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Character Strengths and Life Skills

How can I use media to foster my kid's curiosity?

It's not hard to be curious in a world that's overflowing with information. The challenge is helping kids find media that's informative, age-appropriate, and credible and that stimulates more curiosity. You can help by engaging with kids -- for example, co-viewing and co-playing and asking questions about what they think.   

Movies, TV, and Books:

  • Encourage kids to read different kinds of books with wide-ranging subjects and diverse characters.
  • When you watch shows together, ask open-ended questions (find conversation starters in the Families Can Talk About section of our reviews).
  • Seek out movies and TV shows that inspire curiosity.

Social Media, Apps, Games, and Websites:

  • Find apps and games that allow kids to explore and create (for example, Minecraft).
  • Look for apps and games that have more than one solution.
  • Consider computer-coding apps that let kids experiment with ideas.
  • Try out virtual-reality apps such as Google Cardboard that let kids explore new places.