How do I protect my young child from cyberbullying?

The ability to read, write, and communicate with others opens up new online social opportunities for kids. If they're using social features on apps, on mobile devices, or in online games, they could be exposed to name-calling, teasing, or cyberbullying, but explaining the basics of kind, responsible, and safe online behavior will help protect them. It also can be helpful to remember that cyberbullying is fairly rare, so although it's important for kids to be prepared, there's no need to scare them.

Here are more ways to protect your child from cyberbullying:

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Adult written by TheAdultReviews

Have them off social media. It's that simple. If they have electronics, put parental controls / restrictions on it to block all chat sites. I hope this review helped you and your child.
Teen, 16 years old written by Spencaa

Don't let them on the internet that young, if they aren't mature enough to deal with it.