble. I know it’s a burden but hold out a little longer. Negotiate something with your parents, such as if you make good grades and don’t get in trouble they’ll get you one as an 8th grade graduation present.
Parent of a 17 year old written by Elizabeth H.

It is good to hear you haven't done anything bad! I am sure not having a cell phone in the 7th grade is no fun. But please believe your parents love and care about you. I respect parents that can do hard things for the benefit of their children. You keep being a good kid =) and things will work out for you.
Teen, 13 years old written by Teen7

I think that kids should get basic phones when they have valid reasons to have a phone (example, after school commitments), but when they are in high school, a smartphone, like the iPhone 6, is acceptable. This is my opinion because the world is changing, and this is a good idea, because you get children with iPhone 7's and their parents have iPhone 6's (experience).
Kid, 12 years old

Well, I personally believe it depends more on the responsibility level of the child. If the parent or guardian feels the child is responsible enough, any age over, let's say nine would be smart. I don't actually have a phone, but only because I personally asked my parents to wait until I was thirteen. Sure, I'm probably responsible enough now, however I want the rush of happiness that comes with getting a phone to be that much better. Thanks for taking the time to read this comment.
Teen, 15 years old written by hockeykid102

i am a 16 year old and i dont have a phone but i think there shouldnt be an age on when a kid should get a phone the only factor in my house is if i can pay for at least half of the bill and when i am able to do that i can get a phone and i already can pay for half the bill and i am starting to get to the point where i need one just hear me out i ref hockey and i have had a few of my ref partners not show up for the game and i didnt have a phone to allow me to call my assigner to get another ref to help me out so i had to ref a peewee tear 1 so pretty high level by MYSELF!!!! and the parents and coaches were getting mad at me for not making a call they saw but i didnt because im only one person and i cant see everything
Kid, 10 years old

My mum said that when i go to secondary school next year, that i can have a cheap smartphone (under £70) and that i cant have a sim deal over 10 pounds unless i want to pay for it my self. I think that if (unless you know that they wont look after it) that any child should get a cheap smartphone for their 11th birthday/just before high school/secondary school. If they want an upgrade they can pay for it them self.
Teen, 17 years old written by miyyyaah14

I got my first iphone when i was 12 i had a iphone 5c and. and when i turn 14 i got an iphone 6+ andnow at the age of 16 i have an red iphone 7+ but my first phone was an samsung .when i was 8 but to me you should get your kid a phone at the age of 11yrs but my little brother is 6 and has an iphone 5s and my big brother is 17 and he has an iphone 6c im my moms only daugter so im spoiled
Kid, 11 years old

Honestly I only got a phone bc I had all A's and B's but tbh you don't really need a phone unless your parents are divorced and you need a way to communicate with them, or if you are in certain grade levels that your parents get worried etc.
Parent of an infant, 3, 9, and 15 year old written by Ashley T.

Hi! I'm a mother of 4, but I got my oldest daughter a phone at age 11. She's really happy with it, and before that I got her an iPad at age 6, then an iPod touch at age 10. It's an iPhone 7 and she was waiting for it forever! She was being so good, getting good grades, working her hardest for it. She deserved it so an iPhone 7 was perfect for her! She loves taking photography and the iPhone 7 camera is perfect for her! P.S. her first phone was an iPhone 5s because tha was the newest phone at the time!
Kid, 10 years old

As a kid, I don't think us children should have a phone until we get an actual job. I don't have one, and to be honest with you I don't really want one. I don't care that everyone in my grade has one as well as social media. There are just some things some people have that others don't. And that's just life. In the old days cell phones weren't invented, and everyone lived just fine. I see 6 year olds using smartphones which is pathetic. As for social media, NO ONE UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE!!! All my friends have it, I don't have it, I don't want it. I hope my opinion is helpful.
Teen, 14 years old written by ameliathebeaver

If it wasn't for social media I don't think I would be alive tbh. I've made so many internet friends who have helped me get through my depression and other hard parts of my life. If not for some of the youtubers I watch I;m not sure I would be as happy as I am. This is just my opinion and although I disagree with yours I just wanted to share mine to give you some insight as to how social media can be good. Ps. I agree with the 6 year olds statement, you should be at least a preteen.
Kid, 12 years old

I had been wanting a phone for a while and got it a few months ago, LG G5 (since samsung note 7 explodes) . by the way kid-who-is-10, my mom got a phone when she was in high school and that was in the 90s and you are saying that kids in the 21st century should not have phones. Any kid who is allowed out of their house should have a phone.
Parent written by Aliya L.

I believe that kids should get a smartphone at 12 or 13 cause that is when there going to want to go off with friends hang out and do other stuff and they will never want to go anywhere without there cell witch means you can track them and call them if your worried
Adult written by Sally A.

I have 3 kids and believe that it is a must for your child and you for them to have a smartphone. These days phones are used for everything from being social to education and saftey.Kids get bullied for not having a phone and feel left out. Their are so many benefits of having a phone and I think it is stupid that some parents don't understand that their kids should get a phone. It is not as safe today as it was when us parents were growing up. Your child will need a phone when they get their first job, and do extra after school activities. By the age of 13 most kids are responsible enough and can benefit from a smart phone, it's better safe then sorry.
Teen, 13 years old written by theanimelover66

I am 13 years old and I have a flip phone. I do not like it very much. I have my own laptop and a Kindle Fire, but I really wish I had a smartphone. My father doesn't want me to have a smartphone because he doesn't want to pay for a data package. My older sister is 15 years old and even she doesn't have a smartphone. He says we can get smartphones when we get jobs and can pay for them ourselves. But none of my friends or classmates have to pay for their data packages or phones. I really don't think it's fair. In school we also use our phones for work and to check grades, and I can't do that with a flip phone. But then again it depends on the parent and their beliefs on what kind of phone a kid should have.
Adult written by Vaughan's Mom

First phone idea - We got our son a "gizmo" at about age 8 (through Verizon) It's worn like a watch and limits calls to four phone numbers that you choose. We love the GPS feature that tells us exactly where he or the phone/watch is. When ever we go skiing, theme park etc, we make sure this is on his wrist. He's 10 now. I don't feel the need to upgrade to a smartphone yet, knowing he has the "gizmo" to reach us if he needs to.
Teen, 15 years old written by kys_15.year.olds

hey Im 15 years old and Im turning 16 in december. I dont have a phone its ridiculous, my mother tells me its because im irresponsible. So im earning money, just get a job and you can pay it off in about a month I get 10$/h around 2000$ a month thats enough for about 2 years
Teen, 14 years old written by Love_life

I'm 12 years old and my bestie is 11 and our moms both agreed that 14 is a good age to give us phones till now her mom said if she gets a b c in school she will get one and it's so annoying now she is bragging and I HATE IT I'm the only one at my school who doesn't have a phone I have an iPod but I'm soo responsable more than my friend is but my mom still says no and it buggs me I just wish my mom would listen to me but she says you don't need a phone and it gets on my nerves
Teen, 13 years old written by funkybunch03

i’m 13 and i don’t have a phone either !! i have an ipod and i agree:,) many people make fun of me for not have having a phone lmao and my parents are telling me i have to wait till i can pay for it. but i won’t be able to get a job till 16 so i HIGHLY suggest getting a phone for your kid who is entering middle school. it’s 2017 parents!!
Kid, 11 years old

I'm 11, and DO have a iPhone 6S, I personally do think it's a great idea to get your kid a phone. #1 they can keep in contact during an emercency. #2 You don't get made fun of. I would say get them a phone at 9 1/2 or 10. I had my first phone (iPhone 4) at 9 1/2 in fourth grade. But also saying I'm kind of a tech nerd and a collector so that's just my opinion.
Adult written by johns12

I am 12 and I don't have a phone, I have an iPod. If you're not sure if you kid needs a phone try an iPod. useful site: commonsensemedia
Teen, 14 years old written by RubyCollins

I am 14 years old I have been asking my parents for a phone for about a year now. I know it seems silly to be so invested in just a phone but I feel left out around friends because I don't have one. I have been saving up for 8 months for a phone and still don't have enough money. It's hard to try and save up for something when you can't get a job. I'm going into high school this year and it seems like everyone has already had a phone forever. I feel I am mature enough to handle it and I keep trying to explain to my parents that times have change and a phone could really benefit me. I'm actually on this website to get thoughts and facts on why I should get a phone so I can write an essay explaining to my parents the reasons I want a phone. I think the fact I willing to pay and write an essay even though there is no reason I have to sort of show I am mature enough to handle my own phone.
Teen, 13 years old written by gymnastforlife

Well thats kinda a problem,but i'm just assuming your saving up for like an iphone 7 or somthing,so i dont really feel bad,cause my first phone was like $15,so dont complain
Teen, 15 years old written by DhruvBalaji

I got a phone when I was 12, in seventh grade. I actually got my first phone when I was 8 or 9, but it was just an old flip-phone. I got a smartphone at 12 because I was heavily involved in extra-curricular activities, such as orchestra practice, martial arts and I had a job working at a grocery store. I think 12-13 is a good age to receive a smartphone. Children under that age are just too immature. I remember when I was 10, I wanted a phone so badly. I asked my parents for one almost 24/7, but they refused. At the time, I was angry. But now I can clearly see why kids under 12-13 have no business owning expensive smartphones. If they need communication so badly, get them a $5 flip phone.
Teen, 13 years old written by vickcapt1989

I am 14 but my parents don't want me to us a cell phone. They think l will use my phone to watch bad stuffs, and l want use it for studies. this is really bothering me because,i use my phone to play games, and i don't use it for bad stuffs
Kid, 12 years old

I am 12 and I don't have a phone, i have a ipod. If you're not sure if you kid needs a phone try a ipod. They can text, play games, search the web, etc. I still want a phone, I feel really felt out.
Kid, 11 years old

So basically, I've been asking for a phone from the time I was 6. I know that's not the right age, but I was always tech savvy and on my birthday whenever my parents said, "Happy Birthday, make a wish", my wish was "I wish I get a phone". They always said, the right age is 12. So I agreed but my wish was always the same. And now when I ask them if I can have a phone because my birthday is in a month's time, they say no because apparently they told me the 'wrong age' all this while and the actual age to get a phone is 18. I tell them that ALL of my friends have phones, and my best friend has a Google Pixel. What they say is, "Yeah he has it because he's alone at home the whole time" And then obviously whenever I go shopping I see these 7 year old kids throwing tantrums because their Samsung S8 has only 45% battery (apparently, low battery), so "how on earth are they going to watch more Peppa Pig?" So definitely embarrassing situations are something I face daily. Someone asks me "what phone do you have?" Or "what's your Instagram?" and I feel ashamed to tell them I have no phone or Instagram so I either have to change the topic or lie to them, which either ways makes me feel extremely sad inside. So overall I feel that smartphones should be given to kids at the age of 11-13.
Kid, 10 years old

Kids don't need phones or social media!! I don't have either. I don't want them.
Teen, 13 years old written by gymnastforlife

oh my god i hate being asked about my phone (that I dont have )and then i always have those friends who are just like "just ask your parents",it makes me sooooo mad 'cause if i ask my parents one more time i think they will get ridiculasllyyyy mad,so ditto
Kid, 11 years old

Well, If you want a phone, try to ask 'em if you could do something like chores to get your phone before you are 18, because, I guess when you are a teen you need to have a phone because obviously all teens have phones and social media, and they have phones before they are 18. So probably asking them if you can do chores is the right thing to do, instead of saying what your friends have. Hope this helps!
Parent written by N S

I believe kids can be given a smartphone that is designed for them and not the ones we see in current market. Children between the age of 11 and 16 are vulnerable as it's an age range when most of the children doesn't understand their dangers in spite of them being given lectures on it. Social media is good for communicating and making new friends. But these new friends can be dangerous criminals too. So i am asking the question " Is your child's safety more important or making new friends in social media?" I also believe that children need a good internet connection to check their school mails and do their projects. But When it comes to school emails, they just need a school email app to access the mails. To do a school project, they just need to use a computer at home or school. Why use a phone when it's causing a strain to eyes. I have also heard mobile phones are a distraction to students in classroom. Internet is like an access to the world. It has lots of negative contents along with the positive as you all know. At school or home premises, accessing all the negative contents can be controlled to some extend. So i believe when it comes to internet connections, they should only have access to check school mails via app and also other apps that are beneficial for them but not the " internet explorer". Internet explorer should be under parent/school control at least till 16 years of age. I know most of the parents might be against this. But is your child's safety more important than them having an internet explorer ? Think !!!! Is this an age for your child to be addicted to porn. Yes!! Children should be given nice looking phones. I have a story to tell on this. One day when i was travelling on the train, a bunch of 12 or 13 year old students got in. They were taking snaps of each other and i heard one saying "wow you got the latest iphone." They were showing off each other with their phones. Is this right?. Nowadays children are asking for latest phones as gifts on their birthdays. Can all parents afford the latest iphone for their child? Is it right? Why do we have uniforms in schools? So should we have a uniformity in phones as well ? I think it's high time that children between the age of 11 and 16 should be given a smartphone/ phone that is specifically designed for them and all schools should be strict on the type of phone students should carry.
Teen, 13 years old written by Teenaaru04

Hi as a 13 year old who does not have a phone i have asked my parents for a phone since i was 11 they said no but i think it was okay then but now when i am going 8 th grade i don't think its fair not having a phone but when i go shopping i see 8 yr olds with iphones while i dont have a phone it hurts a lot but i think 13 is the age to start.
Kid, 11 years old

I'm about 11. I think this depends entirely on the parents and their conscience. But I have a phone. It's a smartphone, but it can only call, text and receive e-mails. I use it because I can call my parents, grandparents and a few close friends. The internet is very slow, so I don't bother to use it. It's a hand-me-down from my grandfather. I have a tablet for entertainment purposes, on which I typed this comment. My final decision is a child should have a phone when they need it. I don't think there's an age limit.
Teen, 13 years old written by bradmister56

as a 13 year old going into the eighth grade and doesn't have a phone, 13 - 16 would be my opinion and maturity plays a role in having a phone as well as responsibility but i see everyone a round me on there phones at school and at baseball practices for some reason but i would only use it to stay in touch with my friends and parents. Also, to tell my parents when i'm going home from school or i'm ready to be picked up from church. onother reason is to learn responsibility and maturity. Hope this helps and it also deponds on the parents dicsision and if they think there child is ready for a phone. just remember around middle school should your child have a phone.
Adult written by Alex F.

I'm 20 soon to be 21 end of next month and I got my first cellphone on my 18th birthday. I think kids should not get a cellphone until they are 18 cause of all the sexting I hear teens do and creating child pornography. I'm sure not all teens do that but alot do. At least only get 17- kids a flip phone with only texting/calling and no data so they can't send inappropriate content. At least they can stay in touch with their parents.
Kid, 12 years old

The age doesn't matter. The maturity does. Lots of kids have lots of stuff going on--some in which they don't want to talk with their family members, but rather talk about it with their friends. Not all the time will they be able to see their friends the next school day. Over breaks (winter, spring, summer) they won't always be able to see their friends--they might go on vacation or their friends might go on vacation, and they won't be able to talk with them. Another thing is: Is your kid responsible enough? Is your kid getting, or aiming to get good grades? Is your kid keeping their items in track (their water bottles, jackets, school folders, backpacks)? Are they helping around the house? If all the answers equal yes, then you should consider getting your child a phone. But if they are talking back, fighting with siblings constantly, losing their stuff constantly, then I would suggest you be wary at the idea of getting them a phone. One last question: Does your kid beg for a phone? If they do, then you should stop them right there. They shouldn't be whining about a phone. If they ask once or twice, then you should consider. But if they are asking you every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every mother of every year, then you should hold back. Don't give in. Wait until they realise that they won't get anywhere, complaining and fussing over a piece of an electronic device. Hopefully, this review was helpful enough. I hope, parents, that this review helps you decide whether or not to get your kid a phone, and kids I hope that you can be at peace with not having a phone. Have a good day--or night!!
Kid, 10 years old

I got an iPhone 7 a few days ago. I am so happy to finally get one because everyone around me has one. I was the only person in 4th grade who didn't have a phone, so I think a person 10 or older can get a phone and use it responsibly.
Teen, 13 years old written by Ro Vyas

A 4th grader doesn’t need a phone. Especially an iPhone 7! I got a iPhone 5s in 5th grade because I am (super mature) for my age. It should be 13+!
Teen, 15 years old written by jasmineisjesus

Mainly there's no age limit to get a phone it's how mature they are kids aged 8-10 have phones for emergencies, but I think bout 11 years old is a good age to get a phone, your child under 11 years old they can have a iPod but it's the parents choice on how mature and responsible they are I have a iPhone 5S but I bought it with my own money, my sister is 13 years old and got a iPhone 6s Plus, no matter what age it's the parents choice. :)
Teen, 13 years old written by Connerbru

I'm going into 8th grade and I don't have a phone. I'm not allowed to have any social media or communicate with my friends without parent supervision. I get really annoyed by not having a phone and I am very involved and our school is completely ran by phones and it's RIDICULOUS! Kids want to able to be on them at lunch, teachers post homework on instagram, and teachers allow kids to have their phones out for classwork giving them full access to the internet. My little cousins have phones and my 8 year old sister has friends with phones. It can be very embarrassing when somebody says, hey what's your instagram, Snapchat, or phone number and you have to come up with some excuse like oops I forgot it. I beg my parents for a phone and I tell them that basically everyone has a phone and they say that some don't. I get good grades and am responsible I have received citizenship awards and participate and volunteer at our school but my parents still won't budge. It now is a learning tool and I think that it is important to have a phone. think that 13 is a good age to get a smartphone if they are responsible and mature.
Kid, 10 years old

Well when I was going into middle school I am....my brother got a iPhone 7 for Christmas and he had a flip phone that had been in the family for like 4 years so when he got his iPhone I got his old flip phone so I think kids should get like a cheap flip phone or something simple and cheap when they enter middle school, that is just my opinion but parents may have other ideas. I personally think having like an iPhone really young isn't good, one of my friends younger brother had this huge expensive phone and he was only 6 I was like "are you kidding me" I obviously didn't say that but I disproved of it....anyway I think you shouldn't have a very expensive phone when you are super young.
Kid, 10 years old

If you have a child under 18, you should have a reason why you're giving them a phone. Make sure they are responsible if they break or lose their phone. And I also reccomend an app or a phone that can protect your child from predators, bad apps, and bad websites. Always check their phone too once in awhile.
Teen, 17 years old written by sugar13

I think that kids should be allowed to get at least a flip phone that can talk and text by midlle school, and get a smartphone by the time they turn 16. I got a flip phone when I was 12 because I wanted to go out and ride my bike to the mall, or to McDonald's or something like that.
Kid, 12 years old

I say ages 11-12. Really middle school, because many kids walk/bike to school on a daily basis. Some children may need to wait another year, but most can handle following the school rules on cell phones. Most middle schoolers have them now, some teachers even allow kids to use them for certain educational projects because they know most kids have a smartphone. It's never fun to feel left out. That's why I think the start of middle school a good age to consider a smartphone for your child.
Kid, 11 years old

I really think kids that are 11 should have phones,I mean when you start middle school you should have one,I face may quite embarassing situations like "hey,what is your number" or "do you wanna text later" and you kinda have to lie and say " oh,my phone is broken" or "i lost my phone",I get soo mad when i see little kids with their own phones.In 3rd grade my best friend got an iphone 5(that was the newest iphone then)it even had service,now she has an iphone 6.And litrely allllllllllllll my friends have them,i used that excuse and my parents said"oh yeah,who?" and i told them who had one,and they made an excuse foe every single person.My parents have a junk drawer with like 3 iphone 4s,an htc,a zte and a couple other phones,but they wont give me one,i am willing to pay for service,but still no
Kid, 11 years old

The only reason I want a phone is so I can have wifi all the time. But I see like 5 year olds with phones and I think. What the heck! Lots of people say 11 is the age where kids become mature enough for a phone and social. But being so small and having a phone is just wrong.
Teen, 14 years old written by dark queen

It depends on the environment and the maturity level of your child. If you think your kid knows how to use a phone responsibly and deserves to have one; I don't see why you shouldn't allow them to own one. A major reason for your child's desire to have a phone would be their friends, if most or all their friends do have phones they'd obviously want one. Most kids in middle school own phones nowadays, I had my first iPhone in sixth grade when all my friends had one. I didn't want to be the 'uncool' kid, now I realize that's a wrong mindset but that's how your children might think. You might think it's silly, but to them it's a huge deal. There are other major reasons too, like being able to connect with friends anywhere anytime, they also need it to call you for a ride or in case of an emergency. Also using the internet and social media, you might think it would isolate your kid from the 'real world' or get them addicted to it. Sure, that's possible, but the 'internet' is actually a mirror of their 'real lives'. It's the same thing as going to the mall back in the days. And to prevent harm from coming their way, you need to set rules before you give them a phone. Parental control? tell them and discuss. Certain times to have it? tell them. Total freedom? discuss the rules and listen to what they have to say and their reasoning and then settle on common ground. Most importantly respect their privacy.
Teen, 13 years old written by TheBallisticBean

I think it is extremely annoying how there are kids younger than me that have phones. I only have an iPod touch and almost all of my friends have phones. I am writing a paper on this in English and I think that there should be an age restriction to own a smart phone. Having phones at a low age can be dangerous to them. They can look up inappropriate things that can be harmful to them. Also child abusers could ask them for pictures of themselves.
Teen, 13 years old written by violet101

I know right i have ipod touch to!I like it but I cant even text without internet and I dont have internet at home so im always useing it in the stores.
Kid, 11 years old

I'm 11 and I've got a phone. It isn't the iPhone 7 or anything, but it's a Nokia which is fairly tech savvy. I got it today and I'm more than happy with it. I can call, text and use Bluetooth. I recently shifted house, and I live in a gated community. So if my parents are at home and I'm on the other side of the community, in the playground or a at a friends place, I can use it to tell them I'm coming home or they can do vice versa. I think a kid should gat a phone at ages 9-12, maybe a bit later, but it depends on maturity and responsibility. If you think your kid is ready, then go for it. But don't give them a flagship smartphone. It can be quite dangerous. It's just my opinion. Thanks for taking your precious time to read this. Bye.