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Character Strengths and Life Skills

How can I use media to teach my kid integrity?

Media -- especially interactive media -- can be very beneficial in teaching kids integrity because kids can practice what they learn and get immediate feedback. When kids are young, teach and model responsible, respectful online behavior. Give them a solid foundation of online do's and don'ts built on integrity. Eventually kids will become independent in the online world and will need to bring integrity to their actions -- even if no one is looking.

You can use media to inspire integrity by teaching your kids how to use digital tools respectfully and responsibly from a young age, encouraging kids to think through the impact of their actions, and watching shows that emphasize the value of integrity.

Movies, TV, and Books:

  • If you borrow books, make sure you return them!
  • Talk about the consequences characters face when they act without integrity.
  • Discuss the positive consequences of acting with integrity.
  • Seek out movies and TV that inspire integrity.

Social Media, Apps, Games, and Websites:

  • Teach kids to treat others online with respect.
  • Role-model positive online habits -- and practice what you preach.
  • Don't try to "get away" with things like illegal downloading, texting and driving, or hiding behind anonymity to say outrageous things.
  • Teach kids how to use reporting tools to flag misbehavior.
  • Talk about online ethics, the consequences of high-tech cheating, and copyright infringement.
  • Explain the importance of being true to yourself even if it goes against the group.