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Cyberbullying, Haters, and Trolls

Do you recommend using only sites where the community is monitored?

Choosing social apps and websites that include community monitoring helps minimize the risk of cyberbullying and other inappropriate social interactions. High-quality websites minimize risk with solid safety features and thorough information for parents and kids about rules and behavior expectations.

Choose media that's designed for your kids' age, and look for these safety features:

Human monitors. These are real people who check in on the interactions taking place in virtual worlds. They warn kids who are not following rules and kick them out if necessary.

An evaluation period for postings. Sites that allow kids to submit content (videos and photos, for example) should have reviewers who evaluate it. Only after they OK the content should it appear on the site.

Age verification. Some sites use a multistep age-verification process rather than simply relying on a user's word.

A membership fee. Paying a subscription fee may minimize cyberbullying, as the site's owners know they'll lose customers if there's bullying on their site.

Positive interactions. Observe how users communicate with one another. Is it respectful or not?

A solid safety or parent-resource section. A company that's serious about cutting out cyberbullying will offer helpful information for families about its rules, easy-to-read terms of service, and practical reporting procedures.

Check the rating. We recommend checking out our reviews so you can learn how well your kid's favorite app or site is protecting its community.