How can I help when my kid gets frustrated and gives up?

Perseverance is tough. That's why it's often called "grit." It's not the goal that's important in perseverance -- it's the stuff that happens along the way. The ability to learn from mistakes, to try -- and try again, and to figure out different ways to solve a problem is sometimes called "the gift of failure." Watching a frustrated kid struggle can be difficult for parents, but often it's part of the process of learning. Games, movies, and apps can help show kids examples of people who've persevered, broken down big tasks into smaller goals, and found new solutions.

Find movies and TV shows that celebrate grit. Watching movies and TV shows that highlight these elements can inspire kids to pursue their dreams, even when things get tough.

Work on problem-solving. Try apps and sites that encourage kids to brainstorm and explore different solutions

Play collaborative games. Kids may give up when they feel like they're all by themselves. Games that encourage collaboration allow them to buddy up and share the load.

Watch sports. Point out the perseverance it takes to train and compete.

Try sandbox-style games. Minecraft and other "sandbox-style" games are all about creating, trying ideas, and building your own world. In fact, it may be hard to get your kid to stop "persevering" through these games.

Tinker. Digital tools that let kids build and create make the connection between work and success.

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