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What should I say to my kid about her friends' bragging on social media?

It's hard to teach humility when everyone seems to be broadcasting their achievements. And the way social media rewards people with likes and followers makes it even more difficult. But humility can be an asset in life, so it's worth helping your kid put social media bragging in perspective.

Humility actually takes a lot of strength. Help kids understand that not every victory needs to be announced to be important. Be a good role model by talking through why and when you post on your own social media feeds. What do you keep off your feeds, and why?

And if kids are having a hard time managing their feelings around their friends' bragging, try these steps:

Take a break. As a family, take a total social media vacation.

Don't let your kids measure themselves against others. Help your kids recognize their own sense of self-worth and urge them to be guided by their own internal compass rather than by their friends' approval.

Get your kid active in other activities -- especially helping and volunteering. Giving of yourself is rewarding and humbling and gets your kid away from the one-upsmanship of social media.

Watch movies and TV shows about other cultures and places. Helping kids realize how big the world is will help them realize how small social media is in comparison.

Explain that social media isn't real. People typically post the best stuff in their lives, not the warts. Ask your kid what's missing from friends' feeds.

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