How can I determine whether my kid is a cyberbully?

Kids with a history of face-to-face bullying also could start to cyberbully, so if this sounds like your kid, you're right to be concerned. These are some signs that could point toward a cyberbullying problem or some other emotional issue that needs attention:

Behavior changes. Is your normally happy kid grumpy, aggressive, or defiant?

Slipping grades. Is schoolwork suffering or inconsistent?

Moodiness. Is your kid only happy when he or she is texting or using the computer -- or happy only when not doing it?

Habitual use. Is his or her phone constantly buzzing? Is he or she using the computer or texting at all hours?

Secretive or evasive behavior. Does your kid hide his or her phone or other devices? Does he or she switch screens quickly when you walk by?

Multiple accounts. Does your kid have several online profiles for one social network, each with a different username and email address?

If you notice any of these behaviors, talk to your kid about what you see. If necessary, enlist the help of others, including teachers, family members, clergy, or therapists to get to the root of the problem. And if you find out that your child has been bullying others online, come up with a plan to address the damages, including apologizing to those who have been hurt and limiting the use of digital devices.

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Kid, 12 years old

Does he/she: -Harass people only for what they do, work and look like? -Harass people for what they like? -Harass people for their skin color or race? -Harass people by mentioning they’re not good for this world? If you see this frequently, it means they’re going into the bully/troll stage.
Teen, 16 years old written by Spencaa

Cyberbullying is a common thing in the online world, and you cannot change that. There will always be rude, disturbing, or annoying people online. There will always be bad, or not "kid friendly", content online. If you put your child online, then you are exposing them to the real world. It's time for them to deal with it. I've been doing that for a little over a decade now. It's not hard. The block button works. It is actually rare when reporting someone works, so I G N O R E T H E M and block them.
Teen, 16 years old written by wolfbella14

You can tell if your child is a bully also if you get texts or are looked at strangely by other parents. You could also check your child's phone when he/she is asleep, what my parents used to do at night anyway. If you do check your child's phone and find the mean things, put the pieces together. Like the article said above, do these things match your child's behavior? Confront them the next day kindly, only act sternly when they tell the whole story. And apologize to the parents of the child that had been bullied.
Kid, 9 years old

i am not a cyberbully. i report rude behavior on games and websites. i like internet safety. i only use different accounts for goanimate because i can't pay the big fees.
Parent of a 10 year old written by ABA

if you do find out your kids a ciberbully, go to the parents of the victim/person bullies and apoligiese
Kid, 12 years old

I may not be a parent but this is what i know You can tell your child is a cyber bully when they give you attitude. When they are not acting the same (that can also be a sign that they are the one that is getting bullied). They might talk back to you. They might give you sass. ~Hopefully this helps ALL parents.
Teen, 13 years old written by johnl621

ask him if he is saying any bad word or doing anything bad and ask his freind mom if her son or daughter is doring or saying anything bad or just look on his xbox 360 , xbox one or pc message if he is texting anything bad
Kid, 11 years old

I'm Happy i will never cyberbully or bully period in my opinion i think bullying should have never existed because disliking someone is one thing but being their friend is somehing other . Just because you do not like someone does not give you the right to hurt someone