How do I monitor my teen online without "spying"?

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions for how to supervise kids' online exploits, because every kid is different. When it comes to media and technology, you want to establish a relationship in which your kids will come to you if something awkward, inappropriate, or uncomfortable happens online. Talking to them nonjudgmentally and encouraging them to share the apps and websites they love will show them that your interest goes beyond policing their activities.

Most kids use technology and social media responsibly. And, having grown up in a world with unprecedented access to media and technology, many kids are incredibly sophisticated users. Still, their technical savvy often far exceeds their judgment. As parents, it's our responsibility to set rules and establish consequences for misuse.

Mandatory measures -- such as demanding kids' passwords or insisting they friend you on Facebook -- tend to backfire. Kids can get around any crackdowns you impose. If you're really having problems, then look into monitoring programs for their online accounts. And don't forget that you are your kids' digital role model, so let them see the kind of behavior you want them to emulate.

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Adult written by MichaelDu

Well... if teens today can use an iPad as a toddler and send a text message... Im sure they can hide history using proxys which is what most teens do now at school to be able to go to flagged sites. Well.. to know whats going on... to was my parents did they actually had to learn more about technology such as... 1. What proxy is seemly used a lot by looking up trends on forums or articles 2. Look through the computer for a downloaded file that your not familiar with or may have a weird file name that has cnet or softonics or any torrent. 3. Know different type of internet lingo that could seem unknown to you but extremely dangerous to them. 4. Don't delete your web history if they use your computer. If you don't delete it they might hit clear history and instantly you'll know something is up. 5. use master password to view their profile on your computer cause your not spying cause it is your computer and since its your computer and you used a master password you have to right to look at their profiles.